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  1. The traffic signals on the map change too quickly causing and I cannot find a fix. Some said to go to: http://forum.emergency-planet.com/topic/14511-vehicle-traffic-freezes-in-911fr/ But that address no longer works so I'm not sure what the fix was. I tried loading the map in the editor, but it is just a black screen when I open the LA mod map.
  2. What did you increase it to? I understand this thread is old, but I'm having this problem and not sure how high to raise it to reduce the traffic jams at intersections.
  3. I am still having an issue with this. Can anyone tell me if they are having this issue? Thanks! I have the Direct2Drive digital download version of 911: First Responders.
  4. When playing freeplay and online, the units always get stuck or stop in the middle of the street which blocks traffic. I am not sure why this happens, but I have the 911:First Responders edition of the game. It usually occurs in the COM 9 building in the northern part of the city. The pedestrians huddle to the doorway and it causes a jam. Whenever I try to get them out or something, more pedestrians come in and make a bigger jam. Sometimes the pedestrians will get stuck in my EMT strecher or stand ontop of my doctor which prevents them from moving. Sometimes the pedestrians do not move out of the way from my vehicles and will usually get stuck in the vehicle preventing them from moving. Does anyone know of a fix or a solution? I would greatly appreciate it! Here are some screenshots of the errors! http://i649.photobucket.com/albums/uu214/A...ltimate/fr1.png http://i649.photobucket.com/albums/uu214/A...ate/fr2copy.png I also placed them as download attachments if needed. I also attached my dxdiag and logfile of 911:First Responders. Please help me! logfile.txt DxDiag.txt
  5. It is recent though. I posted here as soon as it started happening. It was working and then it was not. No firewall, router port port settings changed from when it was and was not working.
  6. I understand that they are hosted by other players, but everyone that I know that could host a game can no longer host. They also do not see any servers up. The only thing we can do is host a lan game. When we try to host a public/private game, we get a connection error when we get to the waiting room. We have no problems with firewalls, routers, ports or anything of the sort.
  7. I just got the game and was only able to play online a few days until the list no longer showed up. I wonder if anyone in Europe is also having this problem. Maybe it is the server and the United States is not being blocked. I am not sure, but I just hope the servers are down for technical reasons and will be back up soon.
  8. I do not see any servers, but I did 3 nights ago. I tried from 3 different locations and it shows that there are no internet games and I am unable to even host a game (because it just gives me an error). Is anyone else having this problem? I have a feeling that this is only happening to users who live in the US. Is there anyone from the US that can see the internet servers or host a game?
  9. I am looking for someone that knows the ports that need to be forwarded for 911: First Responders. Does anyone know the ports? DMZ does not work for me, I need the ports.
  10. To play a lan game, do I need to have two seperate copies of the game? Just curious, thanks!
  11. Does 911: First responders have a freeplay mode? Also, what exaclty is it? I know it is somewhat self explanatory by the name, but I am still somewhat curious. Is there a freeplay mode in 911: First Responders? Thanks, Nick
  12. I am new here and saw a video of this game on youtube. I went through majority of your forum and have noticed several things. 911:FR is the same as EM4, but there are questions that have not been answered for me. I want to get this game, but would like them answered before doing so: Is there a freeplay with 911:FR and if so, what is it? Is there Multiplayer with 911:FR and if so, can I play with users who have EM4/deluxe? What english mods would you suggest I download to make this game an awesome experience? Your cooperation and help would mean a lot! Thanks, AgentLopez (Nick)
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