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Montana Mod v2.1 (In Development) Download link removed by Authors

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On 3/22/2020 at 11:33 AM, xazdkr said:

Considering this is your first comment in 3 months, you'll have to understand my doubt. 

You dropped off the project a while ago. Now itchboy has dropped off and you're back suddenly. 

Modding isn't the easiest thing to do and it takes time. We should be supporting creators not chastising them for not posting on here. Just because they don't post dosen't mean that they're not working on the mod. 


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Em 15/04/2020 às 13:00, General_Cool disse:

Cuidado ao solicitar dados de lançamento. Eles são contra as regras do site. Apenas um lembrete amigável para quem não tem problemas.

 Oh, desculpe, obrigado : )

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Now that I've stepped away from the mod, others have taken up the cause of completing this mod apart from bama.

Yankee43 was very generous in doing the textures for the classic Econoline vans.

I am interested in looking for more people to help out with minor details like textures.

I will also concede that it is time that someone else handle the lights for this mod. I will be looking for someone in the future once the others finalize our ELS choices.

I will try to post updates here but I feel like I should give the others the opportunity to do so. 

Model by me, texture by Yankee43.


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On 6/2/2020 at 10:52 PM, Themergency67 said:

Is this mod still being worked on?

Yes it is still being worked on and I believe a download link will be provided when the new Montana Mod is released. However this one they removed the download link. If you go on  Itchboy's YouTube channel you can see some of the scripts that will be apart of the new Montana Mod.  https://www.youtube.com/user/sixstringbestfriend

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I am taking note of who volunteered and what their skillsets are. I don't have much yet, but myself and Yankee are pulling every stop to get this mod done.

We have another tanker done, this time for Montana DNRC. I chose a former army Freightliner M916A in order to make up for the removal of the HEMTT tanker.

Is anyone up to make the texture for this bad boy? Not just livery but everything from windows to door lines, hood lines and the little edges on the body.

Off topic note: I will also be looking for assistance with the 90s/Nostalgia project. I have posted a few updates there that you guys might like.



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i remember the first Montana mod was one of my favorites, I understand updating but why take a good mod that was working fine down then have nothing for YEARS, all the while saying were working on it yet you hear nothing in months or years...at least let us play the original one..WIP translates to we gave up sorry but look how many wip have became DEAD... Miami mod,New York mod all DEAD nothing in years.

Leave the originals UNTIL the new one is completed.  It's gotten to the point i don't even bother getting excited anymore because  soon as i see WIP i know don't hold your breath. I'd rather know NOTHING about a priject then get it when its done then get teased...and have it go dead 

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My computer PSU failed last Tuesday and I put it in for repairs expecting it to be done within the week. The shop is reporting that both my HDD's have failed as well.

While I do have backups of Montana and my other projects, I do not have a PC of any sort to do any work.

I have been without a PC for the last week, and I will not be able to get a replacement for at least till the end of this month, and even then, pandemic pricing may very well put it out of my reach.

Both my projects (this one and classic LA) are on hold for the time being.

I will also be unable to do any admin work for this site indefinitely. Any password resets and manual approval will be Stan's problem as I literally can't do that right now.

Given the circumstances of having to rebuild an entire filesystem in a new PC, I am no longer certain if any of my mods will be completed.

This pandemic and everything about it can go to hell. See you around guys.

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