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  4. Does anyone have the original files for all 3 of the packs that they could upload somewhere for download please?
  5. I am searching for an 2015+ Dodge Charger Model for EM4. This would be for a personal mod (my eyes only). I hate to be that guy, but this is all I am lacking for my mod. Please message me if you have one to share, if not thank you.
  6. I didnt receive my activation email at all and i tryed multiple ones even checked spam and waited a whole day
  7. my display name is the same as the one on the account
  8. uh well i cant get my activation email for some reason vie tried on multiple ones i tried resetting my password for an older account still didn't get that email no use
  9. Guest


    Can I have my email activation sent - I need mods! ryan.edward.castle@gmai.com
  10. Hello. I have not gotten my verification email. I have waited a long time and checked my spam and junk folders but still, no verification email. My email is starstepan@aol.com. Thanks in advance.
  11. verification email not sending : thomasbroughton42@icloud.com
  12. I would just make it a lifeguard unit unless you want to do the County SWR.
  13. Univerity Of Vermont EMS 2015 Tahoe Car 1 Critical Care Unit MODELS BY: @itchboy & @Yankee43 SKIN BY ME
  14. hi my email is still not receiving the activation email, my account name is deatrooper. ive checked the spam filter and resent it 3 times and there is still nothing
  15. Thank you for the links. I have found this from LA County lifeguard. I think I'm going with this or an LA City/County utility truck with similar setup.
  16. best thing to do if you can not find a FD swift water truck is to do it as a Search and rescue truck from LACFD or LASD
  17. true I did find this though https://www.kcet.org/shows/departures/swiftwater-rescue-team
  18. I have looked all over for Swift water rescue form the 1990s and theirs not many if any photos best I could do is them speaking on how they set it up and the vehicle type they used but no photos or them showing the vehicle sorry man I even checked some off their truck records https://www.lafire.com/fire_apparatus/LAFD_ApparatusRecords.htm
  19. The Real One Does Have One So im trying to make it realistic as possible
  20. I think you should swap a lightbar on Rescue 2 so it would stand out more. For ex, like on mine: https://imgur.com/Pr7omla
  21. I'm waiting to receive my activation email, I tried it last night so me and my friend could play the London mod but it wouldn't work so I tried again this morning and still nothing. I made a new account and tried a different email. I've checked every folder in my emails and nothing. Name: bobturdhead Thanks.
  22. Here is an in-editor group photo of all units done so far. The swift water rescue is the only unit missing because I haven't found a real 90s picture of one. Maybe somebody can find it. Most models lack lights, some parts and their liveries. I will be contacting a few of you to help me out with this if you guys are available.
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