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    • Stan

      Maintenance update   02/07/2016

      Dear community,   After three weeks of issues we moved our site to a new dedicated root server. We fixed a lot of bugs with this release. All downloads up to 1Gb filesize should be downloadable for everyone.   Encountering any kind of issues? Make a post in the website/forum support.   Regards, Stan
    • Stan

      Paid Referral Links   02/11/2016

      Hello,     From now on we will be disallowing any referral links on our site. This is not the place to earn money directly or indirectly. Anyone found sharing paid shortened links or referral links to earn money might lose his account.     Reason for this:     We are providing this service free of charge, putting our own free time in this and paying monthly fees on our own costs to keep this free service running. So why should anyone else make money from something they don’t pay to use?     So in short from now on we will be warning and banning users abusing or misusing referal links.     Regards,     Stan          

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  3. Coming soon in the Next Version Medflght/Law Enforcement Copter Working ARFF No Captains Ambulance Fixs
  4. RTS Bieberfelde Mod

    Its in the downloads section
  5. So I decided to drop back here after discovering 911 FR on Steam and reliving the nostalgia... And I find this?! I'm very very excited and can't wait for this to come out! This will definitely rekindle my old love for this game, it's very nice to still see an active modding community after all these years. Great job guys, the units look amazing! I love the detail on the skins and that USAR model is just awesome!
  6. mod downloading

    Is the mod you are trying to download a .e4mod file or a folder?
  7. Is it a .e4mod file or a folder?
  8. As I said before,the old version was dated and not up to our standards and was removed. It will be replaced by this new project once completed.
  9. No there was a old version that was released and this is WIP new version
  10. Helping Peter Mod Crash

    Hey Everyone, I have been experiencing problems with the Helping Peter mod. It crashes whenever I try to click the green "free" button on the status. Can anyone help me fix it or is it a problem with my computer? Thanks.
  11. Free Camera Plugin

    This plugin allows you to pitch the camera and adjust the height of the camera in a way the vanilla game dont allow. This makes it even better to create screenshots. Finally it is compatible to all available mods This is the simple Readme which explains the controls Have Fun PS:And a huge thanks to den-fellow from 16t who explained me how to enable the Skybox
  12. Its because the prototypes you assigned to be created are incorrect. Make sure the listed prototypes correspond to the prototype names of your mod.
  13. Because this mod topic was created before the 'modding concept' page was created. The rule is not retroactive to it only covers posts made after 2015. This topic is from way back in 2009 so it doesnt have to be moved. On the other hand, if you find something from 2015 and newer, let us know. Please avoid off topic discussion, keep it about the mod. If you have issues with the organization, use the site help section instead.
  14. Hi Gabriel. The creators of this mod mentioned that it will be released most likely either at the end of this month or probably at the end of next month..if you look at one of the posts in August it clearly said that they will need at least 1 to 2 extra months to complete the whole mod. But it may take longer depending on their life schedule.
  15. Yesterday
  16. So is this mod released because its in the released section and I dont see any download links
  17. [WIP] THE RED WATCH aka RCMP mod (in SLOW progress)

    Is this mod not in the wrong section? When you click mods it says its for mods close to release or released mods and updated mods but this mod has no release date so why is it not in the development section?
  18. Many mods not in the correct sections

    Also im not sure what section this topic should be posted in the others seemed to only be related to development so I posted here please let me know if its supposed to be somewhere else
  19. Many mods not in the correct sections

    So I see that for EM4 the topic for Mods states its for mods close to release, mods that are released, and updated mods however I see that the greater majority of mods in that section are mods in development when they should be in the category of mods in development and not mods. It probably annoys the devs when someone asks about release dates but when the mod itself is in the soon to be released or released section and some mods just starting are in there it becomes a little confusing for people.
  20. How do you install mods?

    welp looks like im just blind af lmao
  21. How do you install mods?
  22. How do you install mods?

    any screenshots? Thanks.
  23. How do you install mods?

    when you want to start the game a launching screen appears (not the main menue) where you can choose "Modifications.
  24. RTS Bieberfelde Mod

  25. The latest Le Journal du Vancouver Métropolitain! https://Not permittedhSTVURYvup Thanks to @thebrewerydist @LabourMrktTrend #sports #bcpoli

