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  1. Are you guys a bit blown up in your heads? It is a game good damnit... :roll:
  2. Due it has moved... http://downloads.emergency-4.org/pafiledb....ction=file&id=7 Stan
  3. The downlaod of this mod works 100% its downloaded about 13000 times and there never where problems... so comeon peple... http://emergency-4.org/index.php?file=Down...ption&dl_id=113 Stan
  4. No because there are no anniamtions... Stan
  5. The light truc should be avalable in freeplay for next version if i'm not wrong... Hoppah forgot toa ddition it to freeplaybase.xml i think :wink: Stan
  6. No problem, i'm here for that :wink: Well there are too many vehicles, correct... But every vehicle should be avalable as its for me too nobody should have problems with it...
  7. You need to install patch 1, 2 & 3 for the game, then you download the mod and extyract it from it's archive, after this you double click on the e3mod file and it will install it... then launch the game => load mod and thats all... Stan
  8. Post what you want in spanish, ill get it traduced Because that google traduction si really not to understand Stan
  9. when it's finished. I hope within 3 years.
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