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    Features- More than 50 playable units from Los Angeles- Highly detailed and accurate models- A completely new freeplaymap- 10 new missions- New sirens- Directional lights and floodlights- Fire station, police station and hospital- Automatic weapons and ballistic shields- Police barricades, traffic cones and flares- Bomb robots and motorcycles- Emergency 4 Deluxe and 911:First Responders compatible- Multiplayer compatible- English translation and voices and much more... This content is not authorized for posting on Steam or any other platform, except with prior written authorization.
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    Version 0.6


    The United States Army Mod is a modification for Emergency 4 and based on the presence of the US military in a Middle-Eastern region. The mod features an entirely new map, several army and local (middle-eastern) emergency units, new events, unique units, a development tree and much much more. You can expect a total overhaul of the original game and fun and addictive gameplay! Important installation/play notes: 1. Remove any older US Army Mod installations (such as versions 0.4b and 0.5) 2. Download and extract the .zip package 3. Install the .e4mod file 4. Launch the game and load the US Army mod 5. Use the mission-menu and select 'Play United States Army Mod' to launch a new game The US Army mod is not freeplay nor multiplayer compatible! Don't forget to check out the US Army Mod Subforum for the latest news and discussions about this modification.
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    Hi guys, I finally got around to adding base OEM lights for the 2016 Chevrolet Tahoes made by Terrow and modified by Goog. I gave the model 4 different wig/wag speeds as per actual whelen headlight flasher patterns. I will give the models red/blue emerg. lights in the upcoming days and hope to show them off when I have time. Also, the Los Angeles Airport Police Utility finally got finished. I also changed out Terrow's tail light texture to a higher quality one. Left is old and right is new.
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    Version v1.3


    This is the latest version of the London Modification which includes a new edited freeplay map with various UK buildings and civil traffic along with updated units & personnel from the capital’s main emergency response services: The Metropolitan Police, London Ambulance Service & London Fire Brigade. Version 1.3 also includes new units from the City of London Police, British Transport Police & London’s Air Ambulance. Updates, information and any news about future versions of the mod can be found on the London Mod forum page: http://www.emergency-planet.com/topic/7861-london-mod-in-progress/#comment-98073
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    We talked and have decided to swap out the big bomb squad for the chevy truck version. EDIT- I switched out the 2012 Silverado cab for the 2016 model
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    Yes. The last update was last Thursday. I'm curious, what made you think the mod isn't being worked on? Model by EmC-Unit. Big thanks to him for allowing use of this model. This is going to be the MHP helicopter, however this is not the final model, it will have to be edited into the OH-58A first.
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    Hello,our plan for the small station is to make it a LA county fire hall staffed with these 2 units...the engine still needs a bit of work on the back to be complete.
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    I got the LAAP and LAPP units done...just need to make some new wheels for the Caprice. Models-Itchboy/Goog Skin-Goog
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    Version 5.0.5


