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  1. In most cases the editor can be found under: [start] [All Programs] [sixteen Tons Entertainment] [Emergency 4 Deluxe] [Emergency 4 Deluxe Editor] [start] [All Programs] [sixteen Tons Entertainment] [Emergency 4] [Emergency 4 Editor] If it is not there, create a shortcut to Emergency 4 (Em4.exe) or the shortcut to launch the game. Once you have it click on it [properties] and edit the start command If your game is installed under: "F:\Program Files (x86)\sixteen tons entertainment\Emergency 4 Deluxe\Em4Deluxe.exe" The start command for the editor would be: "F:\Program Files (x86)\sixteen tons entertainment\Emergency 4 Deluxe\Em4Deluxe.exe" -editor In short: you only need to addition -editor
  2. Update

    Hello there, I did a quick maintenance update to the site. The IPB version is now UP-TO-DATE as well as the theme and all modules. Several bugs should be fixed. If you have any issues, please report. Thank you
  3. Poll Test Topic Please Vote Regardless.

    working now? Just updated the theme
  4. Fire- and Rescuesimulation Langenselbold

    Legit question however i dont think its out
  5. La mod wont work on windows 10

    Dont you have a option to manualy enter the install directory?
  6. Test topic

    test test url test url2
  7. Test topic

    http://www.google.com test
  8. Test topic

    www.google.com test
  9. Files not downloading

    You must have a very slow connection, after how much time did your download break? Regards, Stan
  10. How do i downlowd mods

    Welcome to the forums You can find the mods here: http://www.emergency-planet.com/files/ To install the mods unpack the mods with winrar and install them with the Mod Installer (Depending on the mod. Regards, Stan
  11. Fixed your first post Anyone else having this issue, please report the topic and I'll take care.
  12. Error when Googling.

    Well ill write a php script for that with a http redirect code, should speed it up a bit
  13. Not yet, let me check that CAN CONFIRM THAT
  14. Does the games of you booth crash on a certain point? For example video ?
  15. /\ Approved this post, just posting to make sure it gets read
  16. Crash

    Please share your computer details and your log file Regards, Stan
  17. Files not downloading

    Okey, i have to look into it again, settings where fine for everything bellow 600mb while testing. Any idea after which time the download stopped? Regards, Stan
  18. We are back

    Dear Community, After a downtime of about 3 days we are able to announce that the site is back online for public. We moved to a new host, optimized the download area, got in a fresh skin and tweaked a lot of setting. If you got issues or suggestions, please share them with us in the Website support topic In case your lost your password, please click here. If you did not get a validation email, please login with your data and click on resend validation email. Kind regards, Stan P.S: We are aware the homepage is broken, this should be fixed soon. mails should come allong slowly, we still got a limit of 100 mails an hour for the next 12 days.
  19. New layout suggestions

    test Fact, got to see with IPB if thats intended
  20. Tapatalk update needed.

    Correct, i did do some error correction for it. It should be available to everyone
  21. Em3 is ignoring the "Lang" folder

    Where did you put the lang files? DId you create a config file? Regards, Stan
  22. New layout suggestions

    Do you actualy realise you are not paying to visit the site and that we are doing this for free in our free time? I had no issues myself with the forum itself yet. So what I will first ask you is to clear your browser cache. Some things from the Old site might be still hanging in there. Second, please watch the way you post your frustration in future. Didnt we fix the reply/New post issue for you yet? Thinking about that. Thank you Regards, Stan
  23. Tapatalk update needed.

    thats the interesting point, i will see what i can do