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  1. The Facebook page is back up again, which is a good sign
  2. Why would someone threaten violence because of a mod? I hope they decide to release it. Would be a shame if all that hard work was for nothing.
  3. I doubt it will be english no release. But I think they've said there will be an english version in the future.
  4. Sorry, I meant their Facebook page! Will edit.
  5. 19 days unitl release! If you post on their Facebook page, in the post from the 23rd of November (the one without a picture), and tell them there why you're looking forward to this mod, you might get the mod on the 17th
  6. Hehehe, I think they said in one of the replies that it's far from ready for release. They've got some units and GUI elements ready, but the maps, scripts and even the basics of the mod are still very much in development.
  7. Check out their Facebook page: https://www.emergency-planet.com/RettungsTrainer?fref=ts They have a christmas calender, and are releasing a new pic from the game every day, with both english and german text
  8. Excellent, thanks! Well the images might be too old now. We're on version 6.5.5 now I believe, and quite a few things have changed since version 4. The whole GUI has changed I think.
  9. Well I've offered to help translate it so we'll have an English version on release. They said they'd might get back to me when they were closer to release. So he might be partly right, I might help make an English version of this mod But like they said I'm not the author, I just found some information about the mod in German, and posted it here in English, since I knew there were quite a few fans of the original mod on here.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAEkhfBPEiA&feature=youtu.be&fb_source=message If I understand him right, he'll be playing the beta version tomorrow! Which means we'll soon have some in game footage. Have a look at their Facebook page for images and updates: https://www.emergency-planet.com/frslangenselbold?ref=stream
  11. Are people still willing to help translate it? We could get a couple of guys together and offer to do it. If we message their Facebook page it much more likely to get a response than on here. I'll join in, but I'd rather have a couple more with me, as I'm working and doing a masters degree at the same time And there is quite a lot of text. I could coordinate it though. You'll need at least a basic understanding of German, as google translate just doesn't cut it most of the time. You'll also need to know some fire fighting related technical terms in German, as a poor understanding of these can easily "break" a translation. And of course decent English written skills. Could probably do most of it on google docs, at least the .lang files. The images are another matter, we'd probably need the raw Photoshop files, or whatever other program they used. Post here or shoot me a PM, or both, if you'd be willing to pitch in. I'll contact them on Facebook once we have a couple of people.
  12. Still German only I'm afraid. The problem is that many of the buttons in-game are pictures. What that means is that a simple edit of the .lang files doesn't translate everything.
  13. For those of you who, like me, were extremely annoyed by the enormous oil spills you have to clean up in the latest version: Read the manual After spending close to 40 minutes RL time cleaning up the large oil spill incidents you get in the latest version, I was pretty annoyed. But there is a much easier way of doing it that manually picking up bags of oil binder, then getting the brooms out. Once you get paged about an oil spill (Ölspur) you need to mount some special equipment before you leave the station. Look behind the oldest of the two fire fighting trucks, the one sitting behind the ladder. In front of the shelves behind the truck you should see a white piece of equipment that you can interact with while having a fire fighter selected. If you zoom in close it should say "Öltiger". Clicking on that with a fire fighter will mount it on the oldest truck. You need to move the ladder to get the old fire truck (11/23/1 or WGB 11 LF 20, depending on your radio settings) out. You should send the ELW (command vehicle), the old fire truck with the "Öltiger" mounted, and the supply truck sitting behind the command vehicle. Once on scene, set all vehicles to status 4. Disembark the crew from the fire truck, but put the engineer (the guy without a helmet) back in. Line the fire truck with the "Öltiger" mounted up with the start of the oil spill. Grab a bag if "bindemittel", and click on the fire truck. The fire fighter should fill the "Öltiger", and move away. The fire truck should then automatically drive along the oil spill and spread the "bindemittel". It will stop when it's empty. Just leaving it where it stopped, and refill it. After a while a street sweeper should arrive on scene. Once the fire truck is done, move it away from the oil spill, so it doesn't obstruct the sweeper. Select the sweeper, and click on the beginning of the oil spill. It will now sweep everything up. Pack up and head home!
  14. Funny you should mention this. One of their latest posts on Facebook said that they're making it easier for people to import different vehicles into the game. I believe it's some sort of tool. So in theory you could make your very own US version of the mod
  15. That's the only one that exists. 0.9b is the latest version (so far ). From the images on Facebook I've gathered this: You'll have 4 hospitals to choose from. One is a small, rural hospital with basic services. One is a smaller hospital with basic services, but it has a special stroke unit. One is a larger hospital with a medium sized ER. One is the largest in the region, with all services. It also has a specialist burn unit, and is the base for the EMS helicopter. http://img.em-upload.de/images/2013/10/23/rpfzk.jpg This might change during development, but I like the idea of having to choose between getting to the hospital quickly, and getting to a specialist unit. It seems you'll also have the option of where to look for symptoms, after performing a quick once over check. EDIT: Also you won't have to bring so many suitcases to the scene any more. Seems like they've limited it to two: Paramedic bag and defibrillator. This will make resuscitation much easier, since you won't have to bring 3 separate bag to the patient, meaning that you have to make two trips if you run with 2 paramedics in the ambulance. The Emergency Doctor will have his/her own special bag with medication only he/she can use. I'll try to translate and post any news from their Facebook page here.
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