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  1. Try this link. had some hard to find mods last time I checked https://firemark2014.wixsite.com/e4-mod-downloads
  2. If I missed it here, please forgive me. I try and do the parking where when I call out a unit I can position them they way I want, following the key binding in the manual, but it doesn't work, it just sends them to the scene. Am I missing something? I have the Steam version of Em20 if that helps. Thanks in advance! edit - got it working now. no idea why
  3. https://www.outsideourbubble.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/090416-08-GMC_EM50_Urban_Assault_Vehicle_from_Stripes.jpg that would be more fun!
  4. You have to click the ARROW in the upper left. It will take you to the scene of the call out. The TASKS section of the top menu will tell you what all you need to do to complete a call out. You may want to read the USER GUIDE that came with the mod another time to see how to use the commands.
  5. Don't post the same question in multiple places.
  6. you need a second officer to "talk" to them.
  7. Didn't see anyone report this yet. I call the DNR fire units for brush fires, use the rapid deploy, they hook up the hose, and extinguish for like 1 second and stop. Verify the other person is operating the pump, no change. Now if I click on the EXTINGUISH command, they drop the hose like they put a wye on it and hook up a new hose, only to spray for a second again, and stop.
  8. Make sure you are choosing CAMPAIGN not FREE PLAY.
  9. Thanks to all for keeping this community going. Still one of my favorite games. Merry Christmas!
  10. Itch - I know I speak for MANY of the followers and players of EM4 in saying WE APPRECIATE ALL YOU DO FOR THE COMMUNITY. Please continue to keep making the beautiful and quality stuff you do. It is WELL worth the wait! THANK YOU!
  11. Are you sending all victims to the hospital, even after you treat them?
  12. AND you must take away the forklift if it had the leaking container(s) on it.
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