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Montana Mod v2.1 (In Development) Download link removed by Authors

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11 hours ago, OllieTEM said:

I love your work Ichboy and co, May I suggest a dispatch centre where the player can dispatch units by clicking on oporators? Again, the mod looks amazing!

That's already implemented. I just need to make the correct icons for the commands, and to improve the script so that certain things don't get glitched.

Slowly but surely getting things textured. Ill be asking help from the usual guys and a few new ones to help finish the skins now that lights is 70% complete.


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Looking back on a year ago, I will admit to over-reacting by prematurely saying that I'd quit modding. It was an emotional response that I should have handled better.

It would have been far more rational if I released a statement saying that I'd be taking a break from modding to clear my head. That's what I ultimately ended up doing anyway, and clearing my head indeed produced good results.

In keeping with that spirit, I've finally finished putting lights on the fire and EMS units, with help from hqueen.

Em4Deluxe 2021-02-01 09-32-19-30.png

Em4Deluxe 2021-02-01 09-34-01-99.png

Em4Deluxe 2021-02-01 09-34-35-14.png

Em4Deluxe 2021-02-01 09-34-58-56.png

Em4Deluxe 2021-02-01 09-35-31-91.png

Yay attachments and smileys work again:)

The Chevy battalion chief is lighted, its just that the picture was taken on a bad "frame" where the lights happen to be flashing off. 

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Epic nice lighting and vehicles they look amazing good work man and sometimes people need a break or just to relax and clear their minds so good you are back but you taking a break is more important then any mod or thing else

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Here is the inital set of volunteer firefighter POV's for the mod. These are all real-life vehicles owned by members of our community.

No lights on these, still working on that.

If you would like your real-life vehicle featured in the mod, feel free to post your vehicle make, model, color and any light setup you are running. You don't need to tell me your location or license plate or anything that can dox you.

I lack another 4 out of the 10 I need.

Em4Deluxe 2021-02-03 12-29-57-13.png

Credits to Carman and LA mod team for the Jeep Grand Chrokee.
Yankee43 for the Ford Ranger.
EA Games for the Dodge Ram conversion.
Special thanks to SlateDragon for allowing use of the white F150 POV from West Falls mod.

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My dad drove a black 2005 Ford F-350 dually  with blue lights in the grill and a blue light on the dash. If you do end up making it, could you make the license  plate BLK Betty? It’s what my dad calls it. Again you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Love your work itch, keep up the great work!

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Alright I'll bite lol.

I drive a 2008 Forester with one B/B light where the rear view mirror is, 2 grill lights (B), and a B/B light on each side of the top of my back glass. All internal.

M previous vehicle was a 2000 CR-V with one B/B light where the rear view mirror is, a B/B light on each side of the top back-glass, and a B/B light on the sides of the rear facing out each side. All internal.

DM me if you'd like lights or video. Amazing work as always.

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I'll try to add as many of these as I can. I only needed four, but this opens up doors to having a separate script to call volunteers to the scene with the rig, and you can have them change gear on the truck.

Many of the vehicles you guys run would also be super useful for a new update to my civil cars pack :)

4 hours ago, BrooklynDispatcher said:

I drive a white dodge charger (2018) with the PPV like rims, blacked out rims. I have an interior visor lightbar on the front, one pod on each side of the vehicle and two little pods in the back windshield. I'm a wacker, but hey, wackers be wackers.


3 hours ago, Alex Neumeister said:

I drive a white 2015 Dodge Journey with a raptor-x TIR interior lightbar in all blue for the front and an amber only lamphus traffic advisor in the rear

Unfortunately these two will be quite difficult as I have to make the assosciated models for these vehicles, and that will take time. I hope you guys weren't expecting these to be done within the month.

The Charger idea is brilliant though because people will be needing them for mods.

I also just got this done. Fully animated lightmast that rises and rotates into place.

Em4Deluxe 2021-02-04 10-57-26-67.png

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