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Welford City Mod (Private)

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Small update, been mainly working on building a more realistic lived in feeling for the city,

https://ibb.co/jz4qY6x https://ibb.co/PC7k2sp https://ibb.co/L9fWLwt


Also added some units, New Angloco based Pumping appliances, New Gen Scania Major Incident Support Unit alongside a new Incident Command Unit for managing incidents of 6-12 Pumping appliances. Also included the Air Ambulances X5 response unit





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Is anyone able to assist me in figuring out why certain events will not spawn? I as far as I can tell am using the correct method of placing, bombs, gas explosions and the deluxe events on the map and they just don't seem to be spawning at all. 


I am also looking for someone to collaberate with regarding new scripts and implementation of others if interested drop me a PM  

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In theory it is possible for you to 3D model a collapsed/caved in version of every building and assign those variations as the fullBurned model.

That way, you don't get all of the same rubble pile regarldess of building size, perimeter etc. There's also considerations to be made about the collision boxes causing your units to get stuck

This is a nice concept and I think with enough time and effort it can be perfected.

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Cheers mate, I'm not much of a moddler, not got time enough to perfect it right now if i'm honest. As an alternative I have placed specific items of debris that will only show when the building collapses ie the windows and wall contained within that debris pile above.

The Debris as it stands has no collision applied to it to ensure nothing gets stuck.

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Little has been done in terms of new content for the mod. I am working on the fire station script with the intention of being able to mobilse units more realistically. I am also looking into various event scripts. Is anyone aware of a way to allow the event scripts from for example the copenhagen mod to work alongside the normal free play calls generated by the game? anyone out there with decent scripting skills would be a great help with regards to assisting me to implement some of the more complex features.

I've also been working on the visuals of the game creating my own reshade preset and even attempted to add raytracing (which did work but was a complete waste of time!) Mainly tinkering with depth of field at this point trying to fine tune it. I have also attempted to change the fire effects so that fires emit light. If anyone has any mods which have changed and updated fire textures please get in touch.em4-2021-09-26-11-22-33-41.pngem4-2021-09-26-11-27-49-76.pngem4-2021-09-26-11-30-25-17.pngem4-2021-09-26-11-29-09-83.png


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