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  1. Skin modification is available for most vehicles, including the ladder boards. Currently they're on our discord. We have a lot of skin creators and it would be exciting to see more creations! Feel free to make and upload skins, all templates are in the discord and I can bring them all over here to the page if there is interest. Gear skin template is available, but not implemented just yet, it will be shortly. Map creation can be started now in UE4. Create your own map with friends, learn to optimize and work in a real AAA game engine! There are a ton of tutorials on how to begin. The original game map can't be modified for certain reasons, but you can create your own map as large or small as you want. The ITF plugin with the ability to place the emergencies will be coming in a month apx. We hope there is some interest! Sorry for the delayed update!
  2. Today I bring more new UV templates for the vehicle skinning, the plugin is delayed by a little bit due to some issues, but it's coming out soon!
  3. Today we put in some work, Chris07 did work with adding SCBA's to the hazmat, riot officer, high viz jacket, and coroner! We also worked on the new utility belt for the officers including Itchboy's taser model, my own models for the utility belt pouches, and apx8000! The coroner has also received a new manual ferno : Next up we have oil spills coming :
  4. Yeah, none of this makes a difference in "limiting potential". its the code that makes a difference and the mod and what the person did. Windows XP doesn't unlock a secret door in emergency. I use a 3700x, 3080, 64 gigs of ram, so technically by that spec by your terms I should basically be locked out of EM4 because I'm too "high end". that's not the case. It works fine. I'd recommend probably not going and blowing money on a system from 2005 that literally won't run anything else unless you're doing it as a collector or nostalgia stuff. Also have fun with all the used GPUs from the time period. They need maintenance like new paste. its gonna be 10+ years old lol. It will not run 4k. 4k is for 2070Super+ GPUs.
  5. These are the official UV templates to be inserted through UE
  6. Hi all, thank you for adding this section! You may have seen me previously on the site, I'm one of the moderators/staff at Into the Flames. The developer is introducing mod support to the game! Myself and any staff that joins or on discord will be happy to assist you as best we can, I will do my best to keep the latest info in here relating to mods and support! Also our discord will contain the latest up to date info on patches/bug fixes, and other news! Requirements for modification: UE 4.27.1 A legal copy of Into the Flames Visual Studio https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HNOPRtDObn4cSMviivCgpea5Ygts208PRjr_V69QWEk/edit The SDK will becoming within approximately a week, and more documentation. The official Discord of Fully Involved Game Studios: https://discord.gg/DGMYVaT More info to come soon!
  7. Yeah so... I'm hijacking our post back to bring you County of Northview (if a mod could please update the name!) This mod is very much still an alpha, but to sum it up, here's where we're at so far. The focus is NVCoFD, NEMSA EMS, and NVPD. We have new scripts : limited water supply, single person gurney, traffic debug (we needed it badly), the "updated" parking script, taser. Chris07 did some amazing skin work and I've made a bunch of new models you will be seeing around the map such as new billboards, parking meters that randomly flash expired (yellow blinking on the screen), a new beach, new buildings, a new Phenix 1500 for the firefighters, new Motorla apx8000 (yellow radio for fire, black for ems), some new equipment, the KME engine, a new squad, EMS Ground and Air each have their own gurney style and more! This project went from a small update to a full scale new iteration.
  8. do you likey the big sausage me boyyyyyyyyy?

  9. Thank you both, it looks much better.
  10. New fire particles? Can you please send the link?
  11. On a technical level, em5 is apparently much easier to mod. BUT. It requires 3ds max, which is out of the budget for most of us unless we get a student deal on it, and even then its still expensive. And it's full capabilities haven't really been tested from what I've seen. theres some germans working on it, we'll see what happens.
  12. It was, that's why I spent over a week on the new truck, then we pulled the water tanker since it was useless without lws and put another engine in it's place. Thanks fam, multiplayer is fine, we just don't want it being used as a clan mod is all. Especially since I'm the hate mail taker. We greatly appreciate it!
  13. Thanks @Chris07. My final cut is different and I've made it my personal playground. For now, its for my testing purposes because i ended up still not being 100% happy with final release because most of my time was consumed with the new truck. On that note, it allowed me to openly experiment and make more interesting things. In current state, the "update" is private. But, I may throw a screenshot here or there depending on progress. This was from some time ago now. I thought it would be fun to share.
  14. what mod? some require nnarco's corona pack
  15. new clans are good, especially with it picking back up since steam launch a bit. totally worth looking into, a lot of stuff out there now.
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