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  2. 'Better' L.A. Sub-Mod V0.7.1

    My feedback based on my time with the mod: The Good Greatly expands the game. Promising map expansions. The Bad Tons of "scenes" across the map, extremely confusing. Would like to see a "scene-less" version. Lights on every emergency vehicle (there are tons of them spawned) are on when you spawn, causing a chaotic nightmare to clean up. There is an un-countable number of emergency vehicles and peds spawned by default. It's overwhelming in every way. Verdict It's a great mod that is unplayable currently due to the massive amount of clutter on the map. If this is fixed, 10/10 mod.
  3. EFPEventCarTheft Problem

    Oh, I missed this post. I remember Hoppha's experiments with it. There needed to be a nearby idle gangster. It had to be one of the suit wearing guys, or one of the terrorist outfit guys who were placed nearby. Any random civilian wouldnt work. The path also had to start right at the nose of the car.
  4. Yesterday
  5. EFPEventCarTheft Problem

    The call requires a certain pedestrian to use the path, I believe it is one of the gangsters and one of the soldier pedestrians. There also need to be vehicular escape paths available. There are some other requirements that need to be flagged before the mission will trigger. I can't remember them, however Hoppah had a similar issue back in 2011 with LA mod and I can't remember if he got it fixed or not. When I get home from work I'll load up a test map and see if I can sort it out. And if you need further help I'll give you my discord.
  6. Last week
  7. Mod development suggestion

    Making an entire set of assets from a movie would be time consuming and difficult because you would have to spend months listing out every item from the movie, finding suitable textures and then making it in 3D software. If you want to make a movie based mod, it would be best to start with the vehicles and the agencies depicted within.
  8. RT @tribelaw: Nor do Ivanka, Donald Jr, or Eric — who run the Trump Org and who conspired to commit federal election crimes to help daddy b…

  9. Problem with adding lightbars to mods

    Got it thank you so much itchboy.
  10. I want a mod with all objects, vehicles, and persons from the movies REC, REC 2, REC 4: Apocalypse, Quarantine, and Quarantine 2: Terminal
  11. Missing Command

    I edited a command script and now the command will not show up in the editor to be assigned to vehicles. Does anyone know possible causes of this?
  12. Problem with adding lightbars to mods

    Move the pivot to the center of the rambar. Then it should rotate on its own axis.
  13. Problem with adding lightbars to mods

    Ah okay, I got it thanks itchboy. I was using the attached tool and for some reason it wasn't working completely. I opened up the attach quick tool and was able to get it to work from there. Thanks for the help. One more thing, can you tell me how to rotate objects on thier axis if possible? I'm trying to add in a rambar, but it keeps spawning in sideways compared to everything else in the world. I can take a screenshot Tomorrow. Thanks for your help!
  14. Problem with adding lightbars to mods

    For some reason, I cannot open the z3d file you sent. Zm3 says it has an invalid file signature while Zm2 doesnt even recognize it as a z3d file. Regardless, Id still like to help. Did you check the hierarchy in Zm3 if the lightbar was attached? It needs to be as one part, not just inserted within the dodge_charger_lapd object.
  15. Hello heyjoojoo If you are going to make a deluxe version of the LA dispatcher mod, I have the events file from my steam copy of EM4 deluxe that came out earlier this year. Here it is: events.xml
  16. Problem with adding lightbars to mods

    I was able to get the material working, and attached everything together, however, it still won't show up. Also, is there a 2014 Charger Model Somewhere? I can't seem to find one of those either. kpd silver charger.z3d dodge_charger_lapd.dds
  17. São Paulo Modification (Available for download)

    Some rework lights (made by me):
  18. [Released] Limited Water Supply Logic

    Sorry for bumping Trying to download the script, but when I do so I just get "The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Error code: 2C171/1" Any suggestions?
  19. Problem with adding lightbars to mods

    The lightbar must be attached to the main vehicle and it must have its texture assigned in the material. I see you're using Zmodeler. It would help a lot if you sent the z3d file and the textures associated with the model.
  20. Problem with adding lightbars to mods

    I did export it correctly, I didn't check the material. What should I be checking for, as I am pretty new to this whole idea of modelling?
  21. Problem with adding lightbars to mods

    Did you export the model correctly? Did you also check if the lightbar materials are correct?
  22. So, I've been using the charger out of the Boston Mod 2014 and edited it to my liking with a custom skin. I went into ZModeler and removed its attached lightbar and attached a new one, however in the EM$ editor I don't see my new lightbar? In fact, all the lightbars are gone. Any advice? All help is appreciated.
  23. West Lampeter Mod

    After a little break. I will be restarting work on West Lampeter.
  24. Sorry for the delay in replying. You can find the logfile in the same place as Em4.exe. It is likely in the Emergency 4 Game folder, or the Steam folder for Em4. Your graphics card might be what's letting you down. Have you made sure that your laptop doesnt have a dedicated GPU besides the intel one?
  25. Norway Modification Revamped Support Thread

    I'll fix that under next large update
  26. Norway Modification Revamped Support Thread

    Dropbox Works fine :-) But the Golf 2 unit (Riot police car) have the "new" pattern on the right front door and the rest is the old one. Just wanted to let you know about that miner "bug" Dropbox'en virker grei. Men politibilen Golf 02 enheten har en liten "bug/feil" altså fremre høyre dør har den nye uniformeringen mens resten av bilen har den gamle. (Bare et lite spørsmål: Vil du gjøre de 2 Golf bilene G-01 og G-02 blå som dem i Oslo hvis du skulle lage mer til mod'en?) Veldig flott jobb du har gjort med oppdateringer av kjøretøyene etc :-)
  27. Norway Modification Revamped Support Thread

    While we're looking into this issue and trying to upload it to this site you can use this Dropbox link temporary. Tell me if you have any issues with it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ja3lnn9pcfj1wo3/Norway Mod.rar?dl=0 The Dropbox link will be disabled once we get it working on this site. Sincerely, Tor
  28. Norway Modification Revamped Support Thread

    I'll look into this further, I believe it's the mod installer that kind of screwed up while making it a .em4 file. It's a known issue that .em4 files may get corrupted. I'll try with a .rar file instead.
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