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  1. Please forgive me i do not have any experience with 3d modeling
  2. if you guys have a copy of the game please send dl link
  3. It is only in German only, This game is abandonware though so where can i get it, i would have plans to translate the game to english
  4. i do have emergency 1 the cd game my grandmother (my dad's mother) had ordered that game for me the inspiration was the De mod EM2 goes EM4 https://www.emergency-forum.de/filebase/index.php?entry/2933-em2-goes-em4-modifikation-adventskalender-2019-24/
  5. i found in a cheat site if you edit a dat like a vehcile you can edit cost but i wonder about the lines are about
  6. ive removed a mod but when i went to mods it shows a wrench and i cant remove it
  7. i was wondering Just like the EM2 goes EM4 (a non English mod), i wonder if its possible for a em1 mod
  8. Has anyone else figured out a solution to this? It makes the game pretty unplayable because you have to constantly adjust volume to not blow your ears out.
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