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      Maintenance update   02/07/2016

      Dear community,   After three weeks of issues we moved our site to a new dedicated root server. We fixed a lot of bugs with this release. All downloads up to 1Gb filesize should be downloadable for everyone.   Encountering any kind of issues? Make a post in the website/forum support.   Regards, Stan
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      Paid Referral Links   02/11/2016

      Hello,     From now on we will be disallowing any referral links on our site. This is not the place to earn money directly or indirectly. Anyone found sharing paid shortened links or referral links to earn money might lose his account.     Reason for this:     We are providing this service free of charge, putting our own free time in this and paying monthly fees on our own costs to keep this free service running. So why should anyone else make money from something they don’t pay to use?     So in short from now on we will be warning and banning users abusing or misusing referal links.     Regards,     Stan          

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  1. Today
  2. KillerConstis Mini Mod [February Update]

    A new update has been uploaded, which improves the Behaviour of the new crane, adds multiplayer compatible "Splitting" of paramedic teams and improves the debuging functions of the headquarter in the campaign. if you aren't registered there try this mirror:[em5]killerconstis_minimod_3_3.rar?dl=0
  3. Chicago mod 2016 edition

    Nice lighting, looking forward to the mod.
  4. [New Creek - Project] Download, News, Information

    I approved your limited water logic to the DL center.
  5. Las Vegas Modification! [In progress!]

    To OP: Basically, your mod would have one FD station on the map, maybe a police outpost. Hospital would take too much space. You would have only 3 or 4 on map vehicles, while everything else (however many) is called from off map. It would actually benefit performance and filesize not having a hospital or policestation. Consider doing a setup where police cruisers come in once in a while, park at a spot, and you have an option of making them leave or letting them stay. For calling off map units, you would need to have a dispatcher code similar to Montana or one of the German mods. This code will replace the original lower left menu and act as the new way for getting units on map. You can add stuff like limits, and random spawning, even multiple vehicle variants under each spawn code.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Boston Mod [RELEASED]

    Nice glad to see you are back
  8. Well now, you can have a low number of units that reside on the map yet have the map be a fusion of a larger area. Think of it like playing LA Mod with just station 2, or so forth. Having a lower number of on-map units doesn't necessarily mean you have to make the map 100% realistic to a specific area of Vegas, just that they don't want 30+ units all stationed on the map. Make sense?
  9. Version 1.2


    This mod is compatible with the original game and adds a watertank to the tlf-unit. Furthermore this mod adds a water-switch logic for firefighters, who are connected to a vehicle. Water supply lines can be build up from vehicle to hydrant or from vehicle to vehicle. You can use and change this mod how you want.
  10. Fire Dept. Boston`s Showroom

    Lookin good my man. Some of my earlier rears and cabs were Hoppah bases as well. Eventually realized it was more work having to adapt someone else's work, than just making it scratch made from the start.
  11. [New Creek - Project] Download, News, Information

    Hi there, we have to bring you a bad message. We're not able to upload a new version of our project today. Because of many changes in the concept of the map, we have to skip to today's patch. But be anxious to the next patch.
  12. Fire Dept. Boston`s Showroom

    Hey, here a small life sign of me. Link: On this picute you can see how I work. I use the old content of hoppah and modifi it. I´m working on a rear for this Engine. But there are a lot of work, which I have to do. Example: hose on front bumber, hose-connection on pump pannel, Quadra Flares on the both sides of the engine, pierce sign on the back of rear,...
  13. Chicago mod 2016 edition

    That is some very nice lighting, good job
  14. Chicago mod 2016 edition

    Small update for Chicago Mod 2016. Ford explorer light system. model by itchboy lights and re-skin by me. I got the idea of a three faze light system from the London Mod 1.3 . THis in my privet mod not sure if it will be released in the final mod.
  15. Last week
  16. Boston Mod [RELEASED]

    New Boston Fire KME Rescue 1 Model by Dyson / Rafael lights and re-skin by me. looking to do more with Boston Mod need a few new Fire stations , Police station. I am currently working on the Chicago Mod later.
  17. Las Vegas Modification! [In progress!]

    There was an earlier poll that there was options to vote for either for me to focus on 1 area with the map being smaller or a big map with more than one area and fire stations. The option for smaller map won.
  18. How about a fictional fusion of all of them?
  19. Las Vegas Modification! [In progress!]

    New poll has been opened! Please vote and if you have another area you think I should do then please let me know so I can add it to the poll
  20. Vehicles Won't Deploy

    In LA Mod and Northview South County, when I left click on a vehicle to send it somewhere, the menu of what I can do with that vehicle (empty car, lighting controls, etc) doesn't show up and I can't right click to send them anywhere. It was just working a couple minutes ago and now it doesn't at all. Please help.
  21. Las Vegas Modification! [In progress!]

    Yeah, all LVFRD stations does have ambulances which in this case is called rescues. 9 out of 42 of CCFD fire stations does not have rescues. So again depending on the station that is in the are there will probably be rescues at the station.
  22. Las Vegas Modification! [In progress!]

    in the area, most fire stations have an ems unit at them. there are some other ems services i have seen too.
  23. Las Vegas Modification! [In progress!]

    For the area. It will be up to you guys! Now I'm ending the poll and the option with smaller map won. So now please give me suggestions on what are you want to see and I will make a poll of the suggestions I get. I'm thinking of not overdoing it with units. So when the area is decided I will be including the fire station that is in that area and have other stations around the area come off map as additional units for when you need them. I want to make sure you guys get as much say in this modification as you deserve. After all, I will be making this public when released. For police. If the are does have a police station then that will be included but if not then there will be no police station so they will come off map. I'm thinking of making some parking spots for them to park in. Ambulances. Depending on what fire department that will be on the map there will be different units. But this is what I know now for the Clark County ambulances. They are stationed with the fire units. So depending on how many the stations has, that's the amount you will have on map. There will be other ambulances as well but they will also come off map. There you got some more information about this. I will be editing the first post to include this information! Thanks!
  24. Las Vegas Modification! [In progress!]

    yep. it just depends on what area he wants to do and what he wants to add.
  25. Las Vegas Modification! [In progress!]

    Thats up to OP to figure out. Having too many units doing the same thing often makes the work put into making said unit redundant. He has to tread carefully with what he wants put in and what role it will play in actual gameplay. Multiple depts for ex could be given unique features each. An example: LVFD has extend hose, CCFD can do wyes but not hoses, North LV has no special features.
  26. Las Vegas Modification! [In progress!]

    there is also North Las Vegas Fire Department that bordrrs Las Vegas Fire Department's district, and not that far away from LAs Vegas FD's district passed some of CCFD's district is Henderson Fire Department. they all respond together as mutual aid from what I have read so far for the FD wikipedia page and the google my maps page i found for all the fire stations in the LVFD, NLVFD, HFD, and CCFD. I will be sending RestingVermin the links to the stuff I have found through digging (including a full fire station number and address list for all 4 departments) through skype soon.
  27. Las Vegas Modification! [In progress!]

    The way I see it, whether you're doing a one station - one street setup, or a full summarized map of LV, you still need to make both LVFD and county FD. Best compromise would be to make one engine from each dept, and whatever ambulance. Those vehicles would still exist regardless of what setup you choose. Once the polls come in, you will have to focus the majority of vehicles to either city or county FD.
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