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Northview South County Revived 1.0 Released 1.25 WIP

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1.0 RELEASE: https://mega.nz/file/Ol4iHSjQ#YaQ7GEKUHcwuOWUV1KhkSYvpfy0GEcnCf1LgV_zpxy


Changes in 1.0:
New Detective vehicle
New Bomb Squad
New Engineers Van
New Coroners Investigator's vehicle
New Security Vehicle with it's own patrol path
Wegmans where hill by hospital used to be
ToOCME script
Coroner Investigator script
Ambulances park around the map
New staging points for sheriff units
Coroner's van and Coroner investigator now park at Medical Examiner's office
Accident Recon script.
Shotgun Script.
New lighting on most vehicles.

Changes so far in 1.25
New forested and neighborhood on left side of map
Patrol 4 is now a 2020 Explorer by Itchboy
New Towtruck by Miami Mod Team
USAR Firefighters got EMS training
New Forestry Unit by Fire Dept, Boston.
New Station 83




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Sorry for no activity on this topic. Work on this mod has been slow but steady.. One thing I will try to do is add a fire station cover script. With the script. You will be able to select which station you want to send cover units to. And I will be redoing the trees in the forested area to make the fire over there a lot more manageable. I would show a video. But right now. The mod has a major issue that I would rather not show. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next 48 hours. Then I will record a video. Plus I have been doing quite a bit of background work on the mod. There will be a lul in the development of the mod. But if I consider the mod ready enough and bug free enough for the public to play. I will release the mod in that current state. The 2 things that I am waiting on is permission from Bama to use the MRAP from Montana. And a custom made rear mount ladder truck with an International 4700 cab. Lore reason is that the county needs another ladder truck and the mayor doesn't want to spend the money right now to buy a brand new one so they are buying one from another department that is getting rid of it. And then in a year or so. The county will be receiving a ton of new apparatus. One thing they are not replacing is Forestry 86. Due to the fact that it is still in 100% working order and works very well when it comes to what it is used for.

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On 2/17/2024 at 7:39 AM, emopunk said:

been a minute since i've played this game let alone seen mods. had to reinstall a bunch. love this mod and details on all the vehicle skins. any link to fix all of the lights to not appear as white boxes?

Here is the link to all the coronas I have: https://mega.nz/folder/LoxlBCxQ#c58LCfuijBbAlZ5ztUh-YQ

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On 5/17/2024 at 9:17 PM, Johhnnyy said:

@mcflame1Hello, do you know which state is Northview South County in, if there was any thought into it? Just curious

It is in the fictional state of Fullerton I believe. Look at what the original developers said in the original Northview South County forum post.

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1 hour ago, mcflame1 said:

It is in the fictional state of Fullerton I believe. Look at what the original developers said in the original Northview South County forum post.

Oh, alright. Thanks for answering, because I was thinking it was California, considered some vehicles in the mod have a steady burn red at the front, particularly the police vehicles.

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