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  1. I love that expresion. BTW, I also found this: https://www.facebook.com/reel/6483257725115418 It's a video of the restoration of one of the three CHP 1969 Chevy C20 suburban. Maybe to old, ubt I think that you would like it
  2. I see this and I instantly think that maybe you're interested in this:
  3. NP Buddy, glad to see that the proyect is still moving. I came here time to time, but I don't usually post. Keep it up buddy!
  4. I think that Itchy talk a while ago about the possibility of the Comand Unit 1 with the International Harvester truck, the last photo. Anyway, nice photos, I didn't see the other two until now.
  5. I don't think that you would like to introduce this into the mod, cuz is a recruitmen vehicle, but a strange vehicle for a North American Polce Department,... well... Sheriff in this case PS: A bit more information and link to the original Facebook post: LASD Toyota Mini-Van, Federal Jetsonic lightbar - Circa 1986 https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=118528867690513&set=gm.6177090178976656&idorvanity=1002909883061404
  6. I don't know if you know this page, but I think that can be usefull: https://www.facebook.com/groups/364281704315147/ There is new stuff, old stuff, replicas. Hope it be usefull for you
  7. I just found this thingo in my Facebook. I think that you would like it:
  8. I was quite worried about you. I am glad that see that our Sheriff is back in town. Keep it up buddy, you are doing great
  9. This post will be a bit heavy, but I found some things, but first, I have a question: Any plans for the RTD Police? I found this Econoline some time ago: I don't know wich use this had. It's kind of awesome with the spare tire and the antena. I thinkt that the photo is at the LAPD Police Academy, but not sure what was the pourpose of this vehicle. I also have this F250. With that lights It dosn't looks like a utility: And, for the last, this pair of buses: https://www.ixomodels.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=76_92&product_id=2936 The last one is for sell in Europe in some Diecast collections. In this liveries I found Chevys, Fords and GMCs Hope this post is not to heavy!
  10. Dude, don't be so hard with yourself. This mod is one of my favourites, and actually one of the very few mods that are set in a far past. Keep working, do what you like but don't push yourself to hard
  11. No problem, is reasonable, there are not first responders. And OnFire is also right, maybe they will be cool for repairs, but, not really that necesary. Anyway, keep working in this awesome mod. The new Airport PD models are stunning!
  12. I found some time ago a pair of old LAPD trucks: I see some pictures of this Chevy carring an old Police Motorbike, so maybe it's some kind of utility for the Workshops. But this one... I can't really tell: F350, dual real tyres but I cannot tell the pourpose of this one. It looks to have something in the rear. Maybe for carring a trailer of the LAPD Mounted Platoon or other special unit?
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