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  1. I have emergency 4 deluxe from steam and I put the Manhattan and Brooklyn mod in but for some reason im still getting original game units and the units aren't behaving properly. I was wondering how do I go about starting over so to speak and trying to install the mods properly? mark this I tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling the game but its the same thing.
  2. i had a taste of the chicago mod. there was some reskinning and a few inaccuracies but it was a good mod all togather
  3. yeah it aint happening..something about personal issues or what ever people do on here. another guy who made a spin off quit midway and when we asked if we could at least play with whatever they had OR the mod they gave the guy on YouTube which looked functional they pitched a bitch fit about it.
  4. hats off for at least giving progress reports. in my time here I've seen people be ass clowns when someone asks about progress.
  5. that's a cute MVA..im more privy to the giant woods map with the airport. is there a way I can use the scripts to get these calls on the woods map?
  6. you guys know they don't do the 2 men on the stretchers anymore? if I can ask whats the flesh color thing around the stretcher crews waist?
  7. spot on with your units. you know about the black and yellow bunker gear? Chicago fire has started putting blue lighting on some of the vehicles.
  8. for the interested parties I'm from Chicago and have intimate knowledge of Chicago PD and FD. I'm also a special patrolman here in a rough part of town. Chicago has special patrol officers contracted by the business associations to patrol certain parts of the city and assist Chicago PD. in other states we would be considered special police BUT because Illinois is the way it is were just special patrol. the models made of the CPD units are spot on EXCEPT the pick up truck. I don't recall CPD having a pick up truck out in the streets. swat and the bomb squad have a pick up but it has a box in its bed that opens on the sides. the paddy wagon (can transport 8) as shown in the video with the other units is spot on EXPECT it does not open in the back like an ambulance. the back is plan with and blue stripes and POLICE on it. there ARE red lights on the rear of the paddy wagon but they serve only as brake lights..not actual emergency lights. when it comes to EMS they have ALS and BLS as usual...there ARE private ambulances in the city BUT they don't do 911 here UNLESS they have a cataclysmic event and Chicago is tied up. the program is called PEPERS if memory serves me right. for argument sake most private ambulances are the van styled with the LED or rotator bar on top. we have ATI who sports blue and white,vandenberg who is red and white. there is a private ambulance company named BUDS that does 911 but they are mostly in the south suburbs. Chicago EMS has a paramedic and ambulance officer on board. standard blue uniform with the Chicago fire patches but EMS has a rocker on their arm that says paramedic. they have the 911 jacket which is navy blue with silver stripes on it (substitute for traffic vest) EMS also had turn out gear that they took away that looked identical to CFD but it says EMS on the back. (to make the units look different id do like the LA mod and give EMS the bunker jacket with a star of life on the back and keep the blue pants.) EMS helmets have the blue stars of life instead of the yellow squares and their shield has their ambulance number on it. the EMS supervisor is called a paramedic field chief OR field officer and they normally have 4-5-6 4-5-7 4-5-8 on their door. when it comes to Chicago fire well you guys have a jist of what goes on. their is a vehicle officer either capt OR LT (sometimes they have a senior FF "act up" as vehicle officer). if police fire OR EMS is in trouble they have the universal code of 10-1 which means drop everything and come to that unit. Chicago PD also says "emergency: and goes with their radio traffic"
  9. do you guys still need me? I'm from Chicago and deal with Chicago police,fire and EMS
  10. sorry for the late reply...where do the moderators need me for technical support?
  11. I don't know if its been said but ambulance 39 gets stuck random places in the maps and more than 2 wont wit in quarters
  12. yes im serious don't come around often because there are too many personalities and people who know a lot about a little lso people and there snarky remarks. so if you will...the link?
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