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  4. And you did itch. my engines last longer than they would in Boston or mayberry.
  5. [FINAL RELEASE][v2.1.0]Northview: South County

    I was surprised you guys didnt add the new Fire Particles
  6. Last week
  7. Does anyone even care about this game anymore?

    On a technical level, em5 is apparently much easier to mod. BUT. It requires 3ds max, which is out of the budget for most of us unless we get a student deal on it, and even then its still expensive. And it's full capabilities haven't really been tested from what I've seen. theres some germans working on it, we'll see what happens.
  8. Asking for release dates is against site rules. You're new here so please be careful next time.
  9. Its interesting that the water supply is an issue. I actually sent the mod team an edited LWS script that had much slower drain values for the tank. Water lasts much longer than before, but I also reduced the amount of water flowing in to balance things out. Its up to them now to either add more tankers or find more clever ways to solve any water issues encountered by people. As someone who helped with this mod in an unofficial capacity, I would like it that people keep their edits of the mod private. I think its good that people are learning how to change vehicles and make them work with scripts but please don't re-release the project as something completely different.
  10. [FINAL RELEASE][v2.1.0]Northview: South County

    It was, that's why I spent over a week on the new truck, then we pulled the water tanker since it was useless without lws and put another engine in it's place. Thanks fam, multiplayer is fine, we just don't want it being used as a clan mod is all. Especially since I'm the hate mail taker. We greatly appreciate it!
  11. LA county mod coronas

    This can ve easily solved by making in the mods default folder another one called Textures > Coronas I am using also Custom ones And didn't have problem
  12. I really don’t care what you edit as long as you don’t release it. Also that’s just how that area is
  13. I tired reading through a bunch of the comments and cant seem to find any information. Is there a rough ETA on this mod? Can I download the unstable or alpha/beta version anywhere?
  14. I also made a few changes. At Station 1 I replaced Engine 4 with a Tanker At Station 2 I replaced Engine 2 with Forestry 1 and I replaced Engine 3 with a Tanker as well. I found that with out a lot of Hydrants on the map each department would have it's own tanker within it's halls. To continually call a mutual Aid when fighting a fire and having to call in a tanker each time is a waste of money. I am also looking at removing some units from hall 1. While it is nice having all these units there I if this is a volunteer hall they must have some pretty big industry (must be off map) for them to own so many trucks. I love the mod though and am looking forward to seeing future releases.
  15. Oh? I’ll have to check those.
  16. It’s your graphics settings
  17. I love this mod! I just have a small problem with the map, I think it’s too dark, i feel like i’m playing during a solar eclipse.
  18. Nice I’ll have to take a look at it
  19. I open the game, I select the mod, and it crashes! I have checked logs and all I can find is that some of the models in the mod we're unfound can someone plz help if possible and if you need to contact me I am Leland#9941 on discord. BTW I am trying to use Fairfax County 3.0 and LA better sub mod 0.06 on Emergency 4 Deluxe
  20. West Lampeter Mod (on Hold)

    Just a little work on the good map made by the WLP team. I made a few adjustments to the map lights and models for my PVT mod. Enjoy. At this time it will not be leased may be some time in the far future due getting permission to use the models I made modifications too. I just wanted to show how good lights will bring a mod to shine.
  21. [FINAL RELEASE][v2.1.0]Northview: South County

    I am one of the heads of Coastal Emergency Services and I have personally taken the link down. We had it made before 2.1 was released. We wanted to play it without the tiller and we got rid of the tanker. As you know that the tiller was really buggy in multiplayer and the tanker was practically useless without the limited water supply script.
  22. LA county mod coronas

    It could possibly be these. The incompatibility issues are why I dont advise doing custom coronas in general. Sadly, my even my Montana mod is guilty of using those, which is why I had the presence of mind to bundle them into the (unfinished) final package.
  23. I found in my files the LA county mod and decided to install it, but all the ambulances have white boxes for lights. I've downloaded the coronas made by the Boston mod guys but that doesn't work, anyone know what to do?
  24. [FINAL RELEASE][v2.1.0]Northview: South County

    That is something I think alot of us would like
  25. [FINAL RELEASE][v2.1.0]Northview: South County

    Thanks @Chris07. My final cut is different and I've made it my personal playground. For now, its for my testing purposes because i ended up still not being 100% happy with final release because most of my time was consumed with the new truck. On that note, it allowed me to openly experiment and make more interesting things. In current state, the "update" is private. But, I may throw a screenshot here or there depending on progress. This was from some time ago now. I thought it would be fun to share.
  26. RT @passinhodefunk: Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana https://Not permittedUUb2EWKMbJ

  27. New ff models

    Report the bug to the author of the mod so they can fix it. You can also fix it yourself but it will require some knowledge on programming.
  28. Whelens

    Thanks http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png Well to je honest i am not fan od FS http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_biggrin.png And also I focus mainly on lightbars common in our country. But it doesnt look to difficult so I will give it a try next week.
  29. London Mod (V1.3 RELEASED)

    have you tried installing it using the mod installer?
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