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  3. ... both? That's a hard one - I would take the top variant because the color is not that common.
  4. Sounds cool, I’d have to do more research.
  5. @Yankee43 Well, if you started this topic. And you are so full of entuziasm - you should start a skinning contest topic.
  6. You're awesome and I love you bro
  7. it's a collasable attic ladder usually about 10 foot long and around 6 inches wide when open
  8. That's good to know actually, thank you! But no, above where it says paramedic engine theres the diamond plate trim and then a long object sitting on top of the utility bed, where suction hoses go on some engines (I think that's what they're called?)
  9. if you are referring to the diamond plate box on the hose bed cover it is a spine board storage compartment
  10. This is what I was referring to in my first post I seen your youtube of all those scripts over the past several years, which really turn in an old game into something fresh and new. Thanks man I appreciate it. My goal was to have E3111 "done" in a week, save for the skin (most of the other engines are extremely similar and thus shouldn't take as long to complete once I get the base done). I've probably redone it at least six times now but I think I'm finally getting close to a point that I'm happy between quality and compromise. The last thing that I really can't seem to get is what the heck is on the driver side of the box. 3116 has the same thing. Almost looks like a thin ladder from this angle but that would make it so narrow? Maybe its a tripod or something? Which brings me to my next question. For cliff rescues, obviously calling in a helicopter would be easiest. However, would there be a way to use a ground-based tripod with the helicopter hoist command to do something similar?
  11. Here's the new Tahoe PPV...I can't decide what colour so you guys can.Vote in poll at top of page.
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  14. Here's the beautiful new 2015 Tahoe model that Terrow allowed us to use...it will replace the older 2009 Tahoe. http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_12/1666458950_bandicam2019-12-0723-59-05-945.thumb.jpg.a35533b675eac66210146f659befe5d6.jpg
  15. Fire skins are getting some much needed love. Note: Models not made by me, just small edits to them were.
  16. Ahh, no, the link is down!! I'll PM you.
  17. Here is Brooklyn V2, its awesome, my favorite mod. There are only a few traffic issues which require map edits. http://download.ashdyson.co.uk/bof
  18. Looking awesome, very high quality for that poly count.
  19. Those links was dead already since the last MU forum update, I have no access for Midtown 4.0 either
  20. Started working on 3116 before I realized I wasn't happy with 3111 so this kinda happenedhttp://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_12/658484641_ScreenShot2019-12-07at5_46_06PM.thumb.png.c2bcec0474ac3c66a235cfc4df11f95b.pnghttp://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_12/2103045399_ScreenShot2019-12-07at5_46_15PM.thumb.png.fbb6a8d8ac462b1fae6f2a93a187a940.png Body itself is 5100 which is a little higher than I wanted but still not too bad? I'm sure there's more polys I can get rid of but at this point I think its fine. I can cut the interior in half and remove the other door and get rid of the arched inner fenders if need be
  21. Does anyone have working links for the mods that were released on flipswitchs facebook? Including Brooklyn Modification V2, Midtown Modification, Upper East Side Modification?
  22. Hi Rafael,yes I would like to take you up on the offer of the Ford squad model.I appreciate your generosity. Just PM me.
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