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  3. Nice skins! Only the bright blue windows look a little bit weird to me.
  4. Now its my turn to make the police textures. Would anyone be interested in seeing one of these? However it would add more time to the mod.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Hey guys ! I was looking for the LA mod 2.1 and I wanted to see if someone revived it because it's been a lot of years that I haven't played on EM4 and I seen this, I was just like 'O' This is really epic that the legendary mod of EM4 is always updated. I haven't seen if it will be released and I dont care cuz I like look at the screens so, continue like this guys, you're doing a really nice job.
  7. Last version was the 20th year edition but nothing really new yet
  8. Which mods did you download? Some mods are just zipped, some have an executable file and some are just the mod installer file
  9. I am not aware of a Polish version at this time
  10. What exactly does not work?
  11. Can someone please help me, I'm having a hard time downloading this for my son. Thank you
  12. Last week
  13. Witam super ze polak robi taką nie Polską modyfikacje ja mieszkam w Norwegi i zagrywałem się w Norweską modyfikacje. Mam pytanie czy twoja modyfikacja jest robiona bardziej na wzór współczesny czy będą starsze pojazdy o ile wiem w Szweckich jednostkach są volvo policji nowej generacji volvo v90 a w ratownictwie są volvo xc90 jako karetki. W straży są scanię nowej generacji. chodzi mi o to czy będą też te nowe pojazdy. PS wiesz mniej więcej kiedy będzie premiera pozdrawiam
  14. Hi, where can I find a file with the Polish version of the subtitles for the "Los Angeles" mode?
  15. I have the American Version of EM4, known as 911 First Responders. I recently downloaded some mods for the game, but I can't put them into the game itself. I need help on what to do. I've tried the Mod Installer but none of the mods show up on it.
  16. So Last time I was here was in 2015 and Im just now starting to get back into the game. have there been any new emergency titles since EM 5
  17. black0101

    2016+ Dodge Chargers

    mod? http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_biggrin.png
  18. Can anyone help me get the LA mod to work on my PC? I tried many times and it give me code 5 error. I downloaded Emergency 4 from steam and go offline when I try to start the mod.
  19. No, there are not being done any work at the moment, and if we were to make a new version, we would proberly start from scratch and redo every thing
  20. Well i tried to install the drivers but it said that my drivers contain versions newer than the version i was about to install.
  21. Did you try installing the driver? (first on in the list) Feel free to attach a picture of the backside of your pc then I will be able to tell you if it's an integrated card
  22. I don't really know how to check if i use the integrated graphics card. I'm kinda a noob at computer tech,so... And i tried disabling some codecs with that tweaking tool,but it still doesn't work..
  23. Its often part of a codec pack I read about people using this tool to reset:\ https://www.free-codecs.com/codec_tweak_tool_download.htm?f=codec_tweak_tool_download
  24. Get on google and see what other people have done to remove the codec. I am not familiar with the specific steps of removing those codecs, all I know is that there probably exists an all in one tool to do that.
  25. I removed ffdshow,but i can't remove CinePak,it doesn't appear in the control panel uninstall/change program and i can't find the folder, any help ?
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