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  1. My dudes, its a rural area mod. Scarcity of resources is THE thing that most separates urban areas (play the LA mod) from rural areas (Montana mod). There's only so many ways to simulate scarcity of resources in a mod.
  2. A variety of "in universe" explanations: 1. Apparatus may pre-date that specific standard 2. Apparatus may be designed so that its shorter and can fit into tighter rural areas like down narrow dirt roads which required sacrificing cab size. 3. Other firefighters may be expected to arrive on other apparatus. 4. 2 people is the minimum needed to utilize a fire engine in real world (not NFPA) applications. 5. Few if any departments 100% meet everything the NFPA would like to see. There's the NFPA standard and then there's the real world. There's few departments outside the military and major urban departments that are 100% NFPA compliant with everything. On my first volunteer department we had engines that could seat 3, 5, and 9. Rarely was every seat filled on an engine, often other firefighters would arrive on other apparatus or in POVs on-scene.
  3. It likely depends on the scenario. Often for EMTs or Paramedics to pronounce they're supposed to call medical control (a doctor somewhere) first. However there's exceptions for places with bad communications or if you can't reach medical control for other reason. Often the protocol is written like "for medical arrests terminate after 30 min or 3 consecutive 'No shocks advised' from an AED". And as stated above most protocols allow for CPR to not be initiated (which is tantamount to pronouncement if there's obvious signs of death such as lividity or traumatic injuries incompatible with life. The reason you're not finding it when looking it up is that such specifics aren't at the state level, they're at the individual service/medical director level.
  4. To pat down subjects one of the officers has to have the subject "arrested" and then you can select another officer and task them with patting down the subject. You need two officers.
  5. I just did an internet search, I can't tell you any more specific than that since it was almost a decade ago.
  6. This is fantastic, really a step forward in US focused modding, I'm really impressed by the variety of new scripts and call outs. So far the only bug I've found is that when you return the SAR trailer to HQ it gets stuck on the edge of the map. I suspect this has to do with the vehicle pulling it leaving the map first. It hasn't appeared to impact the game much. Once again: Great work, merry Christmas.
  7. The Why VFD in Pima County AZ isn't much of a fire department but they had in 2020 and likely still have in reserve a 1960s pumper pretty similar to the one pictured. The Baker NV VFD also has some pretty darn ancient trucks that work well for the less than one call a year they get. (Baker VFD pictured) I think for mod purposes it would make sense to have that be a mutual aid unit. Both the Why VFD and another department I knew in rural MO were departments in name only and most of the serious stuff in their districts was dealt with by a "mutual aid" department that was essentially the primary department in the closest real town. They'd likely send that ancient pumper out on an "all hands" kind of call. In a lot of rural areas the next mutual aid department could be an hour away (plus spin up time) so an old truck kept around back could still see service once in a blue moon.
  8. No FBI? Is this a sanctuary city mod?
  9. Its likely the coronas that you're missing. This is an issue with a few mods. I think if you go get the Miami mod it has the updated Coronas and that might be your easiest route.
  10. The first edition of this mod (something something Chester County?) was a rather impressive reskin of the LA mod and played fine. The second edition of this mod was an very impressive total overhaul of all the units and included a new map and new scripts, that version would play for about 20-30min and then crash to the desktop.
  11. Trucks look amazing! Have you considered implementing a "random unit" sort of script similar to what the old NYC Mod had for NYPD patrol cars for DNRC and other off-map state units? I feel it might help add some variety to the game along with a sort of "well we don't know who's going to respond from where but somebody is coming from somewhere" feeling which is unfortunately very true to form for rural emergency services.
  12. The rotating effect is interesting. Are you planning on having all the lights be that same effect or limit it to just what vehicles actually have "rotary" lightbars? Its groundbreaking work for sure!
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