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  1. Rapid Deployment not working

    I don't know what happened, but suddenly rapid deployment works again....strange, either way, thank you SO MUCH for all your help!
  2. Rapid Deployment not working

    once again, they're all 2009 and 10
  3. Rapid Deployment not working

    Manually installing and removing does work, and all scripts say last edited either 2009 or 10
  4. Rapid Deployment not working

    The hose connections for both the engine and the water tender are present.
  5. Rapid Deployment not working

    Copy/pasted backed up files
  6. Rapid Deployment not working

    WELP, now i'm PISSED. I re-installed the WHOLE MOD and still nothing....crap.
  7. Rapid Deployment not working

    I tried that, but it still won't work, i think i'll just uninstall-reinstall the mod.
  8. Rapid Deployment not working

    At this point, i just want to remove the water supply script, so, would you say I need to get an original rapid deployment script, from the original mod?
  9. So, i tried to add hoppah's limited water supply to LA mod 2.1, but not rapid deployment won't work, simple as that.
  10. Amity Island Modification

    I agree.
  11. GBFD mod

    Because there is now a download link, this topic will be moving to Modification Sub-Mods (Released Alpha/Beta)
  12. GBFD mod

    DOWNLOAD LINK FOR ALPHA I've decided to release 0.1 alpha until the mini 0.1.1 update comes out Enjoy the mod! https://mega.nz/#!rLZw0ZZQ!yhStRM-AmNqlssUrgCex1Bm4fGHU1AdJp2rgtobWwXg USE THIS LINK! https://mega.nz/#!iKQRmR5D!U8zeWpuqZRZNNLY1Lw08XNZCQxRwuRm-xeeaDqmFTZ87
  13. My mod won't upload

    Whenever I try to upload the .zip file with my mod on it, it always gets to 10% and the upload fails, HELP.
  14. GBFD mod

    Please, elaborate
  15. GBFD mod

    I do, earlier today i went to play my mod, and found that i could not call in any units, idk what i did, but i need help.