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  1. Is there a scripting way that can activate lights that object(s) on a map have, example I have made flashing bollards infront of my stations, and currently you have to select them like a vehicle and use the flashing lights script (and only selectable for the host on MP). But is there a way that I can have a person in game click a button (similar to the Mayberry mod gate buttons) to activate the lights, eg I name the objects "station_bollards" and then all objects named that will activate on/off when pressed. Or preferably, if a trigger polygon could be used to turn them on/off when a veh
  2. Would anyone know how I could use this in the ToFireStation script so vehicles return like real life stopping at lights etc? instead of driving straight through red lights
  3. Is there a way to change the water supply script to have individual vehicles have different tank sizes, eg engine 1 has 2000 gallons, engine 2 has 3000 gallons?, I know you can change the tankers and DLKs, but I mean for GTFs, I would like to be able to change the tank size per prototype, is this possible?
  4. Hello, Does anyone have a script that activates each traffic light individually for use on vehicles (eg scene lights, traffic adviser lights), I would of edited the "ilight/interior light script" but I only have the encrypted version I mean being able to activate Traffic Lt. Red etc It would only be for my personal mod, not distributed.
  5. Is there anyway to play a supervisor video in a script? like I have a test call for fire station script which plays tone test, I was wondering if its possible to add play super video video to the script? Below is my script that I've edited object TestAlarm : CommandScript { TestAlarm () { SetIcon("tones"); SetCursor("tones"); SetRestrictions(RESTRICT_SELFEXECUTE); SetPossibleCallers(ACTOR_VEHICLE); } bool CheckPossible(GameObject *Caller) { if (!Caller->IsValid()) return false;
  6. Hello, Could anyone help me with a simple script that just plays a sound file when pressed? want to use it to play an alarm tone at one of the fire stations when I press it
  7. Hello, What needs to be edited to completely remove the LA Fire Station Control panel? I know there is the Control Panel object, Control panel polygons... what other scripts need to be changed?
  8. Hello, I am having major issues with my LASiren script in my custom mod (Metropolitan Fire Brigade), after 20-25mins of gameplay the sirens get stuck on and/or do not play audio. I also get script Line 405 error for illegal pointer object, among other random errors when I go to turn the stuck on sirens off, it also causes crash to desktop when playing multiplayer when the sirens freeze. Here is the script code I am using, can anyone spot any problems/errors? //******************************************************************************************// #Version 2.7# //
  9. Could you tell me how you did it? Where do we change the location of the Supervisor? which specs files need to be edited.
  10. Regarding the Global Event Frequency Setting in the Freeplay.xml files, Is the higher the number the more events at once, or lower the number the more events at once? My current setting is "<GlobalEventFrequencyFactor value="0.5"/>", but I seem to get 2-3 events at a time once I start dealing with the first one.
  11. Can anyone tell how many real seconds equals 1 ingame minute?, I think its 3 real-life seconds equals 1 in-game minute?
  12. You have done a great job, keep up the good work! from a fellow Aussie
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