    About This File AUTHOR BLACKOUT For Version 5.0.5 Current Status: Released Completion Date: OCTOBER 24.2018 Completion: 100% Release Date: FEBRUARY 08, 2019 Creators of this file is originating from SQUAD 55Squad 55 is always accepting new applications! GENERAL - WASD can now be used to move the map around just as the arrow keys do - Added new Harbor City Icon (Kicks) - Updated loading screen text to "Loading Harbor City 5" - Updated error text - Updated siren script for new vehicles - Updated flashing lights script for new vehicles - House Search Script for non-enterable buildings (Trocks) - Created new UI Icon for Primary lights on and off - Created new UI Icon for Secondary lights on and off - New Loading Screen - Texaco building and objects changed to BP skin (Kicks) - Removed previously recorded high scores - Edited the in game call text and removed all box numbers (Kicks and Blackout) - Edited the Fire alarm script so it does not have Box numbers - Removed all American, Australian, Canadian, and UK flags - New Harbor City Flag added to Harbor City - Designed by Kicks - New deployment menu icon for Fire category - Maltese cross glows when moused over / selected - New deployment menu icon for Police category - Lighthouse shines when moused over / selected - New deployment menu icon for EMS category - Star of life staff glows when moused over / selected - New deployment menu icon for Tech category - Gear glows when moused over / selected - New minimap SCRIPTS - Extrication time now takes 15 seconds from start to finish - Ambulances now have their own unique parking spots at the hospital. This will prevent traffic jams at the hospital - Edited police parking script to allow patrols 7, 8, and 9 to park in their districts POLICE - NEW MODEL - Ford Taurus - By Blackout - NEW MODEL - Dodge Ram - By Blackout - Ford Taurus Harbor City Skin - By Blackout - Ford Taurus Doors, Wheels added - Dodge Ram Harbor City Skin - By Blackout - Dodge Ram Doors, Wheels added - Patrol 1 replaced with marked Ford Taurus - Patrol 2 replaced with unmarked Ford Taurus - Patrol 3 replaced with slicktop Dodge Ram - Patrol 4 Remaining as a Dodge Charger - Patrol 5 Remaining as a Dodge Charger - Patrol 6 replaced with a Dodge Ram - NEW UNIT - Partol 7 marked Ford Taurus - West - NEW UNIT - Partol 8 slicktop Ford Taurus - South - NEW UNIT - Partol 9 marked Ford Taurus - East - Patrol 1 HD Lights - Patrol 2 HD Lights - Patrol 3 HD Lights - Patrol 6 HD Lights - Patrol 7 HD Lights - Patrol 8 HD Lights - Patrol 9 HD Lights - Deployment icon for Patrol 1 - Deployment icon for Patrol 2 - Deployment icon for Patrol 3 - Deployment icon for Patrol 4 - Deployment icon for Patrol 5 - Deployment icon for Patrol 6 - Deployment icon for Patrol 7 - Deployment icon for Patrol 8 - Deployment icon for Patrol 9 - Deployment icon for Patrol Supervisor - UI picture for Patrol 1 - UI picture for Patrol 2 - UI picture for Patrol 3 - UI picture for Patrol 4 - UI picture for Patrol 5 - UI picture for Patrol 6 - UI picture for Patrol 7 - UI picture for Patrol 8 - UI picture for Patrol 9 - UI picture for Patrol Supervisor - Police helicopter is now available for deployment - Police helicopter is now staffed with one patrol officer - Multiple skin changes for police officers (skins) FIRE - East, West, and South Fire all have their own unique skins. - NEW MODEL - Spartan Gladiator Engine Model - By Blackout - NEW MODEL - Spartan Gladiator Rescue Model - By Blackout - NEW MODEL - Dodge Ram Squad - By Blackout - NEW MODEL - Dodge Ram Fire Command 1 - By Blackout - Engine 1, 5, 6, and 7 replaced by the new Spartan Gladiator Model - Hazmat 6 and 7 model replaced with the Rescue 2 model - Rescue 2 is now the Spartan Gladiator Model - Engine 1 skin - Engine 2 skin - Engine 3 skin - Engine 4 skin - Engine 5 skin - Engine 6 skin - Engine 7 skin - Ladder 1 skin - Ladder 4 skin - Ladder 7 skin - Rescue 2 skin - Hazmat 6 skin - Hazmat 7 skin - Fire Command 1 skin - Fire Command 2 skin - Fire Command 3 skin - Engine 1, 5, 6, and 7 lights - Fire Command 1 lights - Rescue 2 lights - Squad 3 lights - Deployment icon for Fire Command 1 - Deployment icon for Fire Command 2 - Deployment icon for Fire Command 3 - Deployment icon for Engine 1 - Deployment icon for Engine 2 - Deployment icon for Engine 3 - Deployment icon for Engine 4 - Deployment icon for Engine 5 - Deployment icon for Engine 6 - Deployment icon for Engine 7 - Deployment icon for Ladder 1 - Deployment icon for Ladder 4 - Deployment icon for Ladder 7 - Deployment icon for Rescue 2 - Deployment icon for Hazmat 6 - Deployment icon for Hazmat 7 - Deployment icon for Crane 2 - UI picture for Fire Command 1 - UI picture for Fire Command 2 - UI picture for Fire Command 3 - UI picture for Engine 1 - UI picture for Engine 5 - UI picture for Engine 3 - UI picture for Engine 4 - UI picture for Engine 5 - UI picture for Engine 6 - UI picture for Engine 7 - UI picture for Ladder 1 - UI picture for Ladder 4 - UI picture for Ladder 7 - UI picture for Rescue 2 - UI picture for Hazmat 6 - UI picture for Hazmat 7 - UI picture for Crane 2 - Finished Spartan Engine interior - Edited Squad 3 roof skin to match updated Rescue 2 roof skin - Updated placement for water cannon for all engines - universal placement for all for scripting reasons - Multiple new Fire Fighter skins (Kicks) EMS - NEW MODEL - Ford E450 Ambulance - By Blackout - Medic 2 replaced with marked Ford E450 Ambulance - Medic 3 replaced with marked Ford E450 Ambulance - Medic 5 replaced with marked Ford E450 Ambulance - Supervisor skin - Medic 1 skin - Medic 2 skin - Medic 3 skin - Medic 4 skin - Medic 5 skin - Medic 6 skin - MCU skin - Air ambulance skin - Medic 2, 3, and 5 HD lights (206 total) - Deployment icon for Supervisor - Deployment icon for Medic 1 - Deployment icon for Medic 2 - Deployment icon for Medic 3 - Deployment icon for Medic 4 - Deployment icon for Medic 5 - Deployment icon for Medic 6 - Deployment icon for MCU - Deployment icon for Air Ambulance - UI picture for Supervisor - UI picture for Medic 1 - UI picture for Medic 2 - UI picture for Medic 3 - UI picture for Medic 4 - UI picture for Medic 5 - UI picture for Medic 6 - UI picture for MCU - UI picture for Air Ambulance - Removed change clothes script - EMS supervisor now parks at Station 3 - Hospital layout updated - unique parking spots for each ambulance when unloading MAP - Each building now has isn't own street address typically found on the street directly infront of the entrance - Added 15 new 'minor' car accidents - Added 1 new 'major' accident - New houses on west part of Washington Ave and Utah St - Replaces DIY building - Park east of hospital updated - Buildings south of hospital updated - Campground added south east of the hospital - Campground west of Washington and Omaha removed - Added "Railway St" just west of Omaha, with several new buildings - Construction site north of station 1 has been completed - new hotel in completed - Crane accident has been removed north of station 1 - Walmart and strip mall have been removed - Replaced with a boardwalk area, apartments, and a harbor - Added a boat south east of station 2 with a civilian - will occasionally need to be rescued with coast guard - Changed a few buildings north of Vienna (Trocks) - Added a new traffic route starting on Queen st, progressing through west district including Juno St and Lake Ave - Added traffic light at Queen St and Arthur Ave - Texture work S of washington - Texture work S of hospital - Texture work E of princess - Texture work for harbor - Texture work at Tech Center - Texture and map work at airport - Texture work for station 5, 6, 7 garage floors - moved hydrant and random fence piece by south tow parking - Texture work to factory north of Stanley Ave - Removed random parking signs that were blocking spots for units to park (lol) - Removed duplicate alarm on building on Main and Apollo SE corner FIXED GLITCHES, SMALL CHANGES, ETC [Development only - Not including and glitches found in BETA testing] - Fixed white mark on Ford Taurus wheels - Fixed lighting glitch with all Taurus units - Police helicopter is now working - Trocks - Undercover taurus doors open the wrong way - Fixed sizing issue with UI pictures for units - Fixed passenger door lighting glitch on all Taurus models - Dodge Ram Door opening wrong direction - Fixed Taurus rear wheel well sticking out too far - Fixed Taurus trunk interior color showing when trunk closed - Removed Taurus rear wheel black outline - Fixed hazmat 6 and 7 stripe not lining up from front to side - Fixed Hazmat 6 and 7 (Old rescue 2) Non rear left signal light - Added Hazmat 6 and 7 (Old rescue 2) Rear scene lights - Fixed Patrol and Patrol 6 having the each others deployment