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  1. Hello everyone. Lately I've been working on a fire station model, and it's just about done. The windows for the model are transparent - yet I've got quite a bit of an issue: The windows are fully transparent to the model itself (I worked this around by deleting the material and importing the model by new) - yet you won't be able to see persons, furniture - or even the floor - through the windows ingame. In some angles. Picture 1 and 2 shows from the inside and out - Picture 3 and 4 shows from the outside and in. As you can see, the fireman is visible in some angles, but not in others. The fireman resembles objects in general. It's an issue, as the floor itself will be gone, and that ruins the entire purpose. I hope one of you will be able to help me. I'll be sure to update this post of the thread with the solution, if we'll come to one. That way others with the same problem hopefully wont have to search long.* * There is no solution. However you're left with (in my perspective) two alternatives: - Removing the windows entirely - Make the window texture non-transparent (as vehicle windows) Kind regards Lasse
  2. I've changed the resolution numerous times through the .cfg file already - all with a proper effect. Except for when picking 1920x1080. This is what confuses me. 1600x900 (16:9) works, but 1920x1080 (also 16:9) doesn't, although the monitor is full HD. I don't see how that entirely makes sense. And, well - it did. edwarddl's suggestion was the winner, and everything now works as it should. Thank you very, very much! No trouble with the graphics, and the resolution is full HD now. Really appreciate it guys - time to get back modding, now on the move :-) Thanks a bunch!
  3. That worked quite well. The graphics are fixed and seems fine. The only thing left would be the resolution then. Thanks a lot for the help. This'll at least make it possible to mod a bit properly :-)
  4. I tried using various different resolutions, with 1600x900 being the closest-to-HD I could run. Although I've gotten used to using 1920x1080 on my stationary PC, so if I could get that resolution, that would be far the best. If it isn't possible, however, that's fine. As long as I get the second issue resolved I'll be fine. :-) The graphics at the lowest seem to work fine, yet I find it very confusing why a PC with my specs is unable to run Em4 at high graphics. I might be misinformed, but isn't that a little strange? Thanks for the quick response, by the way!
  5. Hi guys. I just bought a new laptop so that I could keep modding while away, got it up and running, and found out Em4 runs horribly. The issues are that I can't run Em4 in 1920x1080 resolution. The highest I can get is 1600x900, even though my laptop screen is full HD. I can still enter the game with 1920x1080, but it seems as the screen misses 25% on the top and on the right side, as seen on this picture: The second issue I have is major graphic faults in the editor. I have no idea what causes this, or what could fix it. PC Specs: Description Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p - 15.6" - Core i5 4200M - Windows 8.1 64-bit - 6 GB RAM - 1 TB HDD - Product type Notebook - OS Windows 8.1 64-bit - danish / english / finnish / norwegain / swedish - Processor Intel Core i5 (4. Gen) 4200M / 2.5 GHz ( 3.1 GHz ) / 3 MB Cache - Memory 6 GB DDR3L Harddrive 1 TB HDD / 5400 rpm - Optical drive DVD - Screen 15.6" LED backlit 1920 x 1080 / Full HD - Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M - 2 GB Network 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.0 , Gigabit Ethernet - Battery 6-cellet - up to 5 hours - Color Dust black - Dimensions (W x D x H) 38.7 cm x 25.9 cm x 3.58 cm - Weight 2.7 kg - Warranty 2 years warranty What I have tried so far: - Update DirectX, both to and from 9.0c - Run as admin - Change resolutions manually in the .cfg. - Restart the PC after made changes I really hope someone can help. It's very necessary! Anything is appreciated. :-) Kind regards
  6. I'm not sure whether or not this will cover your requests for KME/Pierce, but this website has quite a lot of blueprints. Good ones too: http://the-blueprints.com/
  7. Thanks for the feedback, guys. I'll have a look into it myself. Fortunately modelling isn't the problem, UV mapping is The station is a quite important asset in the mod, as roleplaying with the firefighters in the station with various interactions will probably be the #1 thing to do when not on a call. That's why I find it such a vital piece of my mod, and why I feel this part, more than any other, should be like the real life counterpart. Appreciate the suggestion though, 'cause about most things, I feel exactly that way aswell. The only thing worse than work is double work!
  8. Hi folks. I think it's about time I reach out to the many modellers around here. A very vital part of my mod is as of right now missing. I need a fire station. And a fairly detailed one at that. I've got quite a lot of scripts set up for the station already, some that I personally find really impressive, and that will probably be very well enjoyed. However, these scripts are utterly useless, as the dummy station I have doesn't get the feeling of my city's mod right. My mod has been underway for years, but with the fire station, I would in a very short amount of time be ready to actually release it. So therefore the help request. The station is Denmark's largest fire station. Although it's large, it's very square-ish and 1970's like, which means there are no (very) tricky shapes on it. By detailed model, I mean that some of the building should be modelled with interior. About 40% of the ground floor would need an interior, so that hopefully wont be much of an issue. Work DescriptionFAIRLY DETAILED MODEL of the Odense Fire Brigade main station.OPEN-HOUSE MODEL: An all exterior model, and a section that has a removable roof (scripting not required, I'll handle that myself)UV-MAP of the model (I don't expect you to make the texture. I can handle that myself as well)Help- Blueprints- Several images- Several videos- Anything the modeller need will be taken care of (more images, videos, blueprints, descriptions, whatever)Here is a couple of images of the station: Front View Back View Right View Right-Back View Hope you can help - I will be forever in your debt! Kind regards Lasse
  9. Exactly. I had a friend of mine create the model from scratch for my mod. Although there was some irregularities with the headlights, and as he's currently away (from what I know of), i'm looking for a bit of help with them. :-) And yep, cops, they're more or less identical on both sides, meaning they'll need to be redone, both of them.
  10. Hi guys. I was wondering if any of you modellers would be interested in helping me out. I've got a headlight on a Volvo XC60 model that needs to be remade, as it - as you can see on the images below - is quite messed up. If you want to help me out, let me know, and I'll send you the model along with the skin in a private message. It's a fairly exclusive model, so I'd prefer not to throw it around in public. Thanks in advance, and kind regards. ShadyLasse
  11. An alternative for the entire road name thing could be using the logic for (for instance) the open houses. Model the roadname on a flat, and give it the same properties as the skidmarks. Then locate them on the map how you want, and script them onto a switch that will show/hide them. That way you'll be able to manually decide whether or not you want to see the names of the roads in their physical form, thus giving you both navigation options and realism. Be sure to think about it, though! They take up far more work and space than a simple texture edit does.
  12. If not rafaelmfernandez' suggestion works - have a look at the LAFlashingLights script. That's where I found it.
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