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  1. Try downloading the em4.cfg file from the downloads section and replacing your current one, it might be an issue with the configuration file, otherwise I have no clue.
  2. Are you right clicking to move? Left click will only de-select the unit.
  3. Is that a Dodge Monaco or a Plymouth Fury I spot in the 3rd photo or do my eyes deceive me? Also really great progress on the mod really fast, I applaud your speed and quality.
  4. I think a switcher would be a very nice addition to making the mod more well rounded and easier to use as well as it making it look way nicer. It would seem off to have a 1996 Crown Victoria and a 1981 Dodge Diplomat parked next to each other in a LAPD lot. If the player wants to integrate them they can just use the game's call menu
  5. I've found that the ALS Ambulances when called in freeplay and missions, will usually be missing one paramedic for the blue shirt ALS, and either all or none of the bunker gear ALS. Calling 2 ambulances will usually have one ambulance with 1-2 Paramedics and one empty ambulance.
  6. I never knew LAFD used German Sirens, that's pretty neat, thanks for clearing it up.
  7. Not exactly a bug but something I thought you should be aware of, some of the ALS Ambulances play the Emergency 2 Martins Horn (Fire Department) siren during the VIP Escort mission, It does not interfere with the regular siren but plays alongside it. It triggers the same way the sirens do in the base game like when the vehicle stops behind traffic or turns at an intersection. I haven't noticed it on any other maps or vehicles, just when the siren command is playing on the ALS Ambulances.
  8. It should be in the models folder under people. If you're using the LA Mod you'll also have to unpack the .dds file. Los Angeles Mod 2.1>Models>Persons>03 LA Police Is where it should be. V30 files need to be opened in a 3D modeler like Blender or Zmodeler. I don't do modeling so I'm not too sure.
  9. I could make a video of the bug if that helps.
  10. I have added a new car to a mod for a simple private modification and whenever the car stops driving and parks it goes under the map. I don't know exactly how to fix this, the closest thing I could think of is the wheels being too low or something. Any help will be welcomed.
  11. Quick question if ya don't mind. Will there be more fire hydrants?
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