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  1. The object name in Zmod has to match the name of the .v3o file. As example: I would have to export this as "bme_model34.v3o" or it'll error out as it did for you. To change the name, you can either click on the model (highlighted blue here) twice, slowly, and change the name there, or you can right click, select properties, and change the name in that 'menu.' Hope this helps!
  2. Alright. This is a bit of a tall order, but I'll do my best to break it down for you! 1) start with making the model. I recommend Zmodeler2, as I've found that best for EM4 to model with. Zmodeler3 is newer and has a different interface, however I personally prefer Zmod2. I also use paint.net for my textures, as it works with .dds files as well. I save them as .png as I find it keeps the textures "crisper" if that makes sense. 2) once the model is done, copy a vehicle in the editor and name it something easy to remember, such as "EPPD_2020_Explorer.e4p" or similar. I recommend using something with minimal lighting, as you'll want to just keep the basics, like headlights, blinkers, brakelights.... Use those existing lights, moving them around as needed to get the new vehicle with the base lighting. Then move on to the emergency lighting. 3) after the lighting, I go into the scripts. If you're using the LA Mod, you'll need to edit the LASiren.script for the sirens to work. I believe the majority of the rest of the LA scripts use vehicle type, so you should be okay with just that one. 4) next, I do the unit folder. in units/vehicles/police, copy an SUV and rename the folder something similar to your e4p file name. I personally would use EPPD2020EXPLORER or something. The order of the folders is the order they will show up in the unit-calling menu. Top folder will be the first car. That's why there's numbers in front, to make it easier to order them. Within the folder, you'll have the pictures that will show up in the menu. What we need to focus on is the unit.xml. Edit that with a text editor, changing the name (again, something you can remember) and the path to the e4p file. That's the basics, but you could get more advanced by editing the number of spaces for officers and detainees, and the default officers etc. 5) at this point, I do the specs and lang files, which are the last steps. In specs, you need to add your vehicle to portraits.xml and freeplaybase.xml. I you use the other vehicles as a guide, you'll be fine. In the lang folder, you're looking for portrait.xml again, as well as infotexts.xml. Again, use the existing vehicles as a guide. Heads up: in the infotexts.xml, it's 3 lines of text per vehicle. I know that's a fair amount of work, however trust me when I tell you that in time, steps 1 and 2 will be the longest. If you're editing and existing model, such as in this case, step 2 (adding lighting) will be the longest for you. This is a very high-level overview of what needs to be done. If you get jammed up anywhere, let me know and I'll walk you through it! Cheers!
  3. I took a very fast look. The only thing I see is the new prototypes are mapped to mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/fire department/, whereas the other units are mapped to mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/02 LA Fire Department/. I just want to confirm that these are in a folder named "fire department" and not one named "02 LA Fire Department"
  4. Pretty sure (however not totally confident) that this one is mod:/specs/ and you're looking for portraits.xml in this one. This one has to point to the same name as used in the lang folder, and also has to be the same name in the unit folder, or it'll return that white box error. I think, however I'm not positive..
  5. There are two files. mod:/Lang/en (or otherwise)/ and in that folder you want infotexts.xml and portraits.xml . Infotexts will be the info that displays in the vehicle calling menu. There are three lines per vehicle. Portraits will be the name that shows up on the bottom right when you select the unit in the game. This name appears under the photo of the vehicle, which is the one located in the vehicle's unit folder.
  6. I would recommend using the editor to point to the correct model file. I've found that editing the .e4p file in a text program opens yourself up for minor errors that will make your hair start to turn grey and fall out. *Points at own head as example. It's likely a very small spelling or grammatical error that sent you in that direction. In the editor, does the model show correctly, or is it the missing box there too?
  7. This can be a fairly complicated process, my friend. You're looking to replace a current vehicle, and not add on, correct?
  8. Thanks for sharing your solution, eh? It's the only way we're gonna learn and grow as a community. Excellent work!
  9. I could be wrong, but to verify I'm learning things properly and to assist anyone in their learning, would this need to be defined in the beginning of the script, where the other variables would be defined?
  10. Agreed. Excellent PIO program in place there. I've been in contact with one of their LT's who has been helping me develop a wildland firefighting program for my department. He's been nothing but an exemplary gentleman so far. I can't say enough good about SMFR.
  11. Hey Shauney, Pretty unlikely that anyone's going to make a mod for you. That said, there's plenty of resources and support to learn to make your own! I'd recommend reading over some of the topics on the forum and learning how to make your own version of a West Metro mod. That said, in an effort to motivate you, I'd like to share a reskin I made of an Itchboy model I borrowed from the West Falls modification. In an evening of boredom, I made a Safety 35, even though I have no mods based anywhere near Colorado... Model credits to Itchboy and SlateDragon1, skinned by myself.
  12. I had to google LB R3, but I think you've pretty well nailed it. Excellent work!
  13. Hey Itch, what about making them Childs, kinda like the SWR boat or Motorcycle? Maybe the first two people to enter the vehicle don't show up, as if they're in the front seats, but the third-through-sixth (or eigth?) put two people on each side (and rear?). Just a thought... don't even know if that's easily doable..
  14. Best bet is to use the mouse wheel. Click and turn the mouse to turn the camera, and the wheel up/down is zoom in/out. If you don't have a mouse with a wheel, "Ctrl+Shift+F10" will bring up a navigator that will allow you to click the buttons to move the camera.
  15. After being away for far too long, I've made my way back to the EM4 world. Perusing the forums, I saw this, and after reading, I've discovered that I have the identical issue with my Editor for EM4 Deluxe from Steam. Identical load up. I get an error message when double-clicking the desktop shortcut though... http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_06/image.png.d6ad8ae353062c1e31dadefe332d9147.png @Itch; I tried adding "-1" instead of "-editor" at the end, and it still loaded the missing map with the editor floor texture. If there's anything you guys would like to try, I'm willing to be the lab rat..
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