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  1. If you'd like an option with just Fire/EMS calls, disable the callouts in your settings. I personally do not like those kinds of gamemodes and won't be including them in this mod. On another note, It was recently brought to my attention that Fire Trucks are featured a few times in the TV series, all with the branding of "Metropolitan Fire Dept." I'm actually quite happy yo have found this information because it means I can continue to keep the exact city ambiguous. Do not worry though, the NYSP cars aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Work here has slowed but it's not quite stopped, I stepped away for a bit to work on Edgewater, and some other projects, mostly for practice. Trust me when I tell you it'll all be worth it.
  2. Don’t worry, I can see the confusion. I thought it was In Chicago when I first watched the show too. to add to the confusion I was recently watching one of my favorite Chicago based TV shows, ER, and spotted a police truck in the background of one scene that said “metro police” on it. It’s no wonder people are getting confused
  3. While I appreciate the recognition, Hill Street Blues is NOT a Chicago mod! It is based off of a TV series set in an ambiguous northeast/midwestern city.
  4. Not to completely interrupt the thread but I recommend SWAT 4 with the SEF mod as the ultimate realistic swat simulator. If you’re looking for something newer, Zero Hour is fun but pretty limited in gameplay. to get back on track, however, great job as always Itch!
  5. A bit too new of a model for “240-Robert” but nevertheless an amazing and iconic addition to the mod. it’s interesting how my childhood seems to be coming in clutch here, first with “there goes and ambulance” and now the original swat game.
  6. That antenna is nice! Sorry to hear about your continued issues with the C:SL community, for a modding community with so much intelligence and creativity, it sucks these people feel the need to steal.
  7. I've been rushing to give you all a progress report before I head off to vacation. I've done quite a bit of work on the mod and I'd just like to give you all a rundown of what I've done and added to the mod since I last talked, as well as a few screenshots. -Edited the map texture and changed much of the port area into a coastal shopping area, featuring new streets, routes, and a police station. -Added a 1999 Seagrave ladder truck, graciously provided by Firequi. I've garnished it with some short code 3 lightbars by Itchboy and ThinbluelineKY. -Started work on some unique skins on EmC_Unit and BorjaXmusic's MH65 Dolphin helicopter for Edgewater's USCG content. -Converted some boats from default em4 to be classified as buildings, as to create some realistic boat fires. Heres a screenshot of the shopping promenade with some action. I haven't been taking too many screenshots during development so theres not a lot to show y'all. You'll just have to trust my word I've been working on the mod I'll repeat it just to be safe. Featured in this screenshot is a 92 pierce dash by EmC_Unit with a lightbar by Hoppah, and a 1999 Seagrave ladder truck by Firequi with lightbars by Itchboy and ThinBlueLineKY. If there is a mistake in any of these credits please DM me and I will correct them.
  8. amazing! You can bet i'll be finding every possible excuse to use those!
  9. No problem. There's a great view of the split twinsonic, as well as some other early 80s LAFD units, in ABC's emergency clone "Code Red". A plethora of clips, albeit low quality, exist on YouTube if you're in need of more references.
  10. Certainly an odd glitch, but at least it doesn't show up in game Thank you for your help!
  11. Hey all, I've been working on a little project as of late and naturally, I've had to make some lights. I put some polygon lights on this car and the polygons only show up some of the time. Each time I spawn the vehicle, sometimes the two polygons will simply not show up. This does not happen with the polygonal brake lights and headlights, but only with these two lights classified as blue lights. Here is a video of the glitch occurring. Each time I place the vehicle the polygons change visibility. Has anyone else had this glitch? Any solutions?
  12. Thank you so much for the photo, I guess I just wasn't looking hard enough but that bus is almost exactly what I was looking for. As for the album, It's an amazing thing to flip through but unfortunately many of the vehicles fall outside my intended timeframe. Still, it should keep me busy for a few days. An update for all of you, since many of you complained about a lack of variety within the police department, so I decided to add some state troopers. I took a look at a few different state trooper vehicles from different states Hill Street Blues was based on, and decided on New York for a setting. I completed two vehicles to fill the CHP slots. Both are Itchboy's Ford LTD with EmC_Unit's Aerodynic lightbar
  13. Thank you so much for your feedback, and thank you even more for playing my mod! I'd like to take a moment to respond to each of your bug reports and suggestions. -The traffic vest bug is simply because I have not swapped the models for officers with the vest. I will be removing the command to change in the next version -The M4 icon is a symptom of something I meant to fix but never got around to. I'll do my best to have it all ready for the next version, by having SWAT officers able to grab M4s (or in the context of this mod, M16 most likely) -EMS will be getting a full rework in the next version as I'm not happy with as it is right now. I have some new models on the way, -I tested this and swat officers ARE able to grab flash grenades, I have no idea why you were unable to grab them. -I've thought about having an MCU but I've been unable to find any reference pictures that fit the era. If you or anyone else has some, please post them here or DM me. -Parking script will most likely never come as I doubt I'd get proper permissions, but a water supply script may come, just not in the next update.
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