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  1. Not to get too off topic, but RE; the Housing Police, I read an article saying that they were disbanded in 2002 so that should fit the timeline. Squad 65 is much more experienced with skinning than I am, the last serious crack I took at it was literally about 10 years ago so if he's happy to try it then I defer to him. I also like the idea of having the LA County Police at the hospital, I know they were actually the product of a merger between a few different agencies in the mid 1990s. There was a great website a long time ago that had photos and info about the smaller LA County agencies in the 90's but I'm not sure if it's still around. I'll see if I can find it. There's also the Transit Police to consider too, I know they were merged in in 1997 or 8.
  2. I absolutely love this, the Fox Body Mustang instantly transported me back to 6 years old seeing them on TV. I know you mentioned wanting more police units, have you considered other small agencies like the LA Housing Authority Police? Photos aren't super easy to come by but I've found a few. I'd also suggest the CHP slicktop Caprices. If you can't tell, I'm a bit partial. http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2021_01/cal090_.jpg.d3f1bba0c80bc4ffa583c66141ef7d7c.jpg http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2021_01/lahapd2.jpg.c2815576e94bc1c77836b3dd83dc1ed3.jpg
  3. I love it, I was looking forward to this mod for years now and I wasn't disappointed. I especially loved the snorkel and quint units. Question for those in Brazil, what decides whether a fire department ambulance or SAMU that responds? Is it just based on the number called, whatever is closest, or the type of medical (trauma etc gets the fire department while everything else gets SAMU)?
  4. What version of the mod did you download? What program are you using to unpack the file (Winrar, etc)?
  5. Hello, it appears that you are missing the model files. I'd try to re-download the mod and re-install it.
  6. Welfordshire is still one of my all-time favorites, I'm really excited to see a rebirth. I especially liked seeing that the Dennis is still around.
  7. I've always been curious, do other countries beside the US and Canada (and to a lesser extent Australia and NZ) dispatch a fire crew to EMS calls? I know in some countries like Germany and France the EMS is often fire-based, but my understanding is that they don't send a fire appliance along with the ambulance.
  8. Incredible work! I'm really impressed with the flash patterns
  9. I love the X5 with the red/amber Valor, it would be amazing if you could release a short video of it
  10. I love it, I enjoyed the police lighting updates. I always liked the look of the Standby rotating bars and the Standby sirens are my favorite European sirens. Not related, but do you plan on adding something like a transit supervisor to the game on the TEC side? From what I understand they seem to be like DB Notfallmanagers or what we'd call Transit Inspectors in parts of the US.
  11. Very excited for the new version, out of curiosity are you planning on adding in-game descriptions of what the different police units do?
  12. Really looking forward to this mod, I love the mix of Western European and CIS/Eastern European units. Do you plan on changing the sizes of vehicles to make them more to scale with each other?
  13. I'd be interested in an Irish mod as well, a huge part of what keeps me playing this game for over 10 years is the variety of countries represented by mods and the variations in gameplay that that variety brings. Dublin's EMS system in particular is interesting, split between the fire brigade and the NAS.
  14. I had the same issue as Scruffydogflame, I left the computer for a while, got a new monitor and attempted to fiddle with the resolution. When I attempted to restart the game, I had the same window for 2 seconds and then no game issue. Multiple tries at reinstalling and using DXGL have so far been fruitless. EDIT: For those interested, going to EM4.exe properties and running the compatibility troubleshooter seemed to have worked. It's running under compatibility settings for XP SP3.
  15. I like it, have you considered any ambulances made by TAMRO? like these: http://www.mini-koleso.ru/images/photos/sidor_fomich_d6b/feedback/112304.large.jpg
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