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Montana Mod v2.5 RELEASED

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Just now, The Gifted said:

Is the "water drafting" the same thing as the portable pools? Or is there a way to pump from water sources on the map? Not sure what the instructions on the manual mean? Absolutely loving 2.5! Thank so much 



It is currently broken but it is fixed in the update he plans to put out. It lets you draft from the river. 

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2 hours ago, SnApZ117 said:

Does anyone know how to complete the Train hit an animal call? i called every tow truck crane and not sure how to go about this.


It's a glitched callout and I plan on removing it for now.

I have plans on legitimate train callouts like tank leaks and collision but I am still trying to figure it out.

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I have a suggestion, so you know if you hold control and click the call ambulance button it dispatches a LVFD ambulance, well what if it would be for BCSO also. 
What I mean by that is, when you hold control instead of them getting dispatched from the city hall, they are automatically dispatched from off map and the city hall unit stays at the city hall, don't know if it will be used much but it would be cool.

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54 minutes ago, nati said:

You mean the LVFD ambulances?

The two lima ambulances you can call in by holding the shift key when in the EMS call menu. The icon should change for the ambulance and then you call it in as normal. (You do have to hold shift while you do it)

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