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  1. I'm glad to see my favorite childhood DvD as your savior! the concept of police ambulances is interesting, but as far as I know most/all of them in the US were phased out by the late 50s
  2. If by metro police you're referring to my Hill Street Blues submod, you should know that that department is 100% fictional and made for the show.
  3. After signing in on another website I got a little notification from google telling me my password has been compromised on this site! If anyone else gets this notification I recommend changing your password as soon as you can.
  4. "This ones for the VCPD my friend!" amazing as always itch!
  5. I'll always be a fan of the New York Fire Patrol but lets not hijack this thread any further
  6. Salvage squads were used in the 20th century mostly to prevent damage to property. This was mainly relocating furniture and preventing water damage in multiple dwelling structures.
  7. What I can assume would come before USAR would be a salvage type squad like this http://www.usfirepolice.net/ca_california/ca_lafd/ca_los_angeles_retired_squad_27_(9)-1.jpg this is the most recent picture I can find and I'm not 100% sure if it would fit the era. I'm not the most knowledgeable on the LAFD.
  8. As a fan of more obscure units, I'd really like it to be included.
  9. Amazing, I think the BF map will do well for this mod!
  10. Unispace. It's a great font for things in this era, as a matter of fact it's the same font I use for the numbers on the fire trucks
  11. Heres something I've been working on. Wasn't sure if it was gonna come out good but I'm happy with it. Rear by THVFD with some lights by Itchboy slapped on, cab by Rafaell and the Emergency Brazil team, lightbar by Hoppah (i'm pretty sure)
  12. Dang itch, looks like you beat me to the open cab tiller club, and probably did it better than I ever would. Amazing work as always!
  13. missing MP5s is a known bug. The weapons are still functional. I am not going to add a debug traffic button if the traffic is not bugged, it's down to you to fix traffic jams created by calls. I've never encountered any 'disappearing swat vans', please elaborate
  14. Please observe the download page and previous posts. The coronas from the Miami mod are required.
  15. In the future I plan for all those vehicles to have their respectful replacements. It's very hard finding good reference pics for the era or from the show itself for these types of vehicles. when I return to this mod my main priorities are for Coroner and EMS variation.
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