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  1. Today
  2. Hello! I didn't receive any activation mail. Account name: Adri3366 e-mail: adrikochm@gmail.com
  3. As someone who`s from in long beach i`m very excited for this
  4. Hello, I have tried various times to try to get the verification code to send but has failed, if a moderator could please maybe send it manually, my email is zgatok1@gmx.com.
  5. Hi Im not getting the confirmation email to confirm my would be account Fr0stshad0w at jas885568@gmail.com
  6. Yesterday
  7. Hi ! I sing in today and I'ven't receve the activation mail ! My spam box is empty and I noticed when the fast sign with facebook is broken and Twitter fastsign is broken too My acount name is "Nickeltheredhusky"
  8. I'm waiting for verification email on kacpro090@gmail.com btw
  9. Same problem, I didn't get verification email. Checked spam and junk folder by the way, and there was nothing about it in it.
  10. It was indeed jarlengold. Ive changed the pw to 4321 Its approved
  11. I love the X5 with the red/amber Valor, it would be amazing if you could release a short video of it
  12. Jarlengold1234@yahoo.com need a password reset cant get email to be sent user name I think is jarlengold ,jarlengold12 I cant remember
  13. Last week
  14. Hi! Thank you! I'm trying as you can see, but by now it will stay as private. The main reason is because is a slow WIP, maybe one month I made 4 units and the next two months I don't make any... So I don't even have any release date in mind (not even so much free time...)
  15. Just4for4mods@gmail.com needs verification e-mail or to be manually activated please so I can log in.
  16. Great work, alexCNP! Do you plan to find the credits, or is it going to stay a private mod? Very nice either way http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png
  17. Kokosak200 has already been activated and is shown to be usable according to the forum registry. Are you asking for a password reset?
  18. Hi my Activation email did not send email jam_simm_678@outlook.com User name SneakySimmo
  19. daniel1999421 is the name of your username
  20. Cant remember user name either Benton_92@hotmail.co.uk
  21. I have manually set it for you. Password has been reset to 1234
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