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  3. Amity Island Modification

    Those could work, but they'd need to be rebuilt in order to match the level of quality seen in the other models. The reason is that they are models from 2009 which lack doors and have low res textures. They were the best for the time, but times have changed.
  4. We have settled on the 91 Pierce that was mentioned a few weeks back. http://www.emergency-planet.com/topic/16909-montana-mod-v21-in-development-download-link-removed-by-authors/?do=findComment&comment=321309
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  6. Amity Island Modification

    Maybe you could ask rihis to use the models from the LA 1990s Submod?
  7. Make it in the mod for the game their isn’t any rear ladder
  8. RT @UKsnow_updates: Some pretty severe cold on the model runs again this morning from this coming weekend and beyond. Extreme cold being su…

  9. LSPDFR #18 - Chips: https://Not permittedr443tKDZtd via @YouTube

  10. Mod

    Asking for release dates is against site rules, this applies even to a mod you didnt specify. This is your second time doing this - you clearly haven't learned from the first mistake.
  11. So what about this fire truck?
  12. 2005 Sutphen and the Video skip to 5 min
  13. Last week
  14. Mod

    How long the mod finish
  15. Using LA mod as a base.

    http://www.emergency-planet.com/topic/12463-im-going-to-stop-modding/ Yes, but you must credit Hoppah and all other authors involved in the content you borrowed. The same rule applies for non LA Mod content you use.
  16. London Mod (V1.3 RELEASED)

    when i dowload it it comes up with a spanner and doesnt work anyone give me advice on how to fix this?http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_schreiben.gif
  17. Hi, Are we allowed to use the LA mod as a base for another mod? This would include scripts being used etc, however more important things (such as emergency vehicles) would all be new. -Markey
  18. Amity Island Modification

    Me too. Nice one by the way http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_wink.png
  19. Resolution problem

    Go ahead and navigate to your main EM4/911:FR Directory. Once there, find a file named "em4.cfg", it'll be the only file with File Type "CFG File". Once in there, do the following; Check your current resolution via googling a screen resolution site or checking control management. (if you already know it, then skip this) With em4.cfg open. look for these two lines <var name="r_xres" value="1920" /> <var name="r_yres" value="1080" /> This controls the resolution of EM4/911:FR and will modify the resolution to what you set, but if you set it wrong, you will crash to desktop after running it, so set it right.
  20. Pointe-Claire Modification [WIP]

    We are looking for someone experienced in em4 scripting & someone who has experience in doing lighting. I can do basic edits to scripts and lighting myself but looking for someone who has a little bit more experience. Hit me up on our Discord server if you are reading this & interested!
  21. Spartan MetroStar Cab

    Version 1.0.0


    Attached you will find a bare Spartan Metro Star cab, it's free for anyone to use as they see fit in their own mods, just please credit either CMCC626 or SOCOM552 (I'm both so either way is fine by me...). The file hasn't been scaled for use in game, it also doesn't have a light bar or mirrors, you'll have to come up with your own, this is just a cab file. I've included a basic all red cab skin, and a paint.net file that has the background template for those who are interested in such things. This was initially made for the Jackson County Fire Mod.
  22. Pointe-Claire Modification [WIP]

    Was working on that thank you : ) will do!
  23. Pointe-Claire Modification [WIP]

    Please include credits for the mod's content in the first post. It doesnt have to be extremely detailed. Just mention the names of the people responsible for making content for the mod, including yourself.
  24. The mod is alive. If it were inactive, I'd have told everyone about it. Unfortunately, posting in all caps about how you want the mod wont make it progress faster.
  25. Click here to join our Discord | Youtube Channel with some WIP videos Hello! I will be working on the Pointe-Claire mod, I will be working off the LA mod base and will be adding features from there. Pointe-Claire is an on-island suburb of Montreal in Quebec, Canada. I've had this idea for a but didn't do anything with it because there is a Montreal Mod in progress. But since the "Montreal Mod" is just 1 street and thus a different gameplay experience I decided I would go forward with this project. Click here to join our Discord! The map will include: Montreal Fire Department (SIM) station 55 Pumper 255 2nd Pumper 2055 Ladder 455 Light Rescue Unit 555 Technical Rescue Group (Groupe de Sauvetage Technique) 655 Chief of Operations 132 Montreal Fire Department (SIM) station 62 * Pumper 262 Pumper 2062M Ladder 462 Montreal Police (SPVM) station 5 List of police units not finished yet. Supervisor 5-85 Patrol 5-XX Lakeshore General Hospital List of ambulance units not finished yet. Out of Map Units Tanker 6053 Tanker 6064 Groupe d'Intervention Matieres Dangereuses 1729 (HAZMAT) We might be adding additional buildings & units if nessecary. Functionalities that will be included: Limited Water Logic Stretcher Script (stretcher can be carried by one unit) More to be added, suggestions are welcome! Pictures of the map (WIP): Walmart got a updated look. New ambulance parking/patient dropoff SIM Station 55 New 3D SPVM lettering on police station. Unit pictures/videos Credits: LA Mod Base by Hoppah (including scripts, map textures & 3d models) SPVM, Urgence Sante, and SIM textures by me (tim0984/tim260) Pierce Velocity Model by Hoppah & "Fire Dept Boston" Ambulance from Mayberry mod - If someone knows who made it let me know! Could not find the author.. SOCOM552/CMCC626 for making us a Spartan Metro Star + body Other: cops, VPI, godra
  26. Is the mod still alive ???? I REALLY WANT IT
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