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  1. Hellooo, what is task force vehicle type in a prototype traits? Which one do I use for a firefighter helicopter that can land and take off? (If this type of vehicle is possible) Note: I AM USING A TRANSLATOR
  2. How do I transfer a mission (from the LA Mod) to another mod?
  3. I will test it with the game without mods and with mods, thanks!
  4. Hi, I would like to know if an injured person's "life" bar drops more quickly if he is carrying or transporting in a non-medical vehicle (boats and helicopters). NOTE: I'm using a translator!
  5. In vehicle selection, this white screen appears, I believe it was to show the vehicle model, right? Is there any way to get this out? because there are some mods that only show the vehicle model on this screen. I have this image as an example. NOTE: I'm using a translator!
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