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ERS Berlin (Release v1.0)

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Official "Emergency and Rescue Simulation Berlin" topic



* New missionscript-based freeplay mode

* New map

* New vehicles

* New GUI (General User Interface)

* Multilanguage (german / english)

You can download the mod here

Okay, let's go through this step by step:

1. Download the setup.

2. Run the setup, you do NOT need to install this in your Emergency / 911 game folder, just let it install where it wants to.

3. Once that's done, run the "ERS starten" program. You find this either on your desktop, start menu or under C:/program files/ERS Berlin. A prompt will open, where you can select either ERS Berlin, or regular Emergency 4. It will tell you that the mod hasn't been downloaded yet, and ask you if you want to download it.

4. Wait for the download to finish.

5a. If you're running EM4, you can now click "Start Game" in the same prompt used to download it.

5b: If you're using 911: FR, it seems that this won't work. Start the game the normal way, then go to "Mods" and activate it like any other mod.



post-1637-072027500 1285419097.jpg

post-1637-051837600 1285419146_thumb.jpg

post-1637-016190200 1285419186_thumb.jpg

post-1637-035261500 1285419585_thumb.jpg

post-1637-040705100 1285419674_thumb.jpg

post-1637-020043300 1285419700.jpg

post-1637-064000600 1285419808_thumb.jpg

post-1637-038770400 1285419850_thumb.jpg

In Game:



The Team









2D & Map:









Technical Support:


Press Fotos:

-Berlin Firefighter

General tips and tricks:

  • Vehicles can be towed by the police. Just select a police officer and click on the vehicle.
  • You can dispatch units either with the button or by clicking on a free area anywhere on the map with the left mouse button.
  • The "shift" key changes the priority of some commands. For example it helps you picking up the valve and entering the DLK.
  • You can also transport uninjured people in the RTW.
  • If you don`t manage it to finish an event look for objects or persons on the map that have to be transported.
  • Rediricting the traffic works best on streets with multiple lanes in each direction. The end of the redirection should be near the orignal path of the cars redirected. Othewise they will delete themselves.
  • The stations Tiergarten and Mitte (BF, FF) arrive at first on the scene in most areas of the map.
  • In ERS Berlin you have only a limited amount of water and air. Keep that in mind!
  • When a homicide occurs it is really important to secure evidence. Especially weapons!
  • When confronted with a hazmat situation try first to find the source of contamination and seal it.
  • The doctors car automatically escorts the ambulance to the nearest hospital. Just enter the RTW with the doctor and then send both units home with the "Back to Base" button.
  • Animals can be transported in the KLEF. Firemen can pick up dead animals.
  • In the mod directory XML/bfreeplay.xml you can find a file where you can change the frequency of events, the ingame time and the weather.

Vehicle names and their meaning

VUKW Traffic Control

EWA Patrol car

FUSTW Unmarked Patrol Car

NEF Doctors Car

RTW Ambulance

LHF Fire Engine

TLF Pumper

ELW Batallion Chief

DLK Ladder

DEKON P Hazardous Materials Squad

KLEF Light Equipment Truck

GRUKW Group carrier

WRW Swift Water Rescue

KRIKW Crime Scene Investigation

ERKKW Hazmat Detection


FWK Rescue Crane

This topic is free for general discussion and questions regarding the mod

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What's an Open Beta version?

Wikipedia.org :

"Open and closed beta

Developers release either a closed beta or an open beta; closed beta versions are released to a select group of individuals for a user test, while open betas are to a larger community group, usually the general public. The testers report any bugs that they found and sometimes minor features they would like to see in the final version"

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Yes, for a large group of people. Basically everyone who wants to and has the technical understanding to work with our beta tools. Everyone who wants to be a beta tester has to apply and then gets access to an internal forum with further information and downloads.

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