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  2. Guest

    Files not downloading

    Cześć. Nie otrzymuję linku do aktywacji konta na adres kubapucus@interia.pl
  3. Today
  4. Hi !! I'm not getting the confirmation email.. My username: alvin128 My email: alvindiaz128@yahoo.com Thanks you..
  5. hey I'm not getting the confirmation email Username Commissar Wolffe email ghostrider91@outlook.com
  6. Your username is Nub456BR Ive reset your password to 1234.
  7. Guest

    Password reset not working

    and i need my nickname
  8. Is the development of the Mod still continuing or has it been stopped?
  9. Guest

    Password reset not working

    are doing the same thing to me too email : anthonygames456@gmail.com
  10. Yesterday
  11. Sorry about that. "...picking the file paths by hand..." is how I resolved my problem. I had tried "copy and paste" or "dragging the mod into the Mod installer," and these did not work. That's when I posted my question. It was by pure happenstance that (1) opening the mod installer, and then (2) double clicking on the mod that enabled the installation, and allowed me to enjoy Emergency 3 and 4. I further apologize to all the membership in making the false assumption that everyone on game sites is a Class A Computer Expert - compared to me in which my rating would probably be "Rookie, 3rd Class." I had a bad experience on another game site some time ago where I had made mention of my being scammed by some lowlife who ripped me off for $1,000 in game cards (the site will not be mentioned). At any rate, when I posted my being scammed, (as a warning to others), one responder posted, "If you're going to fall for something that elementary, maybe you should read a book instead of playing/working with computers." I kind of never got over that remark. I will be more helpful in the future.
  12. Is there anyway I can see if I can get my account back as I lost my old account and can't get into it cause lost display name and password cause chrome decided to wipe my passwords and saved usernames. I can't get into it and the old account email was bereghost1236@gmail.com And don't know what display name is.
  13. Damn the FPIU looks nice, good job for adding it to the game! Have you guys made any progress with the lighting?
  14. my email is thomasbastiaan17@gmail.com
  15. i want to make a account but i dont get a activation mail!
  16. looking god damn great nice idea and nice vehicle good work on it both off you did amazing work on it
  17. CFD found a picture of the LAAP explorer and it was so good looking I added it with the Caprice LAAP unit in the game!!
  18. hill12

    Building Fire

    So true but to the unfortunate don’t believe will ever released, again unfortunately but we must expect that it’s his choice to do what he pleases. It is his mod. Maybe one day he will surprise us all with a big reveal but tbh I don’t think will happen. But moment I saw this mod I drooled over it and forever will just due fact the scripts and how the vehicles in the city of angles mod look. Oml this would the most downloaded and played mod in history I believe, like I’d get rid of all my other mods in my folder just for that one. None the less the Montana mod will have lot same stuff I do believe. In due time perhaps though in due time.. we all hope..
  19. I am curious cause of all the good things I’ve heard about this mod what’s the most difficult aspect of this particular mod, the scripts I’m assuming
  20. Last week
  21. Sad but understandable. Modding is a tedious task.
  22. I can understand your feelings on this , as you cant force yourself to do something. I got the same feels. Thats why i mod - when i want to. First thing, you need to enjoy your life. As i see people interested to finish your job, might give it a try?
  23. I'd love to help out and to continiue with the mod! I know basic 3d moddeling skills with blender, and I got a friend working as a full-time programmer willing to help.
  24. I would like the mod i may have some friends who can finish it
  25. I have also not recieved my activation email, how do i go about this?
  26. I am not getting my activation email... my email is bartqb@hotmail.com
  27. sorry to hear this adam i really want to have this mod but im not a good modder
  28. My 7 years of work are finally coming to an end I think I'm too old and lost interest I hope you understand me "it was all a very interesting experience at the beginning First editing, adding the model to the editor then to the game play with lights and skins Script adding sound Experimenting with 3D modeling Unfortunately, it's all cool at first, but the more you feel it, the more you will slowly get bored of it This is the right decision However All of you who supported me and waited for this Mod Now it's your chance "even if this game is very old" I will give away all my Swedish Mod for the person who wants to finish what I started I will be waiting for your answer
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