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Updates on modding

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Skin modification is available for most vehicles, including the ladder boards. Currently they're on our discord. We have a lot of skin creators and it would be exciting to see more creations! Feel free to make and upload skins, all templates are in the discord and I can bring them all over here to the page if there is interest.

Gear skin template is available, but not implemented just yet, it will be shortly.


Map creation can be started now in UE4. Create your own map with friends, learn to optimize and work in a real AAA game engine! There are a ton of tutorials on how to begin. The original game map can't be modified for certain reasons, but you can create your own map as large or small as you want. The ITF plugin with the ability to place the emergencies will be coming in a month apx. 

We hope there is some interest! Sorry for the delayed update!

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