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  1. Its likely the coronas that you're missing. This is an issue with a few mods. I think if you go get the Miami mod it has the updated Coronas and that might be your easiest route.
  2. The first edition of this mod (something something Chester County?) was a rather impressive reskin of the LA mod and played fine. The second edition of this mod was an very impressive total overhaul of all the units and included a new map and new scripts, that version would play for about 20-30min and then crash to the desktop.
  3. Trucks look amazing! Have you considered implementing a "random unit" sort of script similar to what the old NYC Mod had for NYPD patrol cars for DNRC and other off-map state units? I feel it might help add some variety to the game along with a sort of "well we don't know who's going to respond from where but somebody is coming from somewhere" feeling which is unfortunately very true to form for rural emergency services.
  4. The rotating effect is interesting. Are you planning on having all the lights be that same effect or limit it to just what vehicles actually have "rotary" lightbars? Its groundbreaking work for sure!
  5. Just use the water cannon and have one of your officers flashbang them and then quickly grab the guy with a sign. Once you get the sign guy into a vehicle everyone stops fighting.
  6. Gotta say itchboy that the sudden increase in updates and (apparent) progress from this mod is the best thing to come out of 2020/2021. For so long I thought I'd never see this mod come out and when my PC crashed and I lost my OG file of the Montana Mod (even though it crashed a lot) I was very bummer. Thanks for keeping at it and bringing back hope.
  7. An interesting idea but remember in a lot of rural areas the volunteer base isn't consistent enough to allow for that level of advance planning. We would get toned for a fire, everyone would go to the station and we'd take as many trucks as we guessed we'd need with whatever people we had. When we got a residential structural fire and only 2 people responded we only took one truck and called (prayed) for mutual aid. Then we had the time where we had a 4 acre brush fire burning slowly surrounded by dirt roads already and we had so many people respond we rolled the brush truck and then 2 engines full of people just because we could.
  8. Makes total sense to me! Such a neat Easter egg for the mod.
  9. Do you plan to change the POV lights in question to bring them into "compliance" with Montana's POV light laws?
  10. Alright I'll bite lol. I drive a 2008 Forester with one B/B light where the rear view mirror is, 2 grill lights (B), and a B/B light on each side of the top of my back glass. All internal. M previous vehicle was a 2000 CR-V with one B/B light where the rear view mirror is, a B/B light on each side of the top back-glass, and a B/B light on the sides of the rear facing out each side. All internal. DM me if you'd like lights or video. Amazing work as always.
  11. Me: "Man these vehicles don't seem that old" Also Me: *Realizes I'm just used to rural areas with ancient rigs*
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