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  1. I played emergency call 112 game and when i get a call i cannot start the truck engine? what is wrong some bug?
  2. Yes but when I click on hose icon firefighter cant get hose.
  3. how to equip firefighter with hose? when I click on hose icon nothing happen. How to raise alarm for training firefighters? and how to choose new map?
  4. Why I dont get any call? I played for 15 minutes and didnt get any call? In video on youtube I saw some pager show up but I dont get any pager when I am playing but I do get beeps.
  5. Is this New York mod which was under development 3 years? Where can I download it?
  6. slovenc

    Wegberg Mod

    where can i download wegberg mod v3.51?
  7. slovenc

    Wegberg Mod

    i reinstalled wegberg mod and still have same problem
  8. slovenc

    Wegberg Mod

    When i click on campaign its first responders game not wegberg. i will reinstall wegberg mod and try again
  9. slovenc

    Wegberg Mod

    i click on wegberg mod(blue icon) then i click single player starten and after 5 seconds first responders 911 starts and than nothing. If i click free game its first responders game and not wegberg. if i go under modification in first responders 911 i cant click on wegberg mod icon. So i cant start wegberg mod. Thats my problem
  10. slovenc

    Wegberg Mod

    now i solved that problem i installed the mod but when i start first responders(modifications)i cant click on wegberg icon
  11. slovenc

    Wegberg Mod

    i solved the problem
  12. slovenc

    Wegberg Mod

    I cant run Wegberg mid 4.0. I downloaded it form this site:http://feuerwehr-wegberg.de/index.php/simulation/download and when i want to run setup my computer freez.
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