icons and UI picutres - Fixed Patrol 3 and 6 door open glitch - Fixed Patrol 3 and 6 door lighting glitch - Fixed Squad door skin glitch - Fixed Glitch with Spartan Gladiator not showing colors properly - Fixed Fire CMD 1 doors not opening - Fixed all Ram models doors opening too wide - Fixed issue where all spartan wheels on right side rotated backwards - Removed random Firefighters from map - Removed yellow and red chevrons from rear of fire command vehicles and replaced with red and white - Added bumper to rear of all Spartan Engines and the Spartan Rescue - Added some decoration to the top of Spartan Rescue (shout out to S55 voxer chat helpers!) - Fixed Spartan Rescue back stripe - Added test to Spartan Rescue back door - Fixed issue where Fire Command 3 was showing the wrong UI picture - Fixed glitch where Medic 1, 4, and 6's rear lower red LED was hovering off of the ambulance - Fixed glitch with Squad 3 equipment and passenger doors were not lighting properly - Fixed glitch where medic 2, 3, 5's rear doors were not lighting properly - Fixed glitch where having Engine 5, Medic 5, and Medic 6 in the station prevented personnel from entering and exiting - Changed patrol 2 and 8's rear secondary lights to a proper secondary light pattern - Spartan engine wheels are now aligned, and spin in the right direction - Taurus wheels are now aligned properly - Fixed glitch where Engines 5, 6, and 7 did not want to rapid deploy - Fixed glitch where Engines 1, 5, 6 and 7's cannons did not activate - Paramedics are now able to get Styker Stretcher (Trocks) - Fixed spelling mistake on Rescue 2's deployment icons - Updated Squad 3's deployment icons after skin update - Fixed E450 medics Rear middle left marker light placement - Changed patrol 6's secondary lights. They now look better - Changed text pop up for loading patient into ambulance with Stryker script - Fixed right click priorities with new Stryker script - right clicking on an empty ambulance with a loaded stretcher will now have the load patient command default instead of changing clothes - Removed several permanent burn marks at the location of accidents - Moved station 6 and 7 decals - Fixed glitch where medics would not park properly at the hospital - Fixed very annoying glitch where Engines 1, 5, 6, 7's water cannons will not work or deactivate - Removed semi from new vehicle path as it kept getting stuck - Increased size of a small police station parking spot to units can park there - Raised building on Railway St to stop if from flashing - Fixed parking glitch with patrol 6, 7, 8, and 9 - Fixed lighting issue on all new police officer skins so they no longer look like robocops - Changed loading screen so it looks better - Centered Tech deployment icon so match EMS and FD Identified and fixed during BETA Solved bugs: - Missing house on Railway St - WASD - S did not work - princess signs blocking access to harbor - traffic glitch Princess and Richard - medics drop patient off at hospital doors now - Removed alpha from several FF's and Medics - Restored SWAT skin to 4.6.2 skin, turned on alpha, objects should not be visible when holding - Removed crash with PD cars you had to drive away very, very slowly - Removed annoying pigeons from station 7 - Removed flags from airport and police station - Removed cement truck from new traffic route - Removed objects near road by station 3 to prevent traffic jams - Battalion 1 should now to to stations E, W, S - Reverted to old coroner from 4.3 public due to alpha reflection problem - Coroners can now be deployed from the EMS menu - Greatly increased time until train cars explode from fire on Omaha - Fixed road decals hiding street addresses - Main, Arthur, Utah - Added Hydrants to Harbor, near wind turbines - Spread out medic parking spaces to help accommodate more room for each medic (Needs Test) - Edited hospital VO layout to attempt to fix stretcher drop off bug (Needs Test) - Added street numbers to Arthur between Knight and Prince - Fixed map texture aesthetics at station 7 - Changed station 6 garage floor to cement - Could not put anyone in vehicles - placed the "putincar" script back into the mod (whyyyy was this missing?!???!) - Police