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  4. RT @Anthro_NE: come for the fuzz. stay for the jams. the #ANE2019 concert is ON. saturday. 3-6pm. be there. https://Not permittedxZrcVyyJtM

  5. Update. Evans Center Car 9 has been completed and I have begun the modeling of the Rescue Box for Evans Center 3. Like the engine this is a very early model and there is a lot that has to be done.
  6. Map Editing

    i would like to remove a event from a certain map. how is that done? just delete the whole event from the map? or is there more to be done to make the event stop appearing. i would love to know this. and yes, im just getting started on the modding.
  7. (Solved) Parking script Bieberfelde

    Thank you very much!
  8. Upload a logfile from Em4 as well. The dxdiag doesnt tell us exactly what happened with the mod.
  9. Last week
  10. Does anyone even care about this game anymore?

    What is discord?
  11. [TUTORIAL]How to Template and UV Map Tutorial

    I apologize for bumping this topic however I have a question regarding this. Can this also be done in Blender or would I have to use Zm2?
  12. (Solved) Parking script Bieberfelde

    Yes, there is a release on the german emergency-forum. This link takes you directly to the webdisk entry: http://www.emergency-forum.de/filebase/index.php?entry/2166-ausrichtungsscript/
  13. Has a parking script similar to the one in Bieberfelde been released somewhere to download?
  14. Progress has been slow do to my school schedule as well as work schedule however I have been working on this in my spare time and hope to make more progress this week while I am off from school. To share a piece of progress the main body of Engine 2 is being created and is in a very early state at this time, using Itchboy's Heavy Duty Sutphen cab with the body made by myself. Additionally Rescue 7 has been created and is almost done with skinning and lighting. 911_ First Responders 2_16_2019 9_11_53 PM.mp4
  15. West Lampeter Mod

    I haven’t attempted yet. I’ve been busy working on a FiveM Community but I might use the one they did in bieberfied if I can find it.
  16. Does anyone even care about this game anymore?

    you should go to discord you will see more activity there
  17. Does anyone even care about this game anymore?

    I just got back into this game because of family issues. I am in the stages of building my own mod, but I forgot what I need to do buildings and vehicles. Is it Z-Modeler or Blender? Yes, I will use some of the other mods. But i am wanting to build old fire engines and fire houses. I would like to build my own map like the west side will be the Hudson River, the center will be the City, and the west side will be the Hudson Highlands (famous mountain range in Dutchess County, NY), it will be mixed fictional and real. Although I was a former firefighter there, I know some of the ideas I have will not be true, like running a old squad truck like LACoFD Squad 51 out of my old engine company, I am going to build the station like the old days before the add on for the bigger trucks. I will have Squad 1 come out there, and in the Apparatus bay will be Engine 1 (1967 Seagrave) with a boat on the ceiling where you can add on the engine for calls in the creek. Yes, my imagination is all written down. But I need to know can I use Blender of I need Z-Modeler. The map is the tricky part as I go. Departments: City of Beacon Fire Department (Combination which provides cover to 3 State Prison, Beacon Camp (Woman's Minimal Security) Fishkill Correctional, aka Mattewen State Hospital (Maxium Security with Mental Health Prisoners), and Down State Correctional (State Transfer Prison for all the Prisoners in the lower Hudson Valley including NYC) these will be added later for role play as well), Castle Point VA Hospital FD (Federal) Dutchess Junction FC (Volunteers which the have Mickey Mouse on their apparatus), Slater Chemical FC (Volunteers that protects Texaco Research Plant) City of Beacon PD, State Police, Dutchess County SO, Metro North RR PD, NYS Forest Rangers, Beacon Volunteer Ambulance Corps, US Coast Guard, Beacon Highway/ Water Department, Mount Beacon Search & Rescue Team (Defunct), and Central Hudson Electric. If I can get the basic mapping done, I hope I can expand the map to add City of Newburgh which is Beacon Twin City which is across the river which has a ferry. Beacon has a Train Station as well. Yes there is many parts to the mod. Thanks for your time. I don't mind any suggestions. RidgeRescue below is 2 examples I will be building. Note the large windows will be replace with bay doors for a Squad Truck.
  18. West Lampeter Mod

    Not sure if you have attempted this or still will be, but how about the scripting for the crane in Em4 rather than the ladder script?
  19. [EM20] Unlimited Units - Emergency 20 Compatible

    I don't seem to be able to download either mod. I get this error code: Error code: 2C171/1 when I click on the links you provided. Can you see if the links are still valid? Thanks in advance.
  20. Wegberg Modification

    Hi Everyone, or whoever is reading this. I'm looking for some help to do with the wegberg mod in the Emergency game editor. When i load map Wegberg 7, i have to reload another map to get to the fire station in wegberg, which is called { Wache_Wegberg} . In the fire station, I managed to switch some of the units around. It was simple, and included some minor issues, but there is one particular issue i can't seem to resolve. When i change the properties for the corresponding doors and the corresponding units, it's a simple task. But there is one property i cant change and it is called KABEL HELP (Number). Whenever i try to select the so named KABEL HELP, it appears not to be available on the map. I'm just wondering if anyone can help my in my quest to change this awkward KABEL HELP issue, and all replies are appreciated!!
  21. Wegberg Modification

    I've had that problem with the mod on the old version of it too. It doesn't seem to be caused by the patch. All I can advise you to do is exit Emergency 4 completely and restart it, and if that doesn't work, try restarting your computer system, hope i helped!
  22. Mod in Mods folder but not working

    Reinstall the LA mod. If it still doesnt work, try this: DL another mod, such as London or Harbor City. If those appear, then it means that the problem is with your installation of LA mod and not your Em4 copy.
  23. So I have emergency 4 /911 FR v1.3 and I just installed the LA Mod I did all the steps and stuff but then it wouldnt appear in the modifications tab! I checked the files and its in the Mods folder. help! http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_02/image.png.b57caaa17b1b53b8edb5395a9903cbc9.png
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  25. LA Mod 2.1 4x4 Submod[Update August 10,2015!]

    All links are down, and I'm sorry if there is one in the 51 pages that does work, but I couldn't find it. Anyone got this file and able to reupload? Edit: Specifically looking for the 2.1 version.
  26. Borough of Fire Help

    I'm aware but anytime I get something near it, they just die instantly. I am aware you need to stage but it is hard when you can't see the fire.
  27. [EM20] Unlimited Units - Emergency 20 Compatible

    Hi, when I use the water-tender in Emergency 20 Campaign, many, many firefighters exit the vehicle! I have ensured I am only using the Emergency 20 campaign version of the mod.
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