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  1. Reach out, I'm happy to do a few skins and lights
  2. If I were you, I'd edit a civilian to look like Tommy or CJ Keep up the good work!
  3. I'm not entirely sure, these errors occurred when persons tried to enter vehicles at the start of a standard LA mod session. I haven't messed with the script, just changed out the vehicle models, lights, childs ETC.
  4. The cop cars will park at the front until there are no more front spots open, then they park in the back
  5. Apologies for piling on the issues rather quickly, but the corners can not pick up dead bodies
  6. I can confirm, SWAT 3, the one with the water cannon, crashes your game
  7. AN UPDATE I've noticed the following in my logfile as well I would assume the problems come from the fact that I don't have any door animations on the units, but I've never had a crash before, even with non-opening doors.
  8. Hey all, I've been working on a little edit and I keep having it crash. After checking the logs I discovered the following warning. "!WARNING: global listener object is still registered! Unregister listener before destroying object!" I'm not quite sure what this means, if any light could be shed on what it means, or better yet how to fix it, I'd be more than happy.
  9. Oh man, those are awesome Itch! Once again knocking it out of the park!
  10. Somewhat early, I'm going to put this project on hold. My original ideas have proved too difficult to accomplish at this time, So i'll once again be stepping away and burying myself in private edits while I learn to do what I want. This mod will return, just not for the foreseeable future.
  11. Oh man, and we all thought this was just gonna be a vehicles pack. Going above and beyond again!
  12. I do remember the old 90's mod, but man this blows it out of the water!
  13. Oh, so like the new version of West Falls. Keep up the good work Itch!
  14. Does this mean there will be a script like in the NYC mod where the vehicle changes each time you spawn it? or am I reading too much into this
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