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  3. I'm seriously considering leaving the heal script off the mod. Its the most time consuming one to pull off, and the most difficult. All of the other goals I have set for the mod are much more achievable in less time. https://i.imgur.com/S82pFbb.png Here's the latest batch of textures that were done. Models from various authors, MikeyPI, EA + Ubisoft for model conversions, and myself as well.
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  5. Much like 2.0.1, the sooner you release something, the sooner you can get large scale and free bug reports and feedback. With the amount of complex scripts you're implementing, it isn't a bad idea to get some testers together. A bunch of new features in one release will lead to lots of complaints when things are inevitably buggy, such is the nature of software development. I recommend holding off on the advanced healing script if it means you can release version 1 of 2.1
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  7. when downloading there are 3 parts, i am assuming i need all 3
  8. Front Bumper: Check. Nothing big, but some progress.
  9. I've tried PMing to no avail, please delete my account.
  10. Love the look of the new units, the dodge chief looks pretty bang on to the images I've seen of them out there. Looking forward to the new fast response unit. Can't wait till this comes out.
  11. I totally fogot about the cheats. Thanks!!
  12. Progress on the Montana DNRC rigs. Ford F550 cab by Ubisoft, updated to 2014 by me, converted to Em4 by me. Dodge Ram cab by Ubisoft, converted to Em4 by me. Rear brush skid unit made by me. The models lack the pipes for the water, which I will finish in another day once I figure out what pipe goes where and what connections do what.
  13. Hey! Quick tip dont put your email adress in the public like that. Spam bots will pick it up and go and spam you (well duh).
  14. You cant outrun itchboy project using his moddels for 2nd retro themed mod.If you wana something origional, go for the retro NY setup
  15. itchboy


    That bug happens because the "campaignProgress" file contains the values for unit speed. Uploaded here is hopefully a copy of the original campaign file that works. Paste this to the LA mod "Save" folder. In the future, please don't post on 10 year old threads that have been inactive. This is known as dead thread bumping because there has been no activity in the thread. In this case, almost ten years. campaignprogress.xml
  16. The simplest way to get more money is to cheat in the game. If using base Em4, or 911 First Responders: Type in "magic" If using Em4 Deluxe: Type in "fairz" Then press Control + Shift + F11 and you get 100 thousand credits.
  17. Looks cool, a lot of potential, and would be something unique and fresh!
  18. I'm starting to play emergency 4 now more realistically. Some of the missions require way more units in real life than in the game, and due to a budget I can't buy more units. I've already changed things in the script such as no longer getting a mission failed based on the number of deaths, but I can't find anywhere on changing the budget. Any tips?
  19. Hello EMP, Today I will be discussing a mod idea which I am looking for the communities Opinion for. I am doing a Retro mod which is going to be Suburban like but with rural parts. It will be based of the 80's/90's. Only Photo rn. Credits to Itchboy (Caprice) and EMC unit (Aerodynic)
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