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  1. You add it as an attachtment. Try to reinstall all of your mods. Delete and install again. Or just reinstall everything.
  2. This is unfortunately only done in single player mode. Mods like RTS and Wegberg, and other uppcoming mods. However I don't think anny of these will have multiplayer feature. Maybe wait for EM 5 ...
  3. MAN LE 14.220 Enigne Type "UK" A MAN engine, fictional, but with inspiration from real UK. Authors: Chidea, Alex03, Hennefer95, Geronimo EKIA, Florian B./Florian, DerLukas
  4. MAN 14.280 Tanker Type "UK" A MAN tanker, purely fictional, but with inspiration from real UK Authors: Chidea, Alex03, Hennefer95, Geronimo EKIA, Florian B./Florian
  5. Then you need to edit the .tga file in photoshop or something similar. Then import it to the original freeplay map and then finish the editing in the editor.
  6. Maybe I will have to take a trip down to Cologne ..... just maybe, but its tempting though.....
  7. Haha lol ..... thats just wierd ......... but have no clues.... maby mr.Hoppha know .
  8. Thx and too bad .... suck at making cabins ..... but but
  9. Soo true !! then we wil have to replace them then
  10. Hey Soon to come more info! PICS Vehicles MAP
  11. Hey Bigg fan of your models !!! I have a question, or maybe its two... However wondered if I could make the Ford Transit, in NRW to a Low-Roof version, with your permission? Do you have this cabin ?
  12. CMORE WHY U NOT WORK........

  13. Ferdig med teori og FIFA - test! Ikke lenge igjen nĂ¥....

  14. Then you need to give yourself the permission to edit the config-file. It is most surely the reason for the CTD.

  16. It should say in the config file like this <var name="r_xres" value="1280" /> <var name="r_yres" value="1024" /> then you just fill in you desktop resolution. Mine would be like this <var name="r_xres" value="1920" /> <var name="r_yres" value="1200" />
  17. Have you set the right resolution in the config-file ? U need a porgram like FRAPS or DxTory to make screenshots .
  18. Yes i know... tried to circumvent it by adding it as a chid
  19. I have made a alpha skin, and it looks right. But the lightbar which is a Child is affected by the alpha-settings on the vehicle. How do I make them unaffected of each other ?
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