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  4. Yes but that will be later on,want to get some fire and police units done and released then we can work on what's left.
  5. While doing work for Montana mod, I accidentally found the fix for patrolling units not obeying stoplights. Due to my current internet situation, I do not have a video demonstration. Here I have posted the code for the fix. Keep in mind: This is for the original Los Angeles Mod for Em4. This code can't be copy pasted to other mods. The value that made this work is v.SetTerrain(TERRAIN_TRAFFIC); And to reset it back to normal: v.SetTerrain(TERRAIN_CAR); This is the fix implemented into the LA mod patrol script. This will only work in an unedited copy of the LA mod. This script will not function with other mods or submods.
  6. Do you have an older copy of your mod among your mod folders? The game might be conflicting the new mod folder with the old one. If not, then try loading up Em4 directly through the shortcut method. Make a shortcut of Em4 exe and include the following arguments -game -mod "Name of Mod Folder" I cant upload pictures due to my internet right now, but here's some instructions from Stan http://www.emergency-planet.com/topic/11480-how-to-get-back-shortcut/?do=findComment&comment=157689
  7. Hello! Just a quick question. I have noticed the ambulances have no logos or markings on them. I was wondering if that was intentional, and if they are a WIP? Thanks!
  8. Hello, Sorry for the late reply. Simply drag in the folders inside of the zips into your mod folder. For example, the folder may say "Los Angeles Mod v2.1" and inside you will see stuff such as audio folder, lang folder, emitters folder, and so on. If you see that, you did the right thing! If you need further help, please reply.
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  10. Havent played EM4 in donkeys years Wondering what mods are good, released and downloadable at the moment? ( i have london, LA, harbor city, brooklyn) Also is there an online community anymore at all?
  11. Is there any way I can make audio files (aka calls) that attach to certain incidents within the game? For example... If I have a call up north where lets say I have engine 1, 2, and truck 1, is there a way I can make the aduo file say something like "Engine 1, Engine 2, Truck 1. Structure fire. <location>" or something like that? I am guessing no, right? Just thought id ask
  12. Hi all I've downloaded the winterberg mod and I'm currently running 9. Something. When i load the original map I'm missing g 2 buildings and all I have is open ground with people and a missing file box. On other maps I have cars that wont drive over certain road crossing ans missing builds and then finally 2 maps wont load at all when selecting them through the configurator. Any help would be amazing. Tom
  13. The mod is not finished yet. Please be patient, and make sure to read the thread before asking for a download link to an unfinished mod.
  14. I am waiting for this mod "I still have your previous units from the link you deleted Well wait because it's worth it " as to your work looks good
  15. Why did somebody downvote the picture ? Feel free to criticize on here, we're open to improvements.
  16. Hi all I found in old files CD this game but i dont have original models of emergency vehicles and persons. Please, can anybody post the images.dds from original game?
  17. Hey guys so I’m having a weird issue all of a sudden. When I am in the editor, my mod shows all the current updates I have made including new models and lights. When I load the mod and start a new free play it appears the mod goes to an older version. All of my updates in the editor do not appear in game. Any suggestions?
  18. Absolutely looking forward for this, it has been a while since a UK mod has been released. Good luck with the mod!
  19. Yes, we will release the new LAFD engines, along with the USAR and Tiller. On a separate note, here is a brief video showing some LAPD units that I've been working on recently. I'm trying to experiment with environmental lighting to achieve a natural look in-game. Also, all patterns ( and color grading) seen in the video are based on the actual patterns the LAPD units ( except for headlight flashers, I can't do combo patterns that they have in real life. So I've made some wig-wags to flash faster than others and one of the slick top will have a slower-paced wig-wags for variety.)
  20. Is this a map of yours? These groundproblems used to happen a lot if your terrain is lower then zero or if you have really high differences in high in a small distance Like this one from Berlin if you move the headquarter away https://www.dropbox.com/s/fn59am77pbp5n4r/Screenshot 2019-07-14 11.08.23.png?dl=0 Installation is very easy in EM5. Launch the game. In the launcher is an option for mods. Just drag and drop the *.zip-file into this window.
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  22. This is what happens when I run the mod.
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