unable to grab civilians - Replaced "drivepersonaway" command - Removed "askperson" command as it is useless - Firefighters were able to enter buildings from the ladder - changed priority of extinguish so right click on a building on fire will by default be extinguish. Note: You can still enter buildings from the ladder so be careful! - removed alpha reflections from Hazmat firefighters - Both rear doors will open when stretcher is used on medics 2, 3 and 5 - Fixed glitch where sending a medic to the hospital with it's emergency lights on would automatically turn them off. Lights stay on when sending the unit to the hospital - Removed haztech clothing option from engine 6 and 7, now only hazmat units have that capability - Removed some scenery from the harbor preventing accident to a call - Ensured that people are not standing on benches and chairs across the map, they will remain seated - Added some more decoration to the 'palace' - removed several more 'burnt-ground' areas that are present on the map, even when no accident has taken place Identified and fixed between 5.0.0 - 5.0.1 - Medic 2, 3, 5 rear wheel light glitch - Medic 2, 3, 5 rear and front wheel rotation direction - removed explosive can in the river north of park on Washington - greatly increased time before train explodes from fire behind Station 7 - moved several fire hydrants near fence at airport (too close to fence) - fixed sidewalk elevation issue - Unicorn and Railway - removed glitched person on lighthouse by station 2 - medics can no longer drop stretchers without have a stretcher - moved fire Hydrant that was too close to 144 Utah - police station address no longer covered by sewer grate - medic 6 no longer shows medic 5 UI picture - placed no vehicle VO between police station and main st tower - Fixed police hazard lights glitch - was defined as "warninglights" instead of "warninglights_on/off" causing a script error. Identified and fixed between 5.0.1 - 5.0.5 -[5.0.5] - 2018-10-24 19:19 US EDT -Added - EMS Supervisor has a parking spot and label now. - There is a new MVC in the east, with 7 patients. -Changed - Crane 2 speed increased by 25% and has red lights and sirens now. - All tow trucks speed are increased by 25%. - Cemetery MVC, all peds would be dead as the injury property was wrong. Made it so 2-3 of the 5 should survive. -Fixed - Fixed an error with the LA Siren Script that was causing certian PD units to cause game crashes in Multiplayer. - Attempted to fix the search building script, as there are memory issues with multiple firefighters coming out at the same time. Added a time delay function to try to address. - MVC on Utah Street in the South, was not able to tow one limo. This is fixed. - Removed - Removed approx. 45 Megabytes of useless LA Mod vehicles and peds. This alone should speed up load times by realistically 15-30 seconds depending on system specs. By far the biggest stability fix. - Removed Cans from EMS units. - Issues to Address in the Future - I will be looking into fixing the error where at certian fires players are unable to pull victims out no matter how many times they try. - Possibly going to fix the Evacuate Airport Terminal Command on HC99. - I would like any feedback so we can start to change the map slightly and improve and switch up the incidents. V5.0.5 changes made by SQUAD 55 Sergeant Cody7311[55-S1] 10/24/18, 19:29 US EDT
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    Here's a quick editor shot of the completed ambulances...still 3 left to do.
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    small update...I re-did the heavy rescue ambulance.I gave it all new code3 leds and reworked Itch's mx7000
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    Hey guys, I did some further tweaking to the federal signal valor light patterns to keep consistent with the real-world specs and replicate the realism as best as possible. I also gave the LASD explorer more secondary stage lighting (special lighting.) What do you think?
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    CFD found a picture of the LAAP explorer and it was so good looking I added it with the Caprice LAAP unit in the game!!
