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  3. For those complaining, the old version is out there on the interwebs and its totally playable, just some minor traffic issues, which I have mostly resolved.
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  5. U.S. and Euro EM vehicles

    Regarding size, most European cities/towns were never designed for the volume and size of vehicles seen today (for example my local fire station is having to be relocated as the current building cannot actually fit their pump due to both it and the street it's in originally being built for horse-drawn carriages). Not too sure about the lights in most of Europe, but for the UK at least lack of money/budget often comes into it.
  6. There are lots of mods where the modders just leave the project or go inactive indefinitely. There's a bunch of locked abandoned projects here on this site.
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  8. Emergency 4 Question

    1) Should be somewhere in there 2)The victim can be taken away right after the paramedic begins treatment. But be careful, if the red bar is below a certain point the victim can possibly die before getting to the hospital. 3)Yeah, you can replace units from both stations with other units from the unit pool as long as it is the same type of vehicle.
  9. So, I'm from the United States of America, and I've noticed that our Fire engines, ambos, and police units look a lot different from European ones. Mainly ours are a lot bigger while European ones are more sleek and compact. And American emergency vehicles are usually lit up like Christmas trees while in the rest of the world they only have a few lights. Theres a few more differences too but I can't think of them right now. So is there any real reason to this? Or is it just how it is?
  10. Give him time guys we all have are own life's he might have a job and not a lot of free time.
  11. Emergency 4 Question

    These questions may have been already addressed and answered, so I respectfully ask for patience. While playing Emergency 4 in "Endless Game" mode (with Hoppa's "L.A. Mod"), I am asking the following questions: 1) Endless Game mode runs awfully fast - sometimes I have more incidents to handle than I can reasonably complete. Is there a way to "slow down" the pace of the dispatcher? 2) In line with the above, is there a certain time limit that the paramedic requires for treating a victim? Should the paramedic "treat" the victim for 15 to 30 seconds to simulate treatment, or can I bring in the stretcher carriers immediately after treatment has begun? 3) If an emergency unit (assigned to station #1 or #2) is destroyed, do I get replacement unit from the equipment pool? Will it return to the the original unit's station for responses?
  12. mod is not available and the mod isnt dead untill a moderator or the modder says it it.
  13. Montana Mod v2.1 (In Development) Download link removed by Authors

    I'm leaning more towards a 3500 Gallon capacity on that one.
  14. RT @julp: stunning https://Not permittedxrMEkFWT7G

  15. I personally think a tanker that size should hold about 13,000 litres (not too sure but I think that is about 3000 gallons) as that is what I would expect to see of a tanker that size
  16. 'Better' L.A. Sub-Mod V0.7.1

    what is the most recent version?
  17. Most Recent Version?

    What is the most recent version, of the better LA Mod?
  18. I think that a tanker like that would have a capacity of 3000 gallons and if a pump was installed it would be no more than 250gpm.
  19. I've just downloaded this mod and it is a great mod but i cant seem to get the firefighters back into the engine that came with the mod, I right click on the firetruck but it does nothing? Unless im doing something wrong
  20. I think its reasonable to place responsibility on the modder for them to make their project as good as it can be. Regarding criticism, this place, or anywhere really isnt supposed to be a circlejerk where poor work is rewarded with praise just because. The Em4 modding community will only stagnate further if people just release half-assed mods with no substance to them. Nobody wants that. Once again I understand your concerns about wanting the mod done, but like I said, its damned if I do, damned if I dont. Basically its this: If I release a mod too early with bugs, people complain. If I take my time on a mod and make it good, another set of people complain. I can promise you that the vast majority of criticisms are not bullying myself or any developers. Criticism has nothing to do with the rate at which the mod gets completed. Miami mod for example doesnt get criticism (constructive or harmful) at all, yet its progress is slow because EmC Unit simply does not have the time to work on it as he did in 2013. This is my final say on this whole topic. Id like to politely request that everyone go back to the topic of discussing the mod. Besides, having to engage in discussion about the mod's release date is only further delaying the mod. Here are some more updates. Oil-dri and push broom functionality coming soon. The Monida VFD Mack truck has been UV mapped. Civilian lights have been added in the editor. All I need is a template and some wheels and she's game-ready. I have some issues with it though. This particular tanker is a repurposed civilian tanker. Assuming the VFD installed a portable pump on it, what kind of capacity and rate would it have?
  21. It's their mod, they manage it as they want. Besides, many people in this community, including me, prefer a perfect, stable mod, rather than a good, but unstable mod. Everything I've seen so far seems to be very good, the modders take their time and effort making and polishing everything, and in exchange they only want us to be patient.
  22. Amity Island Modification

