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  1. That mod is NOT public, it is closed beta. Only the creator can give you copies of it. I would love it too, but sadly I'm not a beta tester.
  2. thank you for the suggestion

  3. I have tried that it keeps asking me for the redo my password and it never goes through.

  4. https://store.steampowered.com/app/757210/EMERGENCY_4_Deluxe/ Steam has it.
  5. IF I remember correctly, Itchboy was not happy with how the mod crashes, so he had removed it, with the idea that he was making a MUCH BETTER and STABLE version. I respect Itchboy, and even though I have that old version, I would never share it without his permission.
  6. I'm playing it on an i7-10700, 32GB DDR4, and a GeForce RTX 2070. Modern hardware only really causes me any issues on mods with the traffic problem where you need to fix the traffic signals.
  7. The Northern Alex has done a bunch of videos on Youtube with the creator of the game. Looks very nice. The game creator is a firefighter himself, so he wanted something that is more realistic.
  8. Try using the Emergency 4 Configurator tool.
  9. I like to use lots of cops to block off area, hold people out/in the riot area. Then I bring in SWAT and throw 1 or 2 flash bangs and arrest the guy with sign first.
  10. Yeah, that's how I ended up thinking about it. Rescue, Decon, Rehab
  11. AShadowbox, I think I've mostly done what you said, called out the ARFF. But I also start switching FF w/SCBA going in and rotating them thru Decon, and Medics. Needed to get them in to rescue the civilians. My biggest problem is always getting enough cops setup to keep the wandering civilians from entering the area / contaminated civilians from leaving the area, without the cops getting contaminated themselves.
  12. How about something different like Volkswagen Rabbit? http://www.hongliyangzhi.com/volkswagen/volkswagen-rabbit-1986/1 Or Ford Bronco https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1990-ford-bronco-2/
  13. Asking for updates is against the rules / Terms & Conditions. Please don't do that. Most modders are doing this stuff on the side of their regular jobs / lives. Several are working on multiple projects. They will update when they can.
  14. I think I tried that too. Will try again next time I play it and it happens.
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