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  1. Hi! It's maybe off but: Where can I find the "waterwreck" object? I'm working on own water accidents in this mod. If I put this are the divers able to dive to this wreck? Thanks
  2. I think it's going down more quickly, just try it in the game. Maybe in other mods it works with other mechanics
  3. What is your game version? Because the non-steam versions can crash when you use this mod
  4. Cuff one protestor and use the water cannon to push back the others. Or cuff one and use the police officers to halt the others.
  5. Yeah, it's from Bay City, California But the idea is good, maybe in a Starsky and Hutch modification, hmmm
  6. What version do you use of the game?
  7. Can you tell me what is the problem? Did you install into the "Mods" folder? If you choose the mod in the game you have to wait maybe several minutes because this mod is huge, just be patient. After the mod is loaded you can play in "Freeplay" mod. I more prefer the Deluxe version of Freeplay
  8. Please, don't ask releasing dates because it's against the rules
  9. Yeah, I remember the old days with the classic Montana Mod with new scripts, map, vehicles. And the crashes after 30 minutes
  10. Yeah, I'm playing with this game from 2006 and I really enjoy it. But it's terrible and sad when I saw a new mod introduction and the developers gives up and I think this is the problem why are players gives up this game...
  11. Haha! Press the magic button and you can park your vehicles
  12. Are you talking about the dropped stretcher? Or the other option when you take out the stretcher from the ambulance?
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