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  1. Maybe it's a stupid idea, but, wouldn't a lightmap make the same effect, avoiding the tedious work of making all those small polys?
  2. You have to edit and increase the MaxParkingSpace value in fp_params_endless.xml
  3. But they actually try to park there (at the screenshot point). And once them are stopped, the message appears and units go to patrol.
  4. After trying it, a really good mod, a lot of units ad very stable for the moment. Just a couple of bugs I f ound (v2.0.1) Here, the person is invisible, or is under the floor, I don't have it clear. And here, when you move the units of PD parking, I can't send them back cause of this position
  5. I still working on this project, but at a slower rate. Madrid city Fire Dept batallion and light fire engine (still WIP). Land rover credits goes to N&S submod, edited by me. Mercedes Actros cabin by highliner, box by me. End of police pursuit (National Police vehiles credits goes to Pope, Gandia mod and Spanish modding team.
  6. A fast look at his submod: Very good work. My only issue, having 3 emergencies at the same time constantly is kind of stressful, but I could change the XML by myself. And I like to set "reflections off" in vehicle options, but also I could do it by myself. Again, very good work
  7. Okay, the way both of you say seems to work, but after attaching everything, I shouldn't recalculate normals again then right? I tend to do it after completing a model, but maybe I'm doing it wrong Nah, definitely it appears on the editor Thanks all!
  8. HI, I have faced this issue for some time, and I have no clue of how to fix it. I found that when I make a low poly model, some parts make weird shadows like this one. Any fix?
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