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    hardstyle, Audi <3

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  1. Version 1.0


    Canadair CL-415 "Firefighting plane" Today i upload my "Canadair CL-415" for everyone. It comes with 3 SKins (blank, canada & italy), a radarnose as child, original soundfile & red watercloud! ReadMe and Install.txt are included. Have fun with it and send me pictures from my plane in your mod regrats, RD_Saarland
  2. Haha...alter Sack, nun muss ich dich hier auch noch ertragen Meine Meinung kennst du ja...GEIILLLL!!!!!
  3. Wrong author...the right is "mibblitz" for the Ford Transit
  4. Yepp^^ In the next few days, i will come up with some old & new american models
  5. Yes, i build them for a private project. but i can't work on this project for a long time... Now everybody can use them
  6. Nice, that you use my Freight Trains Keep it Up!
  7. U can do it yourself if it's avaible to download
  8. Next one: Italian Version with radarnose: Now will come a French version, after that...maybe...avaible to download :laugh:
  9. i've only heard that we can't use zm2 or zm3 for em5. The rest of my infos are directly from the team (i was at the editor event in potsdam). But we had to wait and see how it works, if it's out.
  10. ZM2 or ZM3 can't export or Import .mesh So we must work with Autodesk :/
  11. they have changed all files V3o u can't use anymore. there's a "new" file called ".mesh" Problem is actually, that no one knows, how they texturized the new models. you can give single parts "metallic", "chrom" or "galss" shinning.... And at this Time, nobody knows who to create this "single" shining parts. With the actual Models u can't give them this because the texture. before i forgot: the programm which they work is "Autodesk 3ds Max" So we have to use new software and learning all things new.
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