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  1. Been a while since I posted here. Got some nice shots of the PSP new paint job. PSP Motor unit. Out of Pittsburg/Allegheny barrack Middlesex Township Police car Lifeflight 4 taking off Station 16 and 76 Vehicle extraction demo Attack 16 Rescue 22 Ladder 22
  2. Are you in driver seat a did you press m?
  3. Been looking for new info on this since ganscom but have seen nothing Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I am no Mac expert but most laptop it impossible to install a new graphics card. As for how to install it. Considering https://www.world-of-emergency.com/documents/mac_check_system_requirements_en.pdf "In case your Mac does not match one of the requirements above, EMERGENCY will most certainly not run in a satisfying way! Please buy the game only if all requirements are met." do have 8 GB of ram and i5 or i7 QUAD core at 3.5ghz?
  5. Well if recall they opposite what you expect so I would suggest trying it
  6. Did you try switching the 3840 and 2160. What about if you set it for 1920x1080
  7. Are you exiting the game and restarting it when switching mods? To provide more help we need you system specs log files and diagnostic info
  8. What setting do you have for graphics in the game. Have you tried lowering them?
  9. You have to login to access it. If you have no account you have to make one first
  10. Local fire Department got a new flag Pole donated. Also if you want to know when I upload new pictures the best place to find out will be https://www.facebook.com/photos.olesnevich.us/
  11. From Left to Right Rescue 15, Engine 15, Squad 15, Lifeflight 4. Squad 15-2 Fire Police (Behind Lifeflight 4), 45-1, Engine 15-7 and Tanker 15. Image taken from Ladde 15. Same line up from ground level Ladder 15, Engine 15-7, Lifeflight 4, Tanker 15, Rescue 15. Lifeflight 4 Lifeflight 4 side door Lifeflight 4 inside view side door Lifeflight 4 taking off Lifeflight 4 airborn shot 1 Lifeflight 4 airborn shot 2
  12. They show. Them. But the people talking about the game play and game play it self is in german Here a play list Bad news the game been delayed again. Good news there a demo. http://www.notruf112-simulator.de/demo/# Installer is in english but the game in german.
  13. Not only was he a moderator he was the source of information used to make the mod extremely accurate.
  14. A new game where you play as a dispatcher. 4 Days left in the Kickstarter, the game been fully funded. http://kck.st/29WugHh TheNorthenAlex did a video on it today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPbnVeMDLXM and it greenlighted for steam. http://store.steampowered.com/app/503560/
  15. Lifeflight 4 Based at butler County Airport in Penn Township. Landing at Butler Township Fire District station 3 for their open House. more photos can be found here
  16. . Yes which means you may have the issue i decribed. Go into the mods folder then into tye harbor city folder. What do you see.
  17. Make sure when you unzipped it did not create a second folder. If all you see in mod folder is one folder. Then this is what happen and why the game not seeing the mod
  18. So I currently have lots of photos I am working. Picture not yet posted on my site but coming in the near future. Mass Casual unit Pittsburgh city, photo taken during Gun 'n Rose Concert. Butler Fire District station 3 had an open house to official bring in service there new Rescue 3 and Engine 3, about 6 of these photos have already been posted. Also at this time I got photos Lifeflight 4 landing and many close up photos. Photos from Charleston, SC area and coming also soon the 2016 Saxonburg Fire Parade, which happens Thursday. I still have images for last year parade to work thru as well. Today I upload pictures of Harmony Fire District
  19. Should have no problems with those specs. Have you made em4 run as administrator and made the config file read only?
  20. What are your system specs.
  21. They used to have a car park by station 6, when they first add the feature. But I am not sure if still there.
  22. The mod was created for squad55 for their multiplayer games. the Supervisor cars EMS and Police and the Fire command cars are used by the offices in clan when they play. That the main reason there in the mod.
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