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ERS Berlin (Release v1.0)

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No helis yet I believe. There are two that service Berlin, Christoph 32 from ADAC, and Christoph Berlin which is run by HDM-Luftrettung and ASB. The first is a RTH, the second is a ITH. The ITHs have more equipment than the RTHs, though both are manned by doctors.

They had some issues with the number of units in game causing engine errors (according to the tweeter page). Though that seems to be hardware related. If you have a newer CPU, preferably multicore, the errors do not occur. I think they may have cut down the unit list to accommodate people with older computers.

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I love the mod, but i have a guestion.

Is there a way i could change how fast new missions come in freeplay? I can barely get units out to first mission, when there is already 2 or 3 new missions. I would love to just take care one mission at a time.

I agree, its annoying you get bombarded with for example 2 serious car accidents and a big fire within 2 minutes... how are you supposed to deal with them all without going down with stress? :P

Otherwise, fantastic mod!

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If I have 911 First Responders how do I play this mod after I have downloaded and installed it on my computer?

I tryed to follow the steps on the first post, but I still don't know what to do. "5b: If you're using 911: FR, it seems that this won't work. Start the game the normal way, then go to "Mods" and activate it like any other mod."

Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks.

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This is the best mod out there, I have played this for a few hours tonight and have to say its pretty addicting. A few suggestions: Option to only have fire/medic/police calls and to slow down the rate of calls. Like a few people have said, I would be fighting a big fire and then have a serious crash to deal with. Also speeding up the delay for the requested units. And finally I have a question, do the trucks ever run out of water? I usually never establish a water source and would like a heads up.

Edit: Did a test to see how long the cylinders last for and how long the trucks can feed water before running out. The water is pretty unrealistic(feeding into a attack truck while supplying 3 lines).

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I love this mod. It includes realism, but dosent make the game to complicated. This is the first mod in a long time that I enjoyed playing. Great job. :)

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First off, I know this went public very recently but here is a few things I have found / want to suggest.

A few suggestions:

-Have the fires last longer, by the time the engine gets there the fire is out.

-CAFS system or portable CAFS.

-Speed up the time it takes to spawn a unit

-Ability to choose to do a certain type of mission(just firefighting, police, medical)

-Stop multiple 'high risk' missions happen within a few minutes apart.

A few bugs:

-While testing whether or not a tanker shuttle would work(I was using 7 trucks, 6 connected and 1 not connected until it ran out of water), it suddenly crashed to the desktop.

-While using another engine to feed a engine, the feeding engine acts as a hydrant and does not have its water taken away.

-Traffic jams happen very frequently and are sometimes hard/impossible to fix.

-While trying to start a new game, the game crashes to desktop.

-(To my knowledge) there is no way to refill the cylinders after they are empty(if you know how to please tell me)

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may be there already created folder that would be more than rural forests, farms that would not be the only plane where the sick would be difficult to transition path

it would be nice if such houses were along the river and the river flooded during heavy rain and unable to rescue the

probably it is hard to do do but it would be interesting

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