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  1. I got the drafting to work with the all 3 (Large) Pumpers except for the Brush Units, However I think it is just positioning to the river. I'm just not sure how to face the Brush Unit when drafting at the river. Thanks!!
  2. Hmm, I tried all 3 (Large) Pumpers I couldn't get them to draft off of the offier's side & I had the right next to the river. I even tried one near the Swift Water Boat Launching point of the river.
  3. Pardon me for bringing this old topic up again, Is it possible to do Drafting as of today (6/3/24) from the river/pond/lake or was it a feature that tried for a while was removed due to not working as intended? If Drafting is working how do you active it? Thanks!!
  4. Now with some mods using “Limited Water Supply” on the Engines like the Montana Mod v2.5, is it possible to have the Hydrants marked on the mini map? That way the player knows where the Hydrants are to refill the tankers.
  5. When I go to open a Mod in the Editor, I want to add the Jaws to one of the Engines. However when the Mod loads the “grid” flies off screen and I can’t figure to recenter the “grid” so I can see it on the screen. Thanks!
  6. I’m pretty sure this has been asked before but I couldn’t find the answer. What I want to do is add the maximum number of Firefighters to each Fire Apparatus and also how do I set the maximum number of Firefighters when you begin a game or if you automatically empty the Fire Apparatus after a call. Here is what I want to do if an Engine seats 6, I would like have 5 Firefighters and 1 Firefighter/Paramedic instead of the normal 4 Firefighters. I know that each unit has an Unit.xml file and in that file it has <personnel> <unit id="FF"> <defaultcount value="5" /> </unit> <unit id="FF_SCBA" /> <unit id="FF_EMT" /> <unit id="FF_PARAMEDIC" /> </personnel> for both Campaign and Freeplay. I have no idea how to do the second part. Thanks.
  7. Thank you Yankee43, I never thought of use the "(any state) blank license plate" because of the raised numbers, letters of older plates.
  8. I have noticed in the newer mods the units have realistic custom license plates. I’m just wondering where you found a License Plate Maker to create these custom license plates? Thanks.
  9. Yes, that does work if you can catch one of the guys off the tanker, I have done it before. Sometimes I had to have the tanker drive back to the station and drop of the passenger to get the brush truck.
  10. How does the Bomb Squad work in this Mod? Because I had a suspicious device call & I called in the Bomb Squad & did both a rapid deploy & normal exit the vehicle. Next I clicked on the Bomb Tech then on the “hand” icon to defuse the device and Nothing Happened.
  11. Just a silly question.. how do we know when a new update-bug fix drops? It has been awhile since I played the game & visit this site. Thanks,
  12. A game play question for the mod: Is there a way that I can have all Crown Engines in the Main Fire Station? I’m having trouble replacing Main Engines (the left most bay) with the Crowns, they seem to want to take the 2nd bay (the second to left bay) or go to the second station and replace that Engine. Also I would like to say a Huge Thank you to Itchboy & whoever helped him in making this Great Mod!
  13. Thank you itchboy, I got the firestation start script to work fine. However I can't find the alarm script at all where is it located? Thank you again.
  14. I’m sure this has been asked before but using the LA Mod 2.1 how do I go about adding a Diver and a Paramedic to the USAR on initial start-up (where everyone runs to the trucks)? Thanks,
  15. Amazing as always Itchboy, but what does the pickup do? just a crew transport or a rapid attack vehicle?
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