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  1. Install the full KLite codec pack (give it a try) and for notepad...right click the file and edit the permissions
  2. Hi, Welcoem to the forums. Do you ahve any patch installed at this time?
  3. "Stan Where my replied" What? How about actualy answering your own posts with a bit more of information, others might be able to help you too...: http://forum.emergency-planet.com/topic/18564-where-is-my-modinstaller/#entry263402 http://forum.emergency-planet.com/topic/18562-how-do-i-get-modinstaller/#entry263390 If you post on 10 places I am not going to keep traking it everywhere. TOPIC CLOSED
  4. As I said, Los Angeles is an .exe file which you install like any other program I guess your ports are blocked, in case you have access to the ports on your router, you need to open them. About being kicked, this might be the same reason, another reason might be that you are joining a german game and you are being kicked. If you need support, give more details. This is a forum and others might be able to help you too.
  5. When you post a reply addition it as attachement bellow the box you are replying in.
  6. Hi, Do you have an exact error? How are you installing the mods? Regards, Stan
  7. We would like to wish everyone a healthy and wonderful new year! Best luck in 2014 and see you next yearWe would like to wish everyone a healthy and wonderful new year! Best luck in 2014 and see you next year Click here to view the article
  8. Copy your game shortcut and edit it. Addition -editor behind the start command and you are done
  9. Hi, welcome to the forums. Go to the directory you installed the game to and check if you have a directory called Mods Regards, Stan
  10. Los angeles mod for Emergency for is delivred with an exe file and does not need a mod installer to install. To use your game correctly, install all the latest patches
  11. Los Angeles mod is installed by an .exe file and not by the mod installer. All you need to check is if you have a Mod directory in your install directory
  12. When you load your game it works fine? When you load the mod your game crashes?
  13. Hi, Try putting your log gile on read only. If this doesnt work, re-enable write and upload your logfile after trying again
  14. Hi, Welcome to the forums. Not need to post at 10 spots. As stated your first post needs admin validation to avoid spam. Which version of the game do you have?
  15. Which game do you have? Since the topic starter already posted on the wrong spot
  16. Welcome to the forum, Your game actually installs the mod like it has to? Does it make the files etc..?
  17. Hi, You need to reset the pointers in Zmodeler, you probably turned the vehicle without turning its axis
  18. Do you have this problem since the begin or did it sudently pop up?
  19. --TOPIC CLOSED-- Reason: Too Old
  20. Go to our downlaod centre http://forum.emergency-planet.com/files/ and click on uplaod Should be working for you too now.
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