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  1. Any tips for unable to spawn tow trucks? I can select the tec purchase menu, but it doesn't actually pop up. Right clicking only spawns the engineer trucks. Attempting to redownload and install again. Figured the above out, fresh download and install fixed it.
  2. xazdkr


    Given the lack of activity in my discord, this forum, and Emergency 4 in general; I've elected to delete the discord server.
  3. I'm plenty patient, nothing about what I said was impatient. I was commenting on how this community has a tendency to downvote bomb anything that isn't kissing the feet of mod devs.
  4. No, you get downvoted into oblivion if you do anything other than look at the occasional screenshot. I have been following this thread on and off for years. Don't hold your breath.
  5. glad to hear some common sense from you bama. The white knights on this thread are pounding their desks rn
  6. Well the old version is all there has been for the last what, 3+ years? For everyone besides itchboy and whoever else is helping develop/test it. I don't see an issue with sharing the old version considering we won't be seeing a new version any time soon.
  7. Not being allowed to share the only remaining version of a mod that hasn't had an update in years is quite strange. I prefer playing the game over years worth of discussing the mystical 2.1/3.0 update....
  8. They have a great youtube channel, definitely recommend checking it out for anybody interested in the fire service.
  9. I work in digital forensics, happy to attempt to carve files from the HDD's if they are truly failed.
  10. Considering this is your first comment in 3 months, you'll have to understand my doubt. You dropped off the project a while ago. Now itchboy has dropped off and you're back suddenly.
  11. Still alive, itchboy? The random screenshots are like crack to me nowadays
  12. All of the downvoting on this thread people love brigading for you, itchboy lol
  13. Much like 2.0.1, the sooner you release something, the sooner you can get large scale and free bug reports and feedback. With the amount of complex scripts you're implementing, it isn't a bad idea to get some testers together. A bunch of new features in one release will lead to lots of complaints when things are inevitably buggy, such is the nature of software development. I recommend holding off on the advanced healing script if it means you can release version 1 of 2.1
  14. I suggest updating the OP for this thread, can't really expect people to read 159 pages of replies at this point lol Been following this thread for years, maybe one day we'll see a release.
  15. I love the old freightliner, always loved how those things look. My local department still has those as spare ambulances
  16. xazdkr


    I have banned a grand total of 3 or 4 people from my discord, all for racist names or comments, so I can almost guarantee it wasn't random. Scratch that, I also banned someone for randomly @ tagging people My moderation of the Discord has no affiliation with emergency-planet.com or its staff.
  17. My first post on this thread was a month short of 3 years ago Maybe one day!
  18. itchboy is blue balling us endlessly I like the development updates, keeping up with the topic from time to time!
  19. xazdkr


    For reference: this discord has around 130 members, mostly dead but maybe someone will find a way to revive it, I don't play EM4 as much as I'd like to, waiting for the Montana mod and I'll start playing again
  20. Very much so, something like 30%-50% refusals for minor medical calls seems fairly realistic.
  21. Patient refusals for me differ based upon the nature of the call. There are normal refusals, someone who just wanted their BP or blood sugar checked or a medical opinion on a minor wound. These usually go by fast, we take a quick patient assessment, maybe give the pt some cold packs, bandages, etc. have them sign the informed consent form and send them on their way. Typically these are either super fast (on and off scene in less than 20 minutes) or super slow (on scene for over an hour because grandma's alzheimers is acting up) The less common refusals (for me at least) are Against Medical Advice (AMA) This is when I have reason to believe that a patient needs to go to the hospital yet they are refusing either my care as a whole or transport via ambulance. The most AMA calls I have had are cardiac related, think BP through the roof, diaphoretic, SOB, the whole 9 yards. Most of the time you stay on scene with this patient for an extended period of time constantly monitoring vital signs while explaining to them how serious the situation they are in currently is. At this point, I do my best to explain everything and convince them to go to the hospital one way or another and make sure that if they want to go POV, their driver/car is close by. I also give them my company's direct line for dispatch if anything happens as theoretically my ambulance will be close by if they call back. On slow nights, I have followed some POV as far as I could in my zone. Hopefully this helps. Florida private EMT - 911 basic life support Fire-based ALS system
  22. Nice to see more regular updates on the thread, cant wait for more http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_biggrin.png
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