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  2. Looks great! I've always wanted to see a 1970s LA Mod.
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  4. Yes, however it will only be 2 vehicles: The CalTrans van and the Rollback truck. That is what was in the mod originally, that is what will be changed out.
  5. The way I did it was in paint.net. All I did was export it as .dds under a weird format. Then I reloaded the file and it was all worked out. Lastly, after making the changes, I exported the file back as DXT3 with all the alpha reflections set up.
  6. It is working now, I made extra sure in Dxtbmp program to only send the image for editing to Paint.Net, not the alpha channel. In Paint.Net I only edited the image by selecting areas on it to change (no global changes to the image). I saved the imgae in Paint.Net as default name norm.bmp and closed Paint.Net so Dxtbmp could pick up the changes after refreshing the image. I saved the file in Dxtbmp program as tga with alpha. Now I can have the alpha reflections enabled and i still see the texture as it should be including the shining badges and insignia and the weapon in the hands.
  7. emergefighter, your password is 150461 Ive reset your password to 155855 Everybody else has been manually approved, because the email system broke again.
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  9. I guess because I have no alpha channel reflection now the weapon is invisible so I still need some help. Does anyone have a working guide how to recolor the lapd_swat model?
  10. Hello i can't activate my account. The email is spessartraeuber2@gmail.com and my username is: Lavilyse Thanks for your help:)
  11. It seems I got it working now but without any alpha channel, so no shiny badge or other parts on the uniform. 1. Changed file format of the lapd_swat.dds file to "lapd_swat.dds.V3O" and used the editor to unpack the file as usual if you haven´t already. 2. Rename the file to .dds again 2. Opened the dds converter program to convert the unpacked dds file to a bmp file 3. Modified the color of the bmp image in Paint.Net 4. Saved the image as tga file format 5. Opened the editor, loaded LA mod clicked Edit on my new model and De-selected the option "Alpha Channel Reflections"
  12. All I want to do is to make a new prototype for a unit that looks the same as lapd_swat but with black color. I remember I did a reskin of lapd_swat several years ago but it seems I have forgotten something. 1. I unpack the dds file with the editor 2 I open it with another program called Dxtbmp and see the skin and in the upper right corner I also see the alpha channel. 3. In Dxtbmp I export the image to Paint.Net and change the color of the skin in Paint.Net. 4. I reload the image from Paint.Net in Dxtbmp and then I just save it with another file name in the same format as Dxtbmp recognized it (DXT5) and I didn´t change the alpha channel. 5. I make sure the unpacked V3O has the correct name to the new texture. 6, I open the editor and load the LA mod. 7. The new protoype points to the correct model but the model looks all metal glossy and shiny. 8. I remove the option Alpha Reflections but then the model looks all black like a shadow not like a texture and I don´t see the eyes or mouth color for example. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to use another program to do this?
  13. Can we have a little bit more info please? When is it crashing? Is it the same points every time or at different parts of the game? Is it playing the game or loading mods? When you say you can't play mods, what problem are you having? If your problem is the game "not responding" when you select a mod to load, this is normal. When you select the mod to load you need to leave the game (and your pc) alone and let the mod load. This can sometimes take several minutes.
  14. Having the same issue, email is atransarcticfox@gmail.com, and the account name is just the email.
  15. stockboy8

    London Mod

    I’ve never had this problem, try redownloading.
  16. hello i am help guest from above and I need tou help in order to get my account back. I forgot my password and I tried the password recovery method but the email never sent so im stuck and cant sign in nor can in sign up. It will be a big help if you can got my username back plz. my email is nyv011907@gmail.com if this helps thank you.
  17. Oh my, it seems the site's email bug is back but it is what it is. I am not happy at all but I'll do what I can to help those out who need password resets. I validate all pending new members in the morning, my time. Thats your best bet if you need assistance.
  18. Everytime I try to play emergency 4 it keep crashing on me saying is not responding. I can only play the deluxe mode of it, I got downloaded mods that I can't play and I need help plus I have Windows 10 as my labtop.
  19. Last week
  20. It is the LA map remake of the Boston mod that breaks for me so if someone could pls help much appreciated
  21. ohh umm.. disregard my post before inforgot my username here is my email nyv01107@gmail.com
  22. i forgot my email and username to my account so can you plz help mme by either renaming me or deleting the account anything will work plz
  23. I downloaded Boston Mod V 1 I do believe sometime ago and for some right when loads in it crashes doesn't even start the game at all just immediately crash goes to home screen, i've managed to fix it by going and letting my game sit on multiplayer screen for a long time then loading in single player freeplay can someone as never been able to source this issue, or provide a file of this Boston mod that works? id if its the Boston Mod Encore or what that version is but if could either help me fix this version or provide me with that or both, i personally don't care i'd just like something, cause the Boston 2014 mod gets boring after sometime.
  24. I need help from someone I had a account but I forgot my username and I need help. There is no way I can sign in so if anyone out there can plz delete my account off of my email nyv011907@gmail.com or do something I will appreciate it a lot.
  25. you genius of a person, that was exactly the issue. thank you
  26. You are using the Deluxe freeplay mode instead of the regular freeplay mode it launches a different map.
  27. some other 80s-90s reference material from LAXPD, LAPP, LASD, etc in case it could help with development https://imgur.com/a/gpuDR0L
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