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    Ok, I hope the mod ends up being great. Will it be a simple install ie something like the London or LA mod simple? Also Phantom Forces and Arsenal are my favorite games on Roblox.
  4. This mod has not had progress in it for a while. In the future, please don't ask for progress, instead, just wait for the author to make updates on their pace.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Nice mod! Very detailed! Can’t wait to play this! This will definitely be on my YouTube channel when you release it!
  7. Amazing Mod but is it dead? Or are you guys still working on it?
  8. Will the mod ever be public or do you have to pay for it?
  9. Man, that LAcoFD Squad and Engine make me excited to reenact Emergency! when this comes out!
  10. Last week
  11. This mod looks really good especially the old model fire engines. Looking at the map though, forest fires are going to be a pain in the rear. If one starts while you're busy doing something else then the whole map could burn down. How will they be scripted?
  12. Are you trolling or something? There is no download link. Its not released yet. It's still a work in progress. It's not completed to have a download link. Do you understand this now ? Stop asking, please. We are getting closer to the finish line. It will be a fun summer for many of you who have waited patiently. As for those who have asked for a video of the EMS lights, it will be posted this week, or I might do a livestream of working on it this wednesday afternoon.
  13. If you update the personnel goog, I think you should add the following for certain departments: LAPD: Sergeant K-9 Handler & K-9 Detective LASD: Sergeant SEB Officer Sheriff K-9 Handler & K-9 Sheriff Detective
  14. No,a engine,squad and a fictional ambulance will be at the small station as pictured above.
  15. Right now our main goal is to update all new units and give them new lights and sirens then release it for you guys ASAP.Everything else we do will come after that. There will be 1 big LAFD station and a small 3 unit LAcoFD station.
  16. I was about to ask the same question. My guess is 2 LAFD stations and 1 LACoFD station.
  17. Since it says "no download" there is no link available. In other words, you can't download it. Have to wait for it to be released http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png
  18. Will there also be equipment upgrades? ( Mainly PD ) Like OC Spray, tasers, maybe a shotgun or AR-15 for LAPD patrol officers? Spine board for EMS/LAFD? Sorry if this is already answered buried away on one of the forum's many many pages. ( Also love the work you guys are doing, you could've just slapped on LED lights, and add some cars and called it a day, instead you're taking the future of the LA Mod in your hands and renovating it's looks to a modern scale. Props to you all.)
  19. Will you be updating any of the personnel in game or will the mod still use the current LA personnel. I can’t wait to just play with LACoFD!
  20. I originally said I was considering doing 1 or both of those ambulances.(Care McCormick) I also said I had 2 LA city ambulances which I would not use because they were too old. Then you post saying Care and McCormick is not too old...????? I post clarifying that LA City was the old units I spoke of. Then today you still post about Care and McCormick???? There seems to be a disconnect here, PM me if you want to discuss this further. EDIT-here's the new "fictional" LAcoFD ambulance based on picture from previous page.I took liberties with the livery as the lifeguard unit was so bland. These 3 units pictured below will be housed at the smaller station on the map.
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  22. Does anyone know how to limit an area of the map so only a certain vehicle can go on it?
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