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  1. I've played Emergency 4 for some time and I'm currently playing the Bieberfelde Mod with a few friends. Whilst it's all working well, one thing we do often is set up staging areas etc to work together. However, unless at a station, it can sometimes be hard to describe where to go, or where something is needed. I don't believe there's a way to 'ping' a location on the map (unless I'm blindly missing something), but does anyone have any methods to allow working with others more streamlined? To be able to quickly tell someone where you're looking at / where you need something to go? If not, we'll stick to the conventional methods of describing it but just wondered how anyone else handles it.
  2. I know other people have mentioned the parking script crashing the game, I was just wondering if anyone has any tricks to reduce or prevent it happening? I went a few weeks without a single issue using the parking script on this mod, I was doing some editor on the map but had to reinstall the mod since I may have broken the map but since I put it back on as a new install, I can't use the parking script at all. I instantly get kicked out of the game with no error or message to indicate why. I always make sure the vehicle engines are turned on first. I can (more often than not) put the parking box down but the moment I tell the vehicle to go, game closes. I know it's been mentioned as buggy but does anyone have any techniques or any ideas how to at least minimize it? Been awkward, not been able to park makes it much less immersive for me personally. Which is a shame as it's an amazing mod.
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm literally brand new to even attempting to mess about with Mod Files for EM4 (Although played the game for years, just never really wanted to see what makes the mod.. a mod). I've recently got the newest Harbour Mod and want to try changing the units to be that from London Mod for my own use, although I'm not too sure what needs moving and I wasn't able to find any tutorials that really help (Any recommendations?) Could someone tell me how I'd be able to swap the units around from the two mods and what I'd need to do to make it work? I've had a play around and managed to get the model in.. but just white. My second attempt left me to have a box saying "Model Missing" and my third attempt led to the unit not appearing at all. Any help? ^^ I'm just focusing on personnel right now.. I know Harbour uses some scripts for returning to station, etc.. so that'll no doubt be more difficult then personnel :'( Thanks!
  4. Awesome! Thanks alot! Definitely going to help us add a bit more of a 'realism' kind of element too it. :3
  5. Apologies if this isn't in the right topic, I wasn't really sure what it'd go under. I've also had a look around the forum, and search option but couldn't seem to find anything that could help us. Me and a friend of mine often enjoy playing EM4 [With mods such as LA, Harbour, etc]; but we've recently got put off by the fact we can never put in a "realistic" amount of detail into one scenario, without having to rush to another incident. Is there a way, and if possible; how? to make it so on multiplayer (With LA Mod, Harbor mod etc) so that one one Incident will occur at a time? We enjoy game-play where we can focus on one thing to put in lots of effort into it. Thanks!
  6. Okay so me and a friend often play EM4 together where we each control an island each (N and S); however, all incidents, big and small seem to always get diverted to where he is operating? I am usually the host of the games, we've tried swapping islands to see if that was why which failed as he still tended to get 95% of the calls. We use Harbor City mod, it also does the same when we use the London Mod. Is there any idea on why this happens? Thanks.
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