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  1. Hi everyone im having a problem,i want to make a skin for a police officer using GIMP but i dont know where to get the file of the skin of the officer, in what section of the files is it?(im using la mod V.3.1 for the base mod) If u can help me it would be appriciated. P.s this mod is going to be private at least for now. Thx and how can i open VMO and V30 files?
  2. No worries, my main focus is on getting pd units perfectly nailed and then do some ems units and a couple of fire units, unfortunately this year i won't have a lot of time so release is scheduled from the second part of 2021 up to 2022.
  3. hi everyone this is a little big project of mine wich is going to include all major alaskan pd agencies. the developement of this mod will be very slow as i am alone in this project at least for now and i dont have a lot of time on my hands. the mod is going to release in 3 parts. 1st beeng all essential units, 2nd all units and 3rd beeng all units and map. if u have any knolage of any pd angencies in alaska please make me know and if u have any questions or anything else u want to ask feel free. BTW ill start working on the mod from september 2020.
  4. https://discord.gg/Uu3ku6 Yes I have discord, here you guy's go this is just my server
  5. I'm interested, but edi has priority cos my mod is just at the very beginning.
  6. Thanks. I'm down to create mods together when you finish yours. If you want I can help with audio because that's the only thing in which I'm 100% sure that I'm good at.
  7. i didn't know that it was you that was working on that mod. It's an awesome mod congrats to you and keep up the good work. Yes ill definitely continue to ask for help if needed. thanks for youre availability. Do you know any one willing to help with my mod?
  8. thanks!Now it's clear. BTW im working on a mod and i was wandering whether you wanted to join in.
  9. Hi everyone I'm trying to create a new mod(ALASKA 2020)but I nead help, I want to create a small modding team so if you know how to mod and have some free time let me know if you're interested. - thank you.
  10. And if it's a 3D model for example from this site does it come with textures? And if I get the prototype of the car that I want, wich are the files of the textures that match up to that car and that can be found in the folder "model" ?
  11. Don't worry it's not confusing and this part i already know cos i wached those videos. my intention was to re-skin the vehicles imported from other mods in to my own. my question is: to import those models do i have to import the vehicle prototype and its skin or what.- thanks in advance and as always
  12. I'm now trying to understand how prototypes and models work and what they do. I'm trying to create a mod and I've based it of ov iowa city mod. I wanted to put the crown Victoria model from the Boston mod but I don't know wich files to touch or modify. I was even looking to download the 3D models from this site but don't know what to do with them or where to put them.
  13. I've got it all sorted out thankfully.
  14. Thank you, unfortunately when I open the .V3o with the notepad it opens with the binary code so that even if I search the . dds nothing will come up. I managed to open the dds file the problem was only on LA Mod that the file didn't open, I tried with iowa city and it worked. Thanks and sorry for beeng a noob.
  15. Thank you very much for the advice,I've downloaded both and unfortunately it seems that .dds files are not readable,so tomorrow I'll try to fix the problem.
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