  26. RTS Bieberfelde Mod

    Hey Everyone, I just downloaded the english translation for RTS, but I cannot find a link for the original german version to transfer the files at all. Does anyone have a link to the download page? If anyone has the mod, maybe you could give me the file? I looked everywhere but can't find any download. Thanks.
  27. I pulled this straight out of Bieberfelde so 100% of the credit on this one goes to them, however if you put this script in your game and assign the command GenRD to a person, when you click the button a random EMS call happens. Essentially your game finds a random Ped and basically kills them... Again, I didn't come up with this, I just dug through what they had because I remember there being a menu where you could spawn all sorts of calls. And I'm pretty sure they wouldn't want anyone to publish this into their mod without permission/crediting at the very least. Pretty cool script though! object GenRD : CommandScript//Zufälliger RD einsatz { GenRD() { SetIcon("heal"); SetRestrictions(RESTRICT_SELFEXECUTE); } bool CheckTarget(GameObject *Caller, Actor *Target, int linie) { return Caller->GetID()==Target->GetID(); } void PushActions(GameObject *Caller, Actor *Target, int ChildID) { System::Log("GenRD"); if(Mission::GetCounter("Injured Persons")<11){ PersonList pl(ROLE_CIVILIAN); Person opfer; int oid=Math::rand()%(pl.GetNumPersons()*2/3); for(int i=0;i<pl.GetNumPersons()&&oid>-1;i++){ if(!pl.GetPerson(i)->IsDead()&&!pl.GetPerson(i)->IsInjured()&&pl.GetPerson(i)->IsInsideMap()){ if(oid==0){opfer=Person(pl.GetPerson(i));oid--; }else oid--; } } int id=-1; int zu=Math::rand()%6; switch(zu){ case 0: Mission::PlayComment("ID_SUPERV_EVENT21"); id=Game::ShowEvent("ID_FREEPLAY_EVENT_HEARTATTACK", opfer.GetPosition()); break; case 1: Mission::PlayComment("ID_SUPERV_EVENT17"); id=Game::ShowEvent("ID_FREEPLAY_EVENT_FALL", opfer.GetPosition()); break; case 2: Mission::PlayComment("ID_SUPERV_EVENT19"); id=Game::ShowEvent("ID_FREEPLAY_EVENT_CIRCULATORY_COLLAPSE", opfer.GetPosition()); break; case 3: Mission::PlayComment("ID_SUPERV_EVENT20"); id=Game::ShowEvent("ID_FREEPLAY_EVENT_FOOD_POISONING", opfer.GetPosition()); break; case 4: Mission::PlayComment("ID_SUPERV_EVENT18"); id=Game::ShowEvent("ID_FREEPLAY_EVENT_SHOCK", opfer.GetPosition()); break; case 5: Mission::PlayComment("ID_SUPERV_EVENT22"); id=Game::ShowEvent("ID_FREEPLAY_EVENT_STROKE", opfer.GetPosition()); break; } char nam[10];snprintf(nam,10,"%i",id); Person on=Game::CreatePerson(opfer.GetPrototypeFileName(),nam); on.SetEnteredHouseID(opfer.GetEnteredHouseID()); on.SetPosition(opfer.GetPosition()); opfer.PushActionDeleteOwner(ACTION_NEWLIST); on.AssignCommand("GenRD"); on.Injure(INJUREREASON_UNKNOWN, false); on.SetLife(Math::rand()%900+100); on.SetInjuredLifeDrain(Math::rand()%4); } } };
  28. Last week
  29. Hi all, I am essentially working with a modified version of the LA Battalion Chief script, and the problem that I am having is that the game spawns the vehicle and sends it to the command position, however the game is failing to spawn the crews and thus the vehicles are basically useless. The log file states: |Loading Model mod:Models\Vehicles\02MutualAidFire\Union City E113\E1.v3o |[VNUM=1.43] |Model contains 41258 vertices, 14510 polygons, 0 bones, 0 muscleanimframes |Loading Model mod:Models\Vehicles\02MutualAidFire\Union City E113\ENGINE1_door01.v3o |[VNUM=1.43] |Model contains 84 vertices, 28 polygons, 0 bones, 0 muscleanimframes ?Prototype not found: ?Prototype not found: ?Prototype not found: ?Prototype not found: Where it says ?Prototype not found: should be the 4 firefighters that I want the game to spawn. On another note, when I dispatch a patrol car via the same method it spawns with a crew, and so do tech vehicles; though EMS is also failing to spawn with a crew. Any thoughts? I've included a code snippit below. Vehicle s; Person p21; Person p22; Person p23; Person p24; s = Game::CreateVehicle(OBJ_E113, UNNAMED); //Engine 113 p21 = Game::CreatePerson(PROTO_FF, UNNAMED); p22 = Game::CreatePerson(PROTO_FF_SCBA, UNNAMED); p23 = Game::CreatePerson(PROTO_FF_SCBA, UNNAMED); p24 = Game::CreatePerson(PROTO_FF_SCBA, UNNAMED); s.SetPlayerMP(Caller->GetPlayerMP()); p21.SetPlayerMP(Caller->GetPlayerMP()); p22.SetPlayerMP(Caller->GetPlayerMP()); p23.SetPlayerMP(Caller->GetPlayerMP()); p24.SetPlayerMP(Caller->GetPlayerMP()); p21.SetUpgradeLevel(3); p22.SetUpgradeLevel(3); p23.SetUpgradeLevel(3); p24.SetUpgradeLevel(3); s.SetSpeed(10.0f); s.SetMaxPassengers(6); s.SetMaxTransports(0); s.AddPassenger(&p21); s.AddPassenger(&p22); s.AddPassenger(&p23); s.AddPassenger(&p24); s.SetPosition(Spawn); s.UpdatePlacement(); s.Hide(); s.PushActionTurnTo(ACTION_NEWLIST, Rotate); s.PushActionWait(ACTION_APPEND, 27.5f); Mission::PlayHint(HINT_UNIONCITYE113); s.PushActionShowHide(ACTION_APPEND, false); s.PushActionMove(ACTION_APPEND, CmdPos); if (Game::IsMission()) s.RemoveCommand("VcmdToFireStation"); if (!s.HasCommand(DUMMY_HASSIREN) && s.HasCommand(CMD_AUTOSIREN_OFF) && !Input::LShiftPressed() && !Input::RShiftPressed()) Game::ExecuteCommand(CMD_SIREN, &s, &s); } };
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