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  1. I'm just wondering, who thought turning stop signs into pseudo traffic lights was a good idea? I figured out, that this is why the area gets clogged up with traffic. Redirecting just adds more fuel to the fire, because you can redirect cars only once.
  2. I'm gonna say it again: If you don't like a game, you can just not play it and leave it for people who will actually enjoy it.
  3. Nevermind, I found out, that WinRAR and 7-bit are Windows 11 compactible. Can someone close this topic please?
  4. So, just now I have run into an issue related to ModInstaller.exe. I have downloaded Emergency 4 on my new Windows 11 PC and I simply can't unpack mods. I have installed Miami-Dade Modification and Montana Mod V 2.5 and I can't unpack them even though they're in the Mods folder. I understand this is an old game, but is there a possible fix to this or perhabs a workaround? Edit: Now that I think about it, maybe I have to download WinRAR and 7-zip manually but will that work on Windows 11? I heard some time ago, that they're dropping support for these apps or something like that. Please correct me.
  5. As someone who's still playing EMHQ, it's fine as it is. It's not the best mobile game you can play out there, but I get what do you mean. My only complain about it is the optimization. I have Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 and I'm afraid of actually playing with higher fps setting than 30. I've heard too many stories about Xiaomi devices exploding due to overheating. EMERGENCY mobile? Before swapping phones in 2020 and 2021 I was revisiting it every 2 months. I kinda wish it would still recieve attention from the devs. Yes, I'm kinda late to the franchise, as I found it randomly in 2015.
  6. As someome who faced far worse communities than EM4 one, this, over here.
  7. Is that happening when opening Freeplay? If yes, why don't you try verifying the files?
  8. Now that the mod is out, I think, that the name of this forum should be changed to not cause any misconfusion.
  9. I just checked it on the App Store and it doesn't look like an original idea. There were already such games as 911 Operator, 112 Operator (these two were made by the same produer - Jutsu Games), Rescue Operator - 112 (or whatever it is called in English) and then we have this game. I haven't played any of these yet, because I have to first get them. From what I read in the description of the EMERGENCY Operator game, this one seems to be a competitive one, while Rescue Operator - 112 is based on Cooperation more. 911 and 112 Operator games are singleplayer only with Steam Workshop support. Maybe when the time comes, I'll give them all a try.
  10. I'm sorry for quoting the wrong person. Now I can't edit it back.
  11. Have you tried reinstalling the mod? Have you tried reinstalling the mod?
  12. It's happy, that you are fine. Keep up the good work.
  13. I think you have to unpack the package that is inside and that's it. I did it by copying the content and pasting it in the folder of the mod.
  14. You're doing a good job! Keep it up!
  15. That's okay. I hope it'll be fixed in the next version. Anyways, about reportinjg bugs i found them in missions ,,Bomb Scare at the Cinema complex" and ,,A train is about to ram into the station concourse" missions. Since i begin these missions there are already casualties, that are not visible on the map. The ,,Remove all victims" objective is also seen. Once the second phase in the Cinema mission begins, the 3 persons trapped under rubble start out dead. In the station mission after the cutscene i can hear one person die. These deaths affect the total outcome of the mission limitimg the maximum score (in mission 11 it's limited to 91% and in mission 13 - to around 95% [maximum is 96% i think, but i didn't got a screenshot of it. Anyways, on the one i posted here i got 95%, because i coudn't find some of the persons and evacuate them in time I don't even know, where they are.]) ).
  16. The new script for rescue helicopter works fine without any issues. The video in ,,Bomb scare at the cinema complex" mission is now visible. I knew something was not right with scripts and i was about to say, that this bug existed. However, the soundtracks are still not okay. The ID number of the track set has to be the same in soundtracks.xml file and in mission script. I decided to share you the zip file with the fixes, that i think you should use in the next version of this mod. There tracks start from number 41 (the same is done in mission scripts), because i thought of people, that decided to make the missions avaible with any modification for themselves (just like itchboy did with his Project Nostalgia submod). Emergency_3_Mod_Soundtrack_Fixes.zip I tested it and everything worked fine for me, so it should also for you. Emergency_3_Mod_Soundtrack_Fixes.zip
  17. Hi. I'm here once again to say, that i finally fixed the problem by myself. That number of replies might be annoying to you, but i finally found a solution for it. In soundtracks.xml file i changed the index numbers for soundtracks. Now they start from number 41 instead of 26. I also fixed the soundtrack for mission ,,Bomb Scare at the cinema complex".
  18. Oh. Alright. Also, i found out the solution for the soundtracks, because this version did not fixed it fully. Right now i'm browsing the files in Scripts > Game > Mission and it seems like the problem is there, not in soundtracks.xml file. For an example: In ,,21.script" file (for ,,Road Accident on a Construction Site" there is written ,,Audio::PlaySoundtrack("41", 0.0f);" Number 41 in the soundtracks.xml file stands for ,,Illegal Demonstration" mission. I don't think i can fix it by myself (in all next mission scripts after ,,25.script" there is no ,,Audio::PlaySoundtrack"[insert soundtrack number]" [insert number, from which one it starts]f" or something smiliar). I hope this small information will actually help you fix this problem. In other words: The issue is in mission scripts, not in the soundtrack file.
  19. A question. What's the purpose of these Multi-Lanuage files?
  20. That's alright. Not everyone has a lot of free time.
  21. It must be done in the editor (the middle option, when opening the game). After opening the editor, you have to click on ,,Modifications" option and choose the mod on which you have problem. I would recommend watching some tutorials on youtube, before opening editor - there is a lot of stuff you woudn't understand. I'm just gonna in this comment guide you on how to fix these things. Anyways, you'll need to open the map you want to edit (Rebember, that reuploading the mod you edited is highly prohibited). In top left corner there should be few options. Move cursor on ,,Map" -> ,,Load Map (has to be clicked) -> click ,,No" on the pop up screen (it's for saving a map. The one you start on, when opening editor is the default.e4m place, on which there is nothing, so no need to save it) -> Choose the map you want to change. Keep in mind, that the missions in the editor are not placed like when you open the game. Do these things: - Railway Bridges - I had to raise them up. To raise or lower objects you have to hold left mouse and ,,alt" key, - Platforms on train stations rotated in an awful way - I just simply rotated them. Same applies for railings, which are also rotated like platforms, - Road Bridges - You can't fix it in the editor. I decided to replace models and prototypes of bridges with the one from Base Game by copying files. It worked (the texture did not changed however), but i had to do one other thing: In last Mission (Terrorist Attack: Dirty Bomb) the bridge through which units enter and leave the map doesn't have a ,,Em3" in their name in the editor (bridges with it come with this mod). Before or after changing bridges by replacing files i had to replace bridge on that map with the one that had Em3 in it's name. Why? Well, before replacing files with bridges the ones with with Em3 tag look exactly the same as the one without, - Railway crossing barriers not working - Their default animation has to be set to ,,opend", otherwise they'll always be closed. Click on railway crossing barrier, then ,,Properties" and then in bottom left corner of the window, that should pop up there are all avaible animations for that object/vehicle/person etc. Choose ,,opend" and then ok. Don't forget about saving the map.
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