    Great work, the mod looks really good!! Hope to play it soon!! http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png
  23. Shame modder for buggy mod.. It is so stupid. In this logic better have no mod than have mod with bugs. I'm surprised to see so angry reaction for simple question. Are you think i care about administrative actions? On account with one post and two (after this post more) minuses? Do not make me laugh. Now I learned that the local community is very fastidious and will bully developers for having any bugs and unstable mods. Well done, let them sit without content further. You can report this post now, also you can shame me again and say me "shut up" one more time for getting more pluses. I wish you luck with development (no sarcasm, mod is look magnificent), i'll be back next year.
  24. And what are you doing to contribute? .... (crickets) As Itchboy said, we did in fact receive a lot of complaints about the instability and bugs of our last release. That's why we're taking our time for the next release. This has been stated multiple times in this thread already. Making a complete mod for Em4 takes an immense amount of time, hard work, learning, trial and error. I've been doing it for 10 years and I still have things to learn. We do it for free. We have personal lives which take priority. So unless you're going to pay my salary, frankly, put up or shut up. Asking for release dates is against site rules. Demanding a release is no better. Besides that, it's not even relevant for this mod, since we have guaranteed a release will come and we try to post regular updates. I'm not sure if you've been warned already, but I can promise I will make sure that any future comments of this nature see administrative action taken.
  25. Some people want AAA development of mods, they expect mods to brought out as quickly as updates for a AAA game like GTA, they forget that not all of us have any background in game development (For example I have no background in coding, moddeling etc, I have had to learn through this game) and that there isn’t a huge team of many people working on these things. If you release early with bugs you just end up getting chased for fixes or moaned at about it (even though a lot of the time they are the ones who pushed you to release early). Back on topic, what capacity is that Beaverhead tanker you posted above Itch.
  26. Part of the problem is people that have no concept of how much time and work is put into things like this judge and pout immediately, instead of attempting to help the problem. Or don’t choose to just not open their mouths at all and understand that things take time and won’t be 100% right off the bat. I know it can be taxing and the constant berating from some immature ignorant people is the reason as to why early versions aren’t released. I’m in agreement with both parties here because I can see both sides. I look at what people say about EmergeNYC and it drives me nuts. So much negativity when they can’t even comprehend the work that actually needs to be done. So in closing, keep up the PHENOMINAL work!! And don’t let a bunch of morons deter you from this amazing thing you’ve created. It’s very pleasing to see people that still put the time and effort in to create such awesome content for the community. Thank you...!
  27. Norway mod reupload

    Just want to leave a big thanks to all of you that have been keeping this mod alive up until a certain point. I don't think I will work on it again due to all the files that where lost and that the game has gotten so old. Me, myself haven't been playing this game for years, just bought it yesterday again just to play Norway Mod one more time. I had a blast playing it to. With that I also will give anyone that wants it, permission to rework this mod. As long as anyone deserving credit is given credit. Me included http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_wink.png I don't want to be completely forgotten, after all. It's my work that layed the foundation. But as said, if anyone wants to redo it. Add or whatever, units etc etc to it. Make the 2.0 version, you can. With regards, chrisblaalid
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