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EMERGENCY Operator - new game from the Emergency creators

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Honestly, this is just a 911 Operator clone.

If the point is to compete in the genre, then 16T needs to do more. The "true" world map is nice but they'd need more like having region specific images for emergency vehicles. They could also adapt the systems to operate per country. That would actually give depth to this gameplay type than just generic police and fire for every country on earth.

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I just checked it on the App Store and it doesn't look like an original idea. There were already such games as 911 Operator, 112 Operator (these two were made by the same produer - Jutsu Games), Rescue Operator - 112 (or whatever it is called in English) and then we have this game. I haven't played any of these yet, because I have to first get them.

From what I read in the description of the EMERGENCY Operator game, this one seems to be a competitive one, while Rescue Operator - 112 is based on Cooperation more. 911 and 112 Operator games are singleplayer only with Steam Workshop support. Maybe when the time comes, I'll give them all a try.

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