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  1. Hello, I'm playing a newly released mod, but for some reason game randomly stutters. For me I have no idea why would it do so, since I have enough RAM. Talking about RAM I will just post my system specs: Intel i3 8130U 2.20 ghz 8th gen Nvidia GeForce MX150 8gb ram 222 gb SSD 2gb vram (playing em4 on laptop) PS: This new mod is lancut modification by the way
  2. Its an 4gb Patch by NtCore for any application, you can find it here: https://ntcore.com/?page_id=371
  3. I am asking so, because im not sure if I should apply the 4gb RAM patch for the em4.exe.
  4. I've meant the "criminal syndicate in the city" mission. It is in the intermission thing between the mission 11-12
  5. I recently done the oil rig on fire mission. After then I was back to the intermission sequence (where you buy units and stuff) and I was greeted with an mission to track down a gang that is in the city. I have no idea how to do that though. Help would be appreciated.
  6. I have a problem with downloading the mod through it's installer. It says that the download server is not available. I tried many times, but it still ain't working. I only found the mod file on the emergency-forum, but I think it's the 1.0 version.
  7. So, the problem will be with the graphics CPU (or whatever they call them). When you start a game it will run with selected graphics card. Mostly the Emergency 4 will run with Intel graphics which are bad in my opinion. To fix this you will need to do following steps: 1) Open the Emergency 4 game files directory. I use steam version of the game, so for me it will go like this: This Computer > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > Emergency 4 DELUXE 2) After you find the file direcotry for Emergency 4, you will need to find em4.exe (I don't know the what .exe will be for 991 First Responders, if you know comment down below). 3) Select the em4.exe and the right click on it. After that find option called "Run with Graphics processor". Extend the option and then click on "Change default graphics processor" 4) Wait until the window appears and wait until it loads. 5) Now, you will need to go to option called "1. Select program to be customized". Check if it has below it Emergency 4 (em4.exe) selected. 6) Move to the option 2, here you will need to select "Processor Nvidia with high performance". Skip the option 3. 7) Go back to option 1 and then click "add". After that you will have to save those settings. Note: This solution is for Nvidia graphics CPU. I hope it helped you all.
  8. There are some other tutorials about cheat codes on example: YouTube, but I want to make it as an solid tutorial. First, you will need to type the cheat mode code. THE CHEAT MODE CODES ARE DIFFERENT, IT DEPENDS ON THE VERSION OF GAME. Emergency 4 / 991 First Responders: The cheat mode code will be magic. Emergency 4 Deluxe Cheat mode code will be fairz. If it doesn't work try fairy. After that you can use cheat codes, here is the list: CTRL+Shift+F7 - Automatically win the mission CTRL+Shift+F8 - Automatically loose the mission CTRL+Shift+F10 - Unlocks all medals and missions CTRL+Shift+F11 - Gives 100,000 credits If you are on laptop, you will need to ad Fn. Example: CTRL+Shift+Fn+F7. If it doesn't work, it means you must enable this in computer's BIOS. You can find more info about that on internet. Note: Cheat codes are working on every version of the game. If I need to change something or fix, please comment down below. I Hope it helped you all.
  9. Thank you for answer. I have found how to solve the bug earlier. My em4.exe was starting with Intel graphics card, set it to Nvidia and I have shadows now.
  10. So, I just downloaded EM4 Deluxe on my new computer. Then I saw on EM4 videos that there are shadows in game, I tried to get them on, but when I selected highest options and turned on floor and objects shadows the ground looked weird. It was blueish, it looked like game couldn't set the texture or something. My computer specs: Intel i3 8th Gen, Nvidia GeForce MX 150
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