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  1. this is everything I have ever hoped and dreamed for. Looking Amazing!
  2. It’s simple, if you use rapid deployment a firefighter should start operating the pump automatically. If not, simply select a firefighter who doesn’t have anything equipped and right click on the fire engine after connecting a hose to it. You should see two gears.
  3. I’ve had this same thing happen in the past with this version. I got a more stable version of the mod from a friend and, well, you’re better off playing boston mod 2014, it’s just overall a lot more polished and functional.
  4. Hi all, I recently wanted to try my hand at replacing engine 1 from the LA mod with a Pierce Quantum engine from one of the packs available here on the website. I was able to replace it but i noticed it didn't have wheels. No big deal, I'll just add some. I added wheels in the editor and saved my changes, but when i went into game they didn't appear! same with the doors when I tried! I copied the model and created another prototype and the wheels show up there, but not on the original. Can anyone help? Thank you.
  5. Well, my only skill is skinning vehicles but i'd be overjoyed to help out. With all this time on our hands i'd be happy to learn some of the other parts of modding
  6. If this is mayberry based, then will the ambulances stay at the fire station? I'm no expert, but in the 70s ambulance and paramedic services were rapidly changing, and most ambulance providers still worked semi-independently from the fire department. Keep up the good work, i'm excited to play this!
  7. Yeah, updates are slow but there is steady progress
  8. Man, that LAcoFD Squad and Engine make me excited to reenact Emergency! when this comes out!
  9. Hey all, I have a little pet project I wish to share with you all when it's completed. THE PONTYPANDY SUBMOD FOR WELDFORSHIRE V1 As explained in this disaster of a thread, the Weldforshire creator is 100% okay with his assets being used and released. For those of you unaware, Pontypandy is the fictional Welsh village from the popular children's show "Fireman Sam." I plan on recreating the iconic units, as well as some original units. (like police cars and ambulances, which are not seen in the show) Updates will be slow, this is just a little pet project of mine after all. Thanks for reading!
  10. Looking great man! I’m sure when this releases it’ll be amazing!
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