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Boston Mod Remastered V1 [Coming soon]

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I was given permission to release it, but there are still some things that need buttoned up. I also want to improve a few more things will require a decent amount of work. I don't have the time nor the motivation to do much with it at the moment. I wouldn't expect it anytime soon.

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3 hours ago, mcflame1 said:

@TTBL225 Why don't you give it to someone to finish the mod? I do know that motivation is the killer of mods because of how much work goes into a single mod. 

Because I am not giving someone else my work so they can take credit for it...Nor will the work probably be done to my standard. I don't want my name on something that isn't the quality I try for. Hence why Thin Blue hasn't seen an update. I have reworked that mod probably 9 times and no one has seen any of the work. Its just how I am.

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