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    I do not have much of a forum presence anymore, but this is an exception. Thank you for all the time you've put into modding this game itchboy. The majority of the community appreciates you and all the work you have done for it. There are so many of your accomplishments to pick from but most notably the American Civilian Car Pack, the Fire Truck Cab Pack, and some of the newer police vehicles are valuable assets to new and veteran modders alike. You brought new life into a previously dying community, and that took skill and determination. It is despicable that someone would re-upload content that isn't theirs, let alone charge people for content that they did not make themselves. Everyone in this community respects you itchboy and also respects your decision, but it is sad to see another one of the greats go.
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    It is with great displeasure that I have to announce my departure from the Emergency 4 modding community as a whole. Montana mod will still be released - it is still being worked on by Bama1234. He has taken back possession of the mod and will be its' sole caretaker until it is complete, Recent events involving the unauthorized monetization of my content have led me to this decision. The other day, I found that a Cities Skylines modder ran a Patreon page that advertised conversions on "early access" for his/her Patrons. Money is being exchanged for access to this content. Among the content is a model that looks to be my and Yankee43's 2020 Ford Explorer model. You can also see the USFS truck from the Los Angeles Mod in this photo. https://c10.patreonusercontent.com/3/eyJwIjoxfQ%3D%3D/patreon-media/p/post/33447004/cbfbe0e4baf24d2f843b12f938e09bd0/1.png?token-time=1583539200&token-hash=uafJXCLMo_MgZJdtGEMS5ZRfU5ZAz6NDsA9UDYU55mo%3D&fbclid=IwAR32yIbkb5-1o5BU4o1KYVrWwBuagQ9GX5E8SKsCLwfzqgql2crYkP54LXk This picture helped me identify the model as being mine, due to the distortions in UV mapping that match my style. https://c10.patreonusercontent.com/3/eyJwIjoxfQ%3D%3D/patreon-media/p/post/32785632/0b8b60be0d1542a0a5e91c0595038b04/1.jpg?token-time=1583625600&token-hash=D1bu6d8K4DVFC29XDnwP1mtJCjtAMECitiQlm2tKPtM%3D DO NOT SEND HARASSMENT OR HATE TO THIS INDIVIDUAL. If you do, you will be banned for bullying and harassment. They deserve due process and privacy as much as I do. Patreon's support has been less than helpful, and there is no way for me to make a 100% conclusive identification due to this mod author's act of locking models. As the accuser, I need to have proof of my allegations, however I am unable to do that because all I have are low resolution pictures. In order to make a full confirmation, I need to open the model and compare its shape and form with mine. I also need to see the textures and UV mapping templates because these are things that are unique to the person who made the model. Its a paradox: the only way to access those files is to pay this individual for my own content. Unbelievable. Now, even if that were to be achieved, I would have to overcome the model locking in order to make a wireframe comparison in 3D software. So far, my attempts and that of other users have been unsuccessful, but we will see, maybe another solution can be found. Another big problem is that the model itself is not uploaded on Patreon, but on Steam. Patreon only has the pictures of the content and cannot enforce this guy from uploading it to Steam. There's nothing I can do while this individual profits from our work. I have fallen into a gray area and none of the competent authorities are willing to address my issue. There is no solution for me to have the content taken down and the user be held accountable for making money from content that was made by me and another person. We worked very hard to create that vehicle and it is absolutely heinous that someone is making money from work that they did not do. Also, there is nothing stopping this person, or any individual from monetizing the work of other Emergency 4 modders. This is a new issue that everyone should be aware of when releasing content here. I did not mod Emergency 4 in order to become someone else's slave. I have found that the system does not favor creators but only those with power, influence and money. And so with that in mind, I have decided that I have better things to do then get screwed over again and again by every authority that's supposed to "stand for me". I shall retain the moderator position here and will be manually approving all accounts registered to here. I will also still be on the lookout for instances of content misuse on this site. I will post updates on another thread regarding what's going on but for now, goodbye.
