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Emergency 5 Release date and screenshots!

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Dear Community,

We got a news from the front, from the publisher to be precise, Koch Media GmbH announced the game to be released on 30th of October 2014. The game will be available in standard and in deluxe version.

Want to read more? Then go on! There's more info! :happy:Get ready for the rescue operation

EMERGENCY 5 ready for sale in October 2014 - and in August, already at the Gamescom!

Download attachment: 20140806_E5_screenshot_01.jpg

Major fire at the Cathedral of Cologne, anger on the Reeperbahn and an avalanche in the Bavarian Alps - in EMERGENCY 5, the newest part of the successful rescue strategy series, it goes on "hot"again. At the Gamescom 2014, the title will be presented to the public. Sixteen Tons Entertainment and Deep Silver publish EMERGENCY 5 on October 30, 2014 for PC.

Download attachment: 20140806_E5_screenshot_03.jpg

EMERGENCY 5 is the newest part of the rescue series from Germany. The first part appeared in 1998, since then the series has been continued with growing success.

In EMERGENCY 5 for PC, the player directs thrilling rescue missions at three extensive and detailed maps. For this purpose the pool of vehicles and emergency services grow gradually and ensures that each unit is on the right place on the right time – who has always wanted to direct fire, police, paramedics and technical forces, is on the right place. It depends mainly on the right strategy to stop the chaos

Download attachment: 20140806_E5_screenshot_05.jpg

In the course of extensive campaign, smaller events alternate with extensive large-scale events, thus ensuring many hours of exciting gameplay. Before that, the player can complete an integrated tutorial, during which he meets the basic mechanisms and functions of the game. A cooperative game mode allows up to four players to solve special multiplayer events. There will also be a Versus multiplayer mode for the first time.

Download attachment: 20140806_E5_screenshot_06.jpg

One of the highlights of EMERGENCY 5 is the newly developed editor which allows the player himself to create and edit game content. And due to the newly developed graphics engine EMERGENCY 5 shines in a new - and physically correctly calculated - light.

Download attachment: 20140806_E5_screenshot_04.jpg

EMERGENCY 5 will be available starting October 30, 2014 for PC in retail. The game is developed by Sixteen Tons Entertainment in Tübingen and published by Deep Silver.

Download attachment: 20140806_E5_screenshot_02.jpg

At the Gamescom 2014, the title will be presented to the public for the first time in detail. The game can be found and played at the Deep Silver stand in Hall 9.1 B11 / C10.


  • Hundreds of hours of game-play with thrilling large-scale operations: Due to the always changing issuing rescue operations and disasters, surprising situations are waiting on the player.
  • 3 stunning cards (4 for the Deluxe version): The player is responsible for the cities of Munich, Hamburg and Berlin, in the Deluxe version, Cologne is available as a bonus. The cities are modeled from the real life examples with great attention to detail.
  • About 20 Operations and aircraft units: Many different vehicles of police, fire, emergency services and technical task forces wait for the player.
  • Multiplayer: Co-op mode for up to four players on the Free Play maps including special multiplayer events. There is also for the first time a versus mode.
  • New graphic effects: The newly developed engine provides the best EMERGENCY graphics ever. Not a single byte, not a pixel was taken over by the predecessors!
  • Completely revamped controls: EMERGENCY 5 is intuitive and easy to use. The interactive tutorials ensures that even beginners find their way quickly.
  • Complex game world: The game world of EMERGENCY 5 is a complex simulation in which unforeseen events and various approaches are possible.
  • Powerful Editor: In the editor, players can create their own maps and even work on the same project as a team together for the first time!
Special Deluxe Edition content:
  • Bonusmap of Cologne (Köln)
  • City Maps
  • Limited Herpa Miniature-Modell

Visit the product page of Emergency 5 or Emergency 5 Deluxe

Click here to view the article

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Will this be like Emergency 2012 where you have to use a limited number or like Em4 where you can buy as many as you want with your budget

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Any idea if there'll be an English release intially, or will the UK/US versions be at a later date?


I wonder about this as well, especially for the Deluxe version.  I'd really like to get the Deluxe, but I wonder if it'll only be in German like EM4...

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I'm pretty sure there will be an English version since it's the official national language...

When did English become the official national language of Germany?
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I'm pretty sure there will be an English version since it's the official national language...

You mean international language? This looks awesome. I want Emergency 5 and GTA 5 (PC) for Christmas! 

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First time logging in in months and my first  positive vote and it says I've reached my quota for the day. 

I was trying to like heyjoojoo post.  I agree 100% 
Nice images, but are the the cut scene movie images or are they gameplay images???

All in all from what I've read and seen it looks great. 
The road builder  will be awesome and will be interesting to see if there are any limitations. Nothing crazy. I wonder will the roads account for inclines the vehicles run into problems with on mods and won't allow them.   It will be interesting to see how the lane markup variety offered.  We have that shared turn lane, so I wonder if they already have it. Also would the traffic be able to handle that as well.  You guys know the middle lane that you can drive into from either direction to make a turn? That's what I'm talking about.   The initial selling point when they announced the game in 2013 was a bigger map so I will assume this is so even though no mention of it. I would have thought they would have shown a little bit of that aspect that it is bigger.  I like the weather conditions feedback I heard.  I hope issues related to those conditions will be part of the game as well.   The same with some public works.  Can't have snow and no snow plow truck right???!!!   

