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  1. Very excited for the new version, out of curiosity are you planning on adding in-game descriptions of what the different police units do?
  2. Really looking forward to this mod, I love the mix of Western European and CIS/Eastern European units. Do you plan on changing the sizes of vehicles to make them more to scale with each other?
  3. I'd be interested in an Irish mod as well, a huge part of what keeps me playing this game for over 10 years is the variety of countries represented by mods and the variations in gameplay that that variety brings. Dublin's EMS system in particular is interesting, split between the fire brigade and the NAS.
  4. I had the same issue as Scruffydogflame, I left the computer for a while, got a new monitor and attempted to fiddle with the resolution. When I attempted to restart the game, I had the same window for 2 seconds and then no game issue. Multiple tries at reinstalling and using DXGL have so far been fruitless. EDIT: For those interested, going to EM4.exe properties and running the compatibility troubleshooter seemed to have worked. It's running under compatibility settings for XP SP3.
  5. AgentSmith6

    USSR Mod [WIP]

    I like it, have you considered any ambulances made by TAMRO? like these: http://www.mini-koleso.ru/images/photos/sidor_fomich_d6b/feedback/112304.large.jpg
  6. AgentSmith6

    USSR Mod [WIP]

    I'd absolutely love a continuation of this mod, it's one of the few mods in which I can stand to deal with a big fire. Since you have military vehicles already in the game, I'd love to see a VAI car if you're looking for suggestions of what to add, or a Mercedes or BMW GAI car.
  7. I absolutely love this mod, it was a great present for the end of my semester. I especially love the range of units without being overkill. I do have the same issue with traffic jams occurring in some spots due to the light cycles. In future versions, have you given any thought to adding the stabilize script to Met AFOs? As I understand it, they receive some degree of fairly advanced trauma care training (I have no idea about the CoLP ones) and it may be an interesting thing to add if you get the permission for it. Finally, I have more of a realism regarding the use of DPG cars. I recall a few years ago seeing a Traffic Cops episode where the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Roads Policing Unit was pursuing a suspected murderer into Met territory and a red ARV instead of a silver one conducted the hard stop. Is such a situation common/possible, or was that more likely a spare car being used by normal AFOs despite the markings? All in all I was incredibly impressed with the mod.
  8. I have to be honest, this is one of those realism things that I really would advocate against. I understand that many people want realism and can appreciate it, but I personally have found that even with scripts like a tanker shuttle that it becomes less enjoyable personally. I'm sure many people who play more primarily for fires won't agree with me, but I think others that aren't quite as fire-heavy as I am would concur that one thing they can't stand is having half of the map red. Sorry if this sounded like a rant.
  9. Assuming that the issues faced by fairly large international airports are universal, the most accurate incidents would be irate (often drunk) passengers both at the terminals and on the aircraft, unattended baggage, loads upon loads of medicals, minor accidents outside of the terminals, alerts for aircraft with mechanical issues, and accidents on the tarmac involving vehicles and occasionally vehicle vs aircraft. I apologize if it's been stated already, but do you intend on adding airport operations managers as available units? I can't speak for Copenhagen, but here they respond to most incidents that may result in any disruption to service.
  10. Very well done from what I have seen so far. I'm away from home so I can't play it quite yet but I was wondering if there were any non-RPU patrol cars, as RPU is just traffic. My apologies if it's in game and I just haven't seen it, but I haven't seen them in any photos or videos. If they're not, I would make adding area cars and IRVs as my suggestion as part of an update since those would handle the bulk of the calls as opposed to the RPU.
  11. I'm definitely a fan as well, I'm really looking forward to the mod. I've always been a fan of variety in units, and Chinese fire brigades always have a really interesting mix of Chinese, American, European, and other Asian apparatus in service. What is the marque of the rig on the far right of your latest screenshot, is it a FAW?
  12. Not to get too off topic with a love fest for Flnn, but if anyone is looking for the proper way to light a FedSig Valor, check out his work, it was insane.
  13. AgentSmith6

    USSR Mod [WIP]

    Excellent, I'm looking forward to seeing the new ones. Are the police units going to be all yellow and blue. or are you planning on adding any grey/white and blue ones that started being used from around 1988 on?
  14. AgentSmith6

    USSR Mod [WIP]

    I'm really excited for the continuation of this mod, is there going to be one time period this time or are you focusing from the 60s/70s up until 1991?
  15. I think that has to do with his signature, he likely put something in his signature that violated our policy on it, and as a funny way to ban him from changing it again a mod or an admin wrote that. I might be wrong, that just seems like what it is.
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