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  1. Man, that LAcoFD Squad and Engine make me excited to reenact Emergency! when this comes out!
  2. Hey all, I have a little pet project I wish to share with you all when it's completed. THE PONTYPANDY SUBMOD FOR WELDFORSHIRE V1 As explained in this disaster of a thread, the Weldforshire creator is 100% okay with his assets being used and released. For those of you unaware, Pontypandy is the fictional Welsh village from the popular children's show "Fireman Sam." I plan on recreating the iconic units, as well as some original units. (like police cars and ambulances, which are not seen in the show) Updates will be slow, this is just a little pet project of mine after all. Thanks for reading!
  3. Looking great man! I’m sure when this releases it’ll be amazing!
  4. alright, I do enjoy the firefighting in this mod, even if I enjoyed the rural map slightly more
  5. My only question after reading this thread is will police/EMS incidents be implemented in the future?
  6. Hello all, I recently returned to this game and so far I've been having a great time, but I can't help but notice that my game is very dark. Daytime seems to never come, it's like I'm playing during a solar eclipse! I've seen screenshots/videos and for other people it all seems to work fine. Has anyone else had this issue? Can anyone help? Thank you!
  7. Hey bro, just letting you know that asking for release dates is against the rules.
  8. So I guess it’s been lost to time then. on another note, why does the “v1” link I’ve found crash right after the loading screen?
  9. Wow, it's been awhile since i've been on this website, I'd love to be nostalgic, but i'll just get down to business. I've played a fair amount of Boston mod 2014, but I know that there is a better Boston mod that I've seen youtubers play. After searching for a bit, I found some links leading to something called "Boston mod V2." All the links lead to either a facebook page that no longer exists, or a MEGA file that has been removed. Any info on this would be nice, and download link would be Great. that was a joke.
  10. Okay, I'm testing this using just one random object I made and titled test object 1. I've noticed that in the script, it says: const char NAME_FIRESTATION[] = "fire_station"; const char NAME_FIRESTATION_ROOF[] = "fire_station_roof"; const char NAME_FIRESTATION2[] = "fire_station2"; const char NAME_FIRESTATION2_ROOF[] = "fire_station2_roof"; const char NAME_CONTROLPANEL[] = "fire_station_controlpanel"; const char NAME_CONTROLPANEL2[] = "fire_station_controlpanel2"; const char OBJ_AMBULANCE01[] = "mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/01 LA Ambulance/ambulance01.e4p"; const char OBJ_AMBULANCE02[] = "mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/01 LA Ambulance/ambulance02.e4p"; const char OBJ_BATTALION[] = "mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/02 LA Fire Department/battalion_chief_vehicle.e4p"; const char OBJ_USAR[] = "mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/02 LA Fire Department/usar_squad.e4p"; const char OBJ_LADDER[] = "mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/02 LA Fire Department/aerial_ladder.e4p"; const char OBJ_TILLER[] = "mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/02 LA Fire Department/tiller_cabin.e4p"; const char OBJ_ENGINE01[] = "mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/02 LA Fire Department/fire_engine1.e4p"; const char OBJ_ENGINE02[] = "mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/02 LA Fire Department/fire_engine2.e4p"; const char OBJ_HAZMATSQUAD[] = "mod:Prototypes/Vehicles/02 LA Fire Department/hazmat_squad.e4p"; const char DUMMY_GATES[] = "DummyGates"; const char DUMMY_ALARM[] = "DummyDisableAlarm"; const char DUMMY_CALLCREW[] = "DummyCallCrew"; const char VO_BATTALION[] = "fs_battalion"; const char VO_AMBULANCE01[] = "fs_ambulance01"; const char VO_AMBULANCE02[] = "fs_ambulance02"; const char VO_AMBULANCE03[] = "fs_ambulance03"; const char VO_AMBULANCE04[] = "fs_ambulance04"; const char VO_USAR[] = "fs_usar"; const char VO_LADDER[] = "fs_ladder"; const char VO_ENGINE01[] = "fs_engine01"; const char VO_ENGINE02[] = "fs_engine02"; const char VO_ENGINE03[] = "fs_engine03"; const char VO_ENGINE04[] = "fs_engine04"; const char VO_ENGINE05[] = "fs_engine05"; const char VO_HAZMAT[] = "fs_hazmat"; const char NAME_GATE01A[] = "fs_gate01a"; const char NAME_GATE02A[] = "fs_gate02a"; const char NAME_GATE03A[] = "fs_gate03a"; const char NAME_GATE04A[] = "fs_gate04a"; const char NAME_GATE05A[] = "fs_gate05a"; const char NAME_GATE06A[] = "fs_gate06a"; const char NAME_GATE07A[] = "fs_gate07a"; const char NAME_GATE08A[] = "fs_gate08a"; I assume that the "const char" lines are the names of the object, and the "FS_" lines the unit, but what should I change?
  11. Okay, but how can I set the areas where the trucks go, like where the blue boxes are that I see in the editor, and how can I make it so there are only about three units in the station?
  12. Looks better than the chevy police cars in the last version.
  13. Hey, I'm still learning the ropes of modding, and I was wondering if anyone knew how to create fire/police stations, like where the trucks can spawn/park. I plan on using assets from other mods, so I won't have to do everything from scratch
  14. The title really says it all. I’d like to change the time in the EM4 editor, but I can’t figure out how.
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