I see tall buildings in some pics, but are the accessible?  And with more than one entrance!!!

Path intelligence...
Nice feedback on that, but I too wonder how much smarter will it be in some aspects.  Will cars move over for vehicles intelligently??  I'm not talking sidewalks.  We all know people don't drive on sidewalks to move for emergency vehicles. At least not in the USA. Sometimes they don't move at all. Lol! Not really funny, but you get the point.    Will cars redirect intelligently such as  when a lane is blocked will it change lanes when directed by police, police car, flares, cones accident?   The same when redirected to turn around for road closed, etc... 

The same goes for people redirection. EM4 we had to keep revisiting our police because people kept finding away to get around them.  I'd like it to be more realistic with redirecting them.  It would be nice to have a block command and a scatter command.  This way blocking would mean people would simply not pass a point.  Scatter would be more for dangerous situations that involve shooting or possible explosions.  But I shouldn't have to come back to that command.
Will cars have smarter AI for various intersections?
Not just stop lights, but stop signs, yield signs, not jamming up intersections needlessly. I know it can happen, but many times the lights would stop cycling because of the "zone" so the traffic stopped in all directions.
Will the vehicles travel in the road and not across sidewalks and various areas that really was not realistic.  Oh... and please no stuck ambulances where the paramedics get out and cart the victim to the hospital. / 8

Got off track.  Building roofs.  Accessible?
More control over fire truck ladders to determine where they reach.  Fireman ladders for house fires. Is this part of the game?
Will there be ground events? sink holes, manholes, basements of buildings, etc... just you know like the cars under water in EM4?   Smarter pointers for elevated roads?  There appeared to be a problem with EM4 and overpasses. Not sure if that was because of Mod design. 

I see more vehicles.. 
Hopefully a separate police chopper from swat chopper.  / 8
Smarter K9 and search dogs that don't get lost or detached from the unit that we can no longer interact with.  The same with the bomb squad.

Hopefully more equipment... not endless. Make this part of our budget too.    

More command options per vehicle..
Since vehicles have radios we should be able to issue radio commands/communications from the vehicle and not just from a police, fire, ems.   Public works should be able to provide general calls too: Police, Fire, Ems for what's in their range.

More command options per entity... 
Again based off La 1.9 style.  Police should be able to call all police specifically except swat or FBI.  There you might limit to a captain which there was none in EM4 like they did fire and ems.  Police can call for tow trucks. Fire trucks for fire or accident so they get the right people there. This is much more fun and realistic for me rather than going back to the station to call someone out.  Same with fire. They should be able to call the light and heavy weight vehicles and specify the need.  Fire chief and ems captain should be able to call the ambulance for multiple victims. I know this can be coded, but really it should already be there. 

It sounded as if I might get my wish of mixing in the missions with everyday freeplay.  If so that will make it more interesting as well. 

I hope they have done away with the exaggeration of easily exploding vehicles.  That was wildly overdone in my opinion previously.   The same with the fires that sometimes spread way too fast.   Now... if they have seasons of drought then that is different and can be implemented into the game as well.  So much that can be added.

Also not all car accidents or rescues require ambulance transport.  Not everyone should be down in a pool of blood.  That should mean a serious injury. Getting shoot multiple times should require quick emergency service, but in EM4 it did not. I would also like to be able to exam vehicles for number of victims in a vehicle rather than depending on  carcutter highlighting a vehicle.  

Finally... the editor and SDK...
The editor sounds nice, but as someone said I hope the file types allow for modelers to use their preferred app.  Z Modeler worked and then it didn't work and there were the locked files, etc...  Open up the how-to rather than limit it to a select few.   The same with the SDK.  I couldn't get info on that for nothing and finally got it, but by then new version was talked about so I just limited my time to doing some minor stuff to extend the life of EM4 and prepare for EM5. 
The game is nice, but I'd like to believe having the information for Modding more out in the open will increase revenue.  Making it easier to build Mods should do the same.   Consistency as well.  I created accidents. No problem. As soon as I created a big bus accident with 15-20 victims things didn't work right. Debris would not disappear sometimes. Not just on the what I created, but what came from the actual Mod builder as well.    Rotation of vehicles could be painful too. Well until you knew the trick which seems like no trick at all once you know it right? 

In any case I will buy the new version when it comes out and hopefully run my house even crazier with more than just "resist! resist!" chants. Lol!   And hopefully in 2015 I can get my first Mod out with most of whatever I'm talking about that might not be included in the game... in it.  

n00bingtarget... I wanted to like that poster too, but for some reason the forum said I've exceed my maximum even though I haven't been here for months.   But your post speaks to my feels exactly!!!!!   

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