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  3. The tiller has been modelled. Textures come next. I don't look forward to setting it up in editor but hey, its here. This was the hardest vehicle to do in the whole set IMO. Next one up is the heavy rescue crane's animations which I also don't like but at least I'm not having to make everything from nothing. The cab is the same edited LA mod base (by Hoppah) as the Seagraves shown before. All I did with the cab was add the rear tiller bits that are quite different and had to be made from nothing. Later on after doing that, I did the remaining work on the heavy rescue crane. Here she is. Credits to VoodoOperator, NFK and Hoppah for the cab. The work that I contributed to this was editing the rear model eedit, textures and modelling new support legs.
  4. Last week
  5. I'm trying to reset my account password, but and I have tried creating a new account and still have no gotten the email. Please help me in fixing this.
  6. One of the Met's new vauxhall astra Incident Response Vehicles.

    Model - Ichboy

    Lightbar from the london mod

    Skin and lights by me, slinkierbus268





  7. It's been several weeks and I still haven't received my email.
  8. Guest


    hello guys can u please activate mine as well niklas.karazman@gmail.com (Niklas166) thx
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    Hey guys, sorry to bother, looking at the messages there's helluva lot more people with this email, is it possible to confirm fauconrec2@gmail.com? Cheers.
  10. One of the London Fire Brigades new scania 32m turnable ladders.

    This is acually a reskin of the mercedes econic that is already in the London mod i've just applied a skin and the lighting.

    Model - London Mod

    Lightbars - Ye ole Superdude






  11. McKean County Fire Department Hazmat 6 26-Ft. Walk-In Haz-Mat On a Spartan Gladiator Custom Chassis Rear : by me Cab: @itchboy(Edited By Me)
  12. hello i also wontr got my password-reset email on niklas.karazman@gmail.com (account: niklas...) nor my activation mail vor a new account karazzman-ps@hotmail.com (Niklas166) pls can u send my one remotly thx niklas
  13. hi I have problem with registration because the verification email of my account didn't arrived. Can you help me please ? Thanks in advance.
  14. Set its placement in editor to Custom.
  15. please activate Alex_berthelot@aol.com user funky
  16. It should be in the models folder under people. If you're using the LA Mod you'll also have to unpack the .dds file. Los Angeles Mod 2.1>Models>Persons>03 LA Police Is where it should be. V30 files need to be opened in a 3D modeler like Blender or Zmodeler. I don't do modeling so I'm not too sure.
  17. I could make a video of the bug if that helps.
  18. Nice. So basically your Modern Siren Pack in GTA
  19. ABOUT : Doppler Shock Siren Pack is a sound modification that introduces current generation real-world siren tones to Emergency 4 - 911 First Responders, giving you a realistic siren's atmosphere. The siren pack will contain familiar siren brands heard on the front-lines, including but not limited to Whelen Engineering, Federal Signal Corporation, Code 3 PSE. and SoundOff Signal, and among other manufacture; allowing the user to have a variety of siren options to customize their in-game experiences. FEATURES : - Realistic volume leveling, doppler/reverb effects and seamless looping. - Singular, Dual and Low-Frequency Siren tones ( limited to certain siren models) - A versatile, wide selection of Police, Fire and EMS application siren tones for you to choose - all you have to do is re-name the audio file to the readable emergency 4 ( and its affiliated community modifications ) siren traits. - Can be used for your own private experiences, or in your public created modifications, for as long you reserve and adhere to crediting its author, me. See below. You may use this mod as long as you follow these terms: • Don't redistribute without my permission. • Don't edit any file and redistribute it without my permission. • I am not responsible for any damage that may be caused to your PC or game directory during a) the installation b) usage or c) removal of this mod. You are responsible for backing up your files! • If you want to include this mod in a pack, please contact me. Correct credits must be given at ALL times. This modification is still a work in progress, but expected to be released soon. I will upload a video to preview some of the sirens available in the pack. Please be sure to subscribe to this thread for any future updates/development progress.
  20. Hi I am not getting the verification email while signing up on my email adress (I've tryed with 2 email adresses). I've also tryed the "resend" option, still, no reaction. I'll be pleased if someone could help me with it :))
  21. Please forgive me i do not have any experience with 3d modeling
  22. if you guys have a copy of the game please send dl link
  23. Hi everyone im having a problem,i want to make a skin for a police officer using GIMP but i dont know where to get the file of the skin of the officer, in what section of the files is it?(im using la mod V.3.1 for the base mod) If u can help me it would be appriciated. P.s this mod is going to be private at least for now. Thx and how can i open VMO and V30 files?
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