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  1. You don't have to. EMP hosts images now, it seems. So only dragging the images in the text box is needed.
  2. There are 2 portraits.xml files. Which one did you change? Was it Specs/portraits.xml or Lang/en/portraits.xml?
  3. The simplest solution is to take note of their exact position, then edit the minimap.
  4. They have an alpha channel. You'll need an editor that can edit alpha channels to edit it. I just use DXTBmp and delete the alpha channel, as it's not that important, I'm not an expert, and I'm lazy. To remove the alpha channel, just go to File -> Save as -> DDS Texture, then select DDS DXT1(No Alpha) option from the file type options. Just remember to go to the editor and uncheck the Alpha Reflections option from that model.
  5. You're welcome. If you're having trouble finding personnel models, my advice is settle for what's here. ATF Package 1.1 US and Better U.S. Firefighters are great. Even those in LA mod are pretty good. Nice!
  6. Mmmm... I don't know exactly what you're looking for. There's EM-Hub, they have some personnel models, but they're mostly Europe-based, you can also check in the Downloads section here, there are a few models as well. Although if you say the creator is no longer active, I recall reading a similar situation a while ago, maybe a moderator can help you out with that.
  7. There are ways to unlock them. You can use the editor or Chris07's EM4 Packer Utility.
  8. Hi from the other part of the Iberian Peninsula. A good start could be finding some of those vehicle models in other European mods and retexturing them (asking for permission and giving proper credits if you want to make the mod public or showcase it). And if you want to script, then you should learn at least the basics of C++ and take a look at the SDK found here https://em-hub.de/lexicon/lexicon/38-sdk/ Good luck.
  9. What changes are you trying to make? Who can or cannot get into a vehicle is set in the EnterCar script.
  10. https://em-hub.de/lexicon/lexicon/38-sdk/
  11. You don't actually have to unpack every file one by one, there's a program called EM4 packer that can unpack multiple files.
  12. There's one called Hill Street Blues. Edit: I can't put the URL in a clickable style.
  13. Nevermind. Please delete this topic.
  14. Does anyone have a copy of the SDK posted on emergency-forum.de?
  15. I think this script I've made will make all squad vehicles enterable for most units. I've not tested it, though. entercar.script
  16. I'm really tired of seeing this kind of comments popping up on every single mod topic.
  17. Then simply delete the model of LA Mod's EMT bag that is found in Models\Objects\Equipment. Well, first off, you should know the basics of XML: how to open and close tags and how to keep everything 'in place' so that the game properly understands its content. There are plenty of basic tutorials if you search on Google, no need to know everything. That said, I'll set a basic example. Let's suppose I want to add the FF-EMT to the EMS car. What I should do is check the unit's ID found on the unit.xml inside a Personnel subfolder. <unit id="FF_EMT"> Then you search the vehicles unit.xml and add this line inside the personnel tag, if you want a FF-EMT to be inside the vehicle by default: <unit id="FF_EMT"> <defaultcount value="1" /> </unit> Or this one if you don't want any FF-EMT inside the vehicle by default: <unit id="FF_EMT" /> Icons are configured in Specs/portraits.xml, and inside the unit's folder that contains the unit.xml file. To continue with the FF-EMT example, if you search in portraits.xml, you'll find a line like this: <portrait prototype="mod:Prototypes/Persons/02 LA Fire Department/ff_emt.e4p" big="norm" unit="FF_EMT" text="FF_EMT"/> Each attribute has its own use and meaning: prototype points to the unit's prototype. big refers to the .dds files found on the unit's folder. unit refers to the unit's ID, that I've explained earlier. text uses an ID for adding the unit's name and description for some files inside the Lang folder. To dig a bit deeper on the big attribute, it's best explained when using units that have two prototypes inside unit.xml. This is the case for the LAPD officer, and the SAR dog leader. <portrait prototype="mod:Prototypes/Persons/01 LA Ambulance/usar_leaderrescuedog.e4p" big="norm" unit="DOGLEADER" text="DOGLEADER"/> <portrait prototype="mod:Prototypes/Persons/01 LA Ambulance/usar_rescuedog.e4p" big="dog" unit="DOGLEADER" text="DOG"/> <portrait prototype="mod:Prototypes/Persons/03 LA Police/lapd_officer_m.e4p" big="male" unit="LAPD_OFFICER" text="LAPD_OFFICER"/> <portrait prototype="mod:Prototypes/Persons/03 LA Police/lapd_officer_f.e4p" big="fem" unit="LAPD_OFFICER" text="LAPD_OFFICER"/> Notice how the pairs of lines share the same unit's ID, but the big attribute is different, to search differently named .dds files. Retexturing is not my forte. There are good tutorials here.
  18. It is possible. Since you had the idea from the LA Mod, you can check and edit its scripts files. Both LAHeal and LAStabilize are used for firefighters, depending on if they're paramedics or EMTs, respectively. Additionally, you must change: LAGetEMTBag, so firefighters can get the medic bags. LAEquipmentCommands and RemoveEquipment, to remove/add commands when they get/remove equipment. heal, since they added a condition to check if FF-PMs have equipped or not the medic bag. For that, you must edit the vehicles unit.xml. But bear in mind that since you're trying to add a FF type unit to a medic vehicle, you'll need to change the entercar.script to make them able to enter the vehicle again. Otherwise, once you make the FFs out of the vehicle, they'll not be able to enter it again. As for the perma-heal, it's made using this: SetInjuredLifeDrain(0.0f) Look for it in the LAHeal and LAStabilize scripts.
  19. You can put it anywhere inside your mod's folder. For convenience, most mods have the .eft files in the Maps folder.
  20. First you make a screenshot of the units in the editor. If you want to crop the silhouettes, I'd recommend changing the floor texture to something like the one below. Once you've cropped everything, you can use this tool; it's not perfect, but it simplifies everything. green.eft
  21. I've used Fraps and the editor. Check the editor manual for specific instructions.
  22. Interesting. Are you planning on using the LA mod's trailer script for that or you have other plans in mind?
  23. On the one hand, it's understandable being tired of seeing mods in development that then don't get released. There are some mods that I really liked to have come out, but didn't. On the other hand, however, we have to be in the mods developers' shoes. Modding is not a paid job, it's done in the free time they have. And as anyone else, they can get tired of what they do, of the projects they're working on, and want to put them aside to do something different on the game, or just stop modding for a while. Or maybe something has happened in their social life, family, jobs, health... that is more importante and has made them change priorities. Or they can simply have less time. So, be respectful, these people spend a long time doing this stuff for free, with the time they have available, and telling them what they should do with their very own free time, or with the old version (which in my case is unstable and has performance issues), is going to do nothing but burning them out and discourage them to continue.
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