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    I dont even acknowledge the existence of the like/dislike system. Could hardly care for it, and wished it could be removed but sadly the forum software forces its activation. Reaper and myself are ironing out bugs with the Freightliner engine. We hope to get this taken care of in the coming week.
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    The only one I plan on releasing separately is the parking script. Most of the rest are too dependent on mission script structure to be able to be ported to other mods. New Chevy ambulance. Model credits: cab from Driver SF by Ubisoft, the remainder is mine. Texture: Reaper
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    http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_08/329389258_Emergency4Screenshot2019_08.17-19_10_09_00.thumb.png.4df67e91132f8c926297e93ac9377143.png http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_08/372172250_Emergency4Screenshot2019_08.17-19_26_57_37.thumb.png.624d399a5f4847433caed4e7bdf4174c.png http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_08/713996658_Emergency4Screenshot2019_08.17-19_29_16_39.thumb.png.33173936e40b2d186e7491060c0f36c9.png http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_08/99610274_Emergency4Screenshot2019_08.17-19_47_40_65.thumb.png.6c6495efd314c9580e86f569550cdf92.png
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    Updates on the Lima VFD Tanker and Brush Truck. Big update on PD. Huge thanks to mr matt5432123 for making the decals. I have a it setup so that patients are classed into triage. EMT's cant treat patients with serious injuries like gunshots or serious trauma, but they can treat patients with minor medical problems. Bama and I are looking into a more advanced representation of patient care, where patients have to be administered treatments and procedures must be followed, but I havent had the time to start programming this feature.
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    Version 0.0.5


    This Supervisor modification utilizes the listed run cards (in the spoiler) to dispatch in-game calls. Every call is dispatched with a tone corresponding to the requested agency (police, fire or EMS), followed by the applicable code for fire or EMS. Police calls are voiced in plain English. All files contained within this modification replace the existing british-style dispatcher that appears in the lower right hand corner. Here's an example of a basic medical call: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dgxvhgSnGw&feature=youtu.be The video above is what will appear in the lower right corner of the screen when a callout happens. Installation: Drag and drop the "data" folder into your Emergency 4 game directory. Make sure to back up your files!
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    Something I noticed was that our models were getting too high in the poly count and so I went back and got most of them reduced by half.I made new low poly pushbars,leds and antennas.I'm doing this to keep the lag down without messing with the quality of work that has been show to date.(the pushbar below has an RCMP setup)
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    This project has no relation to the '90 Submod by rihis. This is a side project I decide to do for fun. The plan is to have a replacement of all applicable units from LA Mod 2.1. There will be no new scripts or a new map, just a complete set of 90s themed units for the LA mod. I plan on releasing this in the future after I have cleared all my current projects. Here's three 90's style LAPD units. This was made using the 1997 CVPI model created for the Montana mod. All vehicles in the picture made by myself except for the MX7000 lightbar which is by Hoppah.
