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  1. To get the vehicles to move you have to press the engine on button in the vehicle menu. To flow water, you need to have a firefighter run the pump, select a firefighter and have him turn on the pumps.
  2. http://forum.emergency-planet.com/topic/16909-montana-mod-20-20-beta-released-dl-link-on-first-post/page-118 Post #2346 by cops. DL Link: https://mega.co.nz/#!S0NgDTCZ!unCOY6WAWvi2KfHDu9sazAgXfBdmZY9muNqe3BBnhgY
  3. I'm pretty sure Hoppah allows use/modification of all his creations without permission with the exception of the US Army Mod. He did that after he stopped updating the LA Mod.
  4. Problem with this game is events are generated by the game. You can edit what events happen and how frequent events happen, but customization of them is pretty limited besides car accident. Most just chose a random fire object or person and injure or start it on fire.
  5. It's hitting Minnesota pretty hard this year. Lots of kids out of the schools and more than usual amount of flu like symptom medicals.
  6. The fix I had to use when I got a new laptop.:http://forum.emergency-planet.com/topic/14387-modinstallerexe-will-not-work-911-first-responders-from-amazon/
  7. I like simpler names like Northview Paramedics, Northview Ambulance, Northview Advanced Life Support Ambulance, Northview County Ambulance, etc.
  8. Kind of like the script in the Harbor City mod? Sounds great!
  9. True, I guess I don't know much about rural EMS, I've always worked in the metro or suburbs. Our local doctors found much better outcomes in patient care allowing advanced prehospital care interventions. Even if only 5-10 minutes away from the hospital, we can get critical care started. We used to have all the different levels (Basic, I, A, Medics, etc.) but it was decided it was better for patient care if all providers were trained to advanced levels and allowed more versatile use of Medic/EMT trucks. It allows much better flow on critical calls to, to be able have the EMT do the IV/IO, sta
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