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Project Nostalgia Submod [RELEASED - Bugfixes Uploaded Regularly]

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This is a side project I decide to do for fun. There will be no new scripts or a new map, just a complete set of retro themed units for the LA mod. This project is planned to only cover the most essential units within the game.

An early 2000's unit set will be released in this project, however it will only replace the lowest quality models in the mod.


Major 80's units assets are released. New scripts and features added too.

Be sure to check back regularly for updates and glitch fixes. They will be announced in this thread.

The future plans for this mod are the following:

- 90s Civilian Cars

- Helicopters for various agencies

However, I would like to go back to finishing Montana mod now that this project is out. Expect the full V1 of this submod to be released after Montana mod has been completed.

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2 hours ago, itchboy said:


LAPD 9C1 Caprice. Last one for today. Gonna get to work bugfixing the Montana mod quint script.

Model by me.

OMG the best Caprice for emergency 4 Love it man great work

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Due to my departure from all my modding projects, this project will be scaled back significantly.

I still plan on finishing this project but considerations will have to be made. This will still be uploaded to the DL center when it is done.

This project will not be as comprehensive. The replacements will only cover one of every "essential" vehicle and will not include every single vehicle used by the agencies. I will not be creating completely new models for this project either, rather I will be using all the assets provided by modders previously. As much as possible, I will try to keep it as consistent to the original LA mod as possible.

As a bonus to make up for this, I will also be creating a few early 2000's units as addons to the original LA mod. These units will be "lore friendly" meaning they will be of similar quality to the LA mod as it was in 2011, but with a few fixes to several inaccuracies in the models.

This is a WIP picture of a pair of LAFD Seagrave trucks. These were the main bulk of LAFD's engines from 1984 to 1996.

Both of these models are not by me. They are merely edited versions of Hoppah's LA Mod engines. All credit goes to him for the model, while my contribution is converting them from Pierce to Seagrave, and creating new textures for these vehicles.


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Period correct LAFD ambulances. I am surprised that people didn't catch on that there were other older ambulances besides what was in the mod originally.

One day's worth of work, 2 years worth of research.

Models by MikeyPI and Hoppah. My contribution is a few model and texture edits.



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7 hours ago, Squad 65 said:

I so gotta find a good timberwolf before this mod comes out now

My guess is, you're going to be making personal edits to this mod when it comes out?

I would prefer the project's assets be treated with respect rather than being used as other people's fuel for their own stuff, but that's just my opinion.

If you do have sirens in mind, feel free to send them over to replace the six default LA mod sirens.

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