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  2. Ive read the file and most of the models there are made by @slatedragon and @itchboy
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  4. That’s not really an excuse honestly. All the modifications you’re using have credit documents stating who made which models...
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  6. My email is adsprince@hotmail.com
  7. Guest


    Same here. I am also not receiving my password reset email. Would you be able to change it?
  8. Also There is an Swat Bearcat and A Oshkosh TPV
  9. Mate Ive started modding 2 weeks ago i dont know all Models owners
  10. Dont worry, he means private as no more updates. not as in not giving us the chance to play it when its done Good work as always!
  11. I will not require that the credits for every model be listed, but I will however require a full list be packaged within the mod when it is released. In the case of this WIP, I would like to see the SlateDragon1 mod credit list be included as a spoiler tag. Thanks. If I may suggest something, I would like to see something different from SWAT. Everyone would benefit from a SWAT fleet that isn't repainted NYPD ESU trucks.
  12. I'm not sure what to do as I am unable to receive the emails and do not know my password. But, as I said, my username is pdog.
  13. Please write down all credits for authors of moddels and childs used on those moddels, your phrasing will not be tolerated on this site.
  14. My username is my display name. I'm not sure of what my password is, which is why I am trying to request a password reset email. However, the email is not sending.
  15. Can you provide your Username and email please?
  16. itchboy


    I have reset your password, but I have deleted your duplicate accounts. This will be the one that I will keep for you.
  17. Last week
  18. Made some progress on a new hospital model today.
  19. I am unable to reset my password as I am not receiving the reset password email in my inbox, nor in my spam folder. Could you please provide some assistance.
  20. apad


    Password reset email not being received.
  21. Password reset feature is not working as the reset email is not sending. I have checked the spam folder and it is also not there.
  22. Hi I'm wondering if someone can help me. I am following the reskin tutorial from the world of emergency website. I'm trying to reskin the emergency vehicles. Once I've edited and saved the new texture. The vehicles become invisible and you can only see flashes where the blue lights would be. The process I am following in the editor is: Create new project > place vehicle in world > open material browser > click pick > click on vehicle > right click colour map > copy global asset ID > open asset browser > paste ID into search bar > right click the texture with the long cryptic name with crgb in the name > copy it to my custom content folder in my project > i then open and edit and save the texture in paint.net. Then when I try out the reskin. The vehicle is invisible. Does anyone know how to rectify this? Any help would he greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  23. Itchboy, I hope you'll still be on the credits while in the in game mods menu. Hope you will come back in the future.
  24. Thank you http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png I must admit it looks more colorful on the editor than in the gif...
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