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    UPDATED: (12/20/2018): v2.0.1 was removed due to instability v3.0 IS IN DEVELOPMENT RELEASE DATE: TBA Itchboy managed to solve our lag issues, which was a huge hurdle to clear! We will be revamping the map, adding and polishing new units, cleaning up unnecessary ones, and putting the finishing touches on the next version. There will be significant gameplay changes. Check the bottom of the thread for the latest updates. Notes Itchyboy regarding what needs to be done: - Finish all playable vehicle models - Add in more incident variations like HAZMAT car accidents - Technical rescue calls, specifically an underground entrapment. - A big hurdle: Finish the advanced heal script. If so desired, this can be scaled back for a later release. - Add lights to all units - At a later date, replace the MHP and EMS helicopters - At a later date, implement an alternate snow version of the map Mod Summary: The Montana Mod includes many new vehicles, personnel, structures, and equipment. It is set in an alternate history/re-visualization of the real-life ghost town of Monida Pass, in Beaverhead County, Montana. The mod provides the player with control over the first responders of an American small town and changes the look and feel of the gameplay environment to match. Itchboy is working on implementing script-based freeplay, which allows for more diverse callouts and several new features. Media:
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    Thanks guys! Here's a few updates. Full fleet of Haverford PD units. Medical examiner and helicopter, fire chiefs, and MICU 108A in front of substation. Chevy Tahoe: Terrow & Itchboy Ford Explorer: Itchboy Crown Vic: Nnico Dodge Durango: Itchboy Chevy Silverado: Itchboy F550 Ambulance: Itchboy & SlateDragon1 EC-135 Helicopter: Wittener & Iglheaz Ford Expedition: Itchboy Whelen Liberty: Vojtula FS Integrity: Vojtula Rx2700: Itchboy ALPR & Spotlights: Bama1234 Vision SLR: Manhattan Mod Team Ions/Mounted Lights; Itchboy
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    My time as of late has been spent creating 3D models for general use, the over the last two months. I am up to one dozen unique entries as of right now. This is where all my time has gone to as of late. This one however will be a unique tie-in with the mod. I will not release a dev version until the mod is finished. Huge thanks to @armyconrad for providing side mirror textures and reference pictures for the whole truck.
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    That's settled then. Advanced heal is getting shelved for now. To make up for this, here's pictures of 2 more ambulances that people have been waiting for. Front cab from Driver SF by Ubisoft. All other parts by me, texture by bama1234. Front cab from Driver SF by Ubisoft, edited by me into a 2014 F series. All other parts by myself. Texture by Reaper. Also, meow
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    Update, vehicle hose connections have been revamped, so vehicle the water supplies can be chained together. In this picture, the tanker in the center is feeding to the engine on the right and left. The yellow engine in turn feeds to a brush truck on the rightmost side of the screen. The tanker itself is receiving water from a hydrant across the street. This allows for more flexibility in brush fire situations.
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    Total revamp of gameplay. The game now runs using the Em4 mission system which has enabled me to make custom events that have never been seen in other mods. It has now enabled us to have custom buttons and optimized functions for things like stop signs. It also means that battalion chiefs or police are required at specific scenes. Vehicle wise, they have been totally redone. We deleted all of the old vehicles and started from scratch. They are now accurate to the real life area, except for Monida Pass itself. New commands and functions include interior firefighting, roof venting, functional ground ladders, functioning SCBA air levels, fish and wildlife ranger scripts, and some edits (I cant remember off the top of my head) for police. We have plans on including a semi-realistic treatment system for injured people. It means that patients have to be assessed and specific treatments be administered to stabilize the patient before they can be transported.
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    Reworked the first moddel that was done for this version of the mod. Credits: Itcbooty, EmC-Unit.
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    Just a small video of a few 2020 Explorers for the Miami Mod Patrol units still WIP.
  43. 7 points
    Who's getting excited? The lighting job CFD is doing is bring these beautiful models to life! Speaking of models,here's the new LAPD unmarked Tahoe. I got 2 ATF Tahoes coming soon...
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  45. 7 points
  46. 7 points
    This game series is basically the summary of my youth and career dreams. With it, modding died after EM4, so did our youth. The only reason I sit on pc after coming home from work tired is the modifications that kept this game alive after more than a decade. And LA mod sits at the center of it. I appreciate the hard work done by you guys for keeping this mod, and indirectly the game, alive and fresh with even better and sophisticated mod work and new textures. You make space from your personal lives to make this upgrade and for that you have my utmost gratitude for everyone involved in this project and as well at Montana mod. God speed!
  47. 7 points
    A Happy Halloween to everyone! This isnt going into Montana, but I do have one more fictional police car I plan on doing today. The 91-92 Caprice base model will be uploaded to the DL center in a few hours.
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    I think I take this whole designing flash patterns in the editor too seriously ... but I do what I gotta do to maintain accuracy to deliver quality for you guys.
  50. 7 points
    The mod wouldnt be complete without bama's